Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji reciting the mantras while Rajni’s body is shown on pyre. Maggie cries and says if Ragini would have been alive then she would have said that this feature is not in her, and she can’t cry. Sharmila says she has united Dhyan and me. Shaguta says even we get attached to animals when kept at home and says we are recalling her good deeds. Surili cries and says we will miss her. She is Shaan’s love and cries. Amrish says you made us cry and left. Pandit ji asks Amrish to do last rites. Amrish says let Shaan come. Surili says Shaan can’t see this and asks him to do the last rituals. Shaan comes home calling Rajni. Kuhu informs him that everyone took Rajni to crematorium ground. Shaan says she can’t die, it was just her battery is low.

Kuhu says I have charged her battery. Shaan says there is on and off button with her. He says if she is burnt then we will lose her, and runs to save her. Amrish takes round around the pyre holding the water pot and breaks it. Everyone looks on sadly and cryingly. Amrish folds his hand. They keep wood on Rajni’s body to cover her fully. Pandit ji asks Amrish to give fire to dead body so that her soul gets some peace. Amrish takes the fire wood in his hand and is about to light the pyre, just then Shaan and Kuhu comes there in car.

Shaan asks Amrish to stop. Surili asks Dhyan and Gyan to take care of Shaan. Shaan says Rajni can’t die and I will make her fine. Surili says Rajni is dead. Shaan says if she is burnt then her outer layer will burn and I will die. Shaguta says you are not in your senses and says I can completely understand. Shaan says I can make her alive….leave me. Dhyan says she died of current. Shaan says I will give my love current. Surili says she is dead. Shaan asks them to take Rajni down from the pyre. Shaguta says his grammer is spoiling. Shaan gives command to Rajni and asks him to get up. Surili cries. Shaan asks Amrish not to burn his favorite bahu. Amrish says we are doing this to give peace to her soul. Shaan says there is no soul inside her and asks them to leave him once, he will explain everything. Surili asks Doctor to see Shaan as he is losing his mental balance. Doctor says okay and brings injection. Shaan asks Doctor not to be stupid and says he is fine. Doctor gives him injection.

Shaan shouts…Shaguta asks Amrish to give fire to Rajni’s body. Surili says Shaan couldn’t do the last rites, and Dev is also not here, you have to do the last rites. Kuhu thinks she has to switch on Rajni’s button. Shaan gets unconscious and says switch on button and make her get up. Kuhu thinks she has to switch on Rajni and do something. Amrish lights the pyre on fire, just then Police arrives there with Mrs. Deewan. Inspector says we came to know that Surili Kant is behind Rajni’s murder. Amrish says no and asks who told you. Mrs. Deewan says Rajni is murdered by Surili, and I saw her taking her ring from Rajni’s hand. Now she is trying to burn the proof by burning Rajni. Kuhu thinks where is the on button and takes out wood from Rajni’s body. She switches on the button. Rajni gets activated. Maggie says how can you blame Mummy ji? Sharmila says why she will kill her? Surili thanks them. Inspector says we have a doubt and that’s why I have to arrest you all. Surili asks what is the proof? Mrs. Deewan says they are burning the proof.

Inspector asks Constable to stop body from burning…Shagut asks Surili to act normal. Just then wood from the body falls up in the air….shocking everyone. Rajni stands up and throws white cloth on the ground. Everyone is shcoked. Kuhu claps. Maggie says Rajni….Rajni says hello everyone. I am Rajni….Shaan Kant’s wife. All the people standing there run far from her. Maggie and Sharmila hug each other shockingly and scared. Amrish says this is a miracle. Dhyan says it is unbelievable, and good. Rajni jumps down from the pyre….Gyan asks Shaan to look at Rajni. Shaan is still in dizzy state, says I am so proud of me. Amrish says you are alive…I am very much happy today. Maggie says Rajni have betrayed Yamraj and came back to life. Mrs. Deewan says how can this be possible. Inspector says she never died. Shaan says she can never die. Rajni says my battery was drained, and Kuhu has recharged me. Shaan says I love Kuhu.

Amrish says everyone’s battery was low and you gave us new life and charged us. Surili asks Inspector, if he is sure now that Rajni is alive. Inspector says why did you bring Rajni here without checking her. Gyan says we have believed on this doctor and came here. Doctor says I checked twice, she had no pulse, heart beat etc…..Shaan says you didn’t check battery. Amrish says all is well. He says today is the happiest day of my life. Maggie says mummy ji, did you hear? She says if this is the happiest day than your anniversary. Amrish says yes. Surili says now I know. Rajni comes near Shaan and hugs him concerned. Gyan and Dhyan smiles. Inspector warns Mrs. Deewan and goes. Surili says I will see you soon. Mrs. Deewan goes. Shaan says I will add special features in you, so that you gets yourself activated. He says I love you Rajni…..Rajni says it is okay Shaan. Dhyan and Gyan says that our family is happily going home from crematorium ground. Rajni holds Shaan and starts walking. Sharmila says it is good that she is alive else we would have been in jail. Shaguta says it was her plan and she staged death act. She is so clever..Maggie says she is so smart. Sharmila says she is over smart. Rajni takes Shaan with her.

Dev tells Shaan that they shall give Rajni to mathew. He says you can make Rajni like robot, but if you gets murdered then who will make Shaan. Shaan gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Haha lol rajni Bach Gayi 😛

  2. Very funny episode kuhu save rajni and also shaan .waiting for next episode shaan how to save dev from methew

  3. nice episode.rajni rockzzzzzzzz

  4. adi poli episode

  5. SO SO weird and stupid. How can a Sasur give fire to a Bahu?

  6. Too much funny and nice episode.loving this…

  7. Although not practical but hilarious.


    Ha ha ha …. rajini and shaan both are saved but plz save dev and shaguta from stupid methew….n

  9. So funny episode well done kuhu

  10. very funny episode i’m waiting for next episode

  11. Manabendra das

    Ajjtak deklam shan rajnike methew hate rule deche.

  12. OMG.This show is awesome. I am proud of writer and director whose did Bahu hamari Rajni Kant.

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