Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a kid telling her mum that she wants the gift. Worker says now I can’t stop and is about to take the gift kept by Surili. Surili smiles and says come on…Just then Rajni comes in jeep and says hello everyone…happy Diwali. You all will be happy to know that money arrangements have been done. She says I have brought many gifts for you all. Workers and their kids get gifts from Rajni, and praises her. Shaan looks at Rajni. Rajni turns to Surili and says money arrangements is done. Surili calls commissioner and asks if there is any theft in the city or in someone’s house. Commissioner says no and asks her to get her brain treated. Surili asks why? Everyone laughs on her. Shaan feels proud of Rajni for making the impossible possible. Surili asks from where did

you get the money? Rajni says she has signed on one paper and got the money. Rajni says they have worked even on holidays and asks them to give leave for 2 days. Surili agrees. Workers praise Rajni. Surili asks Rajni not to forget that her challenge is still need to be fulfilled.

Shaan comes and asks Rajni from where did she get the money. Rajni says now she has done something and is suitable to come back home. She excuses herself and tells that she has to talk to Surili about the terms and conditions. Surili is in shock. Rajni asks can I come inside being union leader. Amrish asks her to come inside. Rajni touches their feet. She tells I want to discuss few things with you. She gives her envelope and says you have to provide all these facilities to workers and make up for all the loss which shaguta did. Shaguta asks them not to believe her. Sharmila tells her that someone came. Surili turns and sees Mr. Roy.

Mr. Roy asks if my order is ready? Shaguta says order will be ready. Mr. Roy says order shall be delivered by tomorrow. Shaguta says delivery will be after a month. Mr. Roy insists her to get the delivery done by tomorrow. Amrish asks him to relax. Mr. Roy threatens to close the factory. Surili asks Amrish what you have done. Amrish says I have brought time to think. Surili thinks what we can do now? Maggie asks Surili to apologize to Rajni and says that she can agree workers to work. Gyan says Maggie is right. Surili goes to Rajni and says today you might be very happy. Rajni says I can’t call workers back as you have given them leave for 2 days. Surili says so you are here as workers leader, and will not give us solution being my bahu. She says I don’t have any man power now, and wonders how to fulfill the order of 1000 sarees.

She says lets go guys, lets do it. Amrish asks his family to come. Rajni looks on. All Kant family are in the factory and calls the workers, offering free food and incentives. Shaguta tells Surili that nobody is agreeing. Amrish tells them that they shall work by themselves. Shaan thinks 300 saree is ready, 700 is left to be made. Amrish asks them not to lose hope. Surili thinks if this order is not meant then my name will be ruined. She says Rajni tried to kill my other child too, I won’t leave her. Rajni comes and says she came….Surili asks how dare you to come here with this face. Rajni says I have this face only and asks Shaan to give her another face. Surili says what nonsense? Rajni says I came here to work. Shaguta says you will work here, you can’t work alone. Workers come and says she is not alone. Surili and others get happy. Rajni says time is less, we shall work. Everyone sit on the machine and make sarees. Shaan shows thumps up to Rajni.

Badal toh song plays…………everyone is busy making sarees. Maggie and Sharmila see their clothes stuck and sit down again. Shaan thinks time is less, Rajni can’t handle her super sonic speed test here infront of everyone and takes her inside. He asks her to make sarees with her super sonic speed. Rajni says okay Shaan. She makes sarees with her super sonic speed. In the morning, everyone folds the sarees. Mr. Roy comes and says only 910 sarees, you people have not met the order, and says from next time…..Rajni says you will give order to us only. She says 1000 sarees is ready and says 1 extra saree for you. Surili says we have met the order and is happy.

Shaguta says she is so tired that she haven’t got tired in her lifetime. Surili says ofcourse I will send you to Europe. Rajni asks her to think about workers, as they work for 16 hours, don’t get overtime money and holidays. Surili asks Shaguta what she does with the over time money to the workers. Rajni shows Shaguta’s stuff and says she uses money for this. Amrish asks her to give the things along with money to the workers.

While everyone is celebrating Diwali in their house. A man comes. A fb is shown, Surili asking Rajni from where did she get the money? Rajni telling that she has signed on a paper. Man looks at their house.

Man lights the crackers and says happy last Diwali…Kant family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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