Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan waking up in the morning and thinks about his first morning about marriage. Rajni sees money in the plate and says this can’t be eaten. Amrish says it is to give to poor people. Amrish asks Maggie to give it to poor people. Maggie says she is feeling dizzy. Amrish asks if there is any good news. Maggie says no. Rajni says she will give the money and plate to poor and asks how do they look alike. Amrish tells that poor people look hunger striken, with torn clothes etc. Rajni thinks she have to find poor now. Shaguta comes home. Rajni sees her clothes torn and mistaken her to be poor. She gives her plate of clothes and money. Shaguta gets shocked and thinks Rajni is mad. She runs inside calling Amrish and Surili. She says a mad girl is after her. Amrish asks

what happened? Rajni says I gave this girl money and clothes, but she rushed inside house without blessing me. Amrish says she is not poor. Rajni says she is exactly like the way you have described poor. She says her clothes is torn and she is looking hunger striken. Shaguta says I am dieting. Rajni asks Shaan what is dieting? Shaan explains her. Rajni says it is strange thing, some people diet although they have food, and some people have to be hungry as they don’t have food. She says I don’t understand this logic. Shaan explains her. Maggie thinks Shaguta will scold Rajni now. Shaguta gets angry at Rajni.

Amrish says she is your nanand Shaguta…Rajni says it means she is a packet of troubles. Shaguta asks if she is Shaan’s wife and is shocked. Rajni tells Amrish that she will give the plate to other poor. Shaguta asks from where did you bring her. Maggie says she is Dev’s sister. Shaguta says that fool, cheap , owl…Amrish thinks Surili and Shaguta look classy, but when they look like poor when they started fight. Surili asks Rajni to apologize to Shaguta. Rajni says sorry Gaddi…donkey. Shaguta asks how dare you? Rajni says I used my logic and as you called Shaan as donkey. Gyan and Dhyan laugh. Shaguta says you are also donkeys. Amrish says we are donkeys parents. Shaan says okay, we have some work. Shaguta asks Rajni to apologize to her. Rajni asks her to apologize to Shaan and says my words will be cancelled then. Surili says no. Shaguta takes back her word. Rajni says I have also cancelled my words. Sharmila and Maggie look at each other and says it will be fun now. Shaguta asks them if Rajni have become everyone’s favorite. Amrish says lets newly weds go now. Surili says today is Kal Ratri and asks Rajni not to see Shaan’s face tonight. Rajni asks what to do to skip seeing her. Surili asks her to close eyes. She asks Shaan if Rajni asks him many questions. Shaan says yes, and says even Sharmila asks many questions. Shaan asks Rajni to shut her eyes. Shaguta asks what happened to your neck? Surili says don’t ask. Rajni says Shaguta have already asked you. Surili says it is Rajni’s favor and asks Shaguta to come inside.

Shaguta says Rajni have insulted me and hit you with a kalash. She asks if new bahu do this. She asks Surili how can let her marry Shaan? Surili says I tried….but. Shaguta says you have done a weak try and says what will I tell my friends that my mum have lost from her bahu. Aishwarya comes and serves tea to surili. Surili thanks her. Aishwarya tells her that she has not seen this kind of marriage before and grah pravesh. She tells Shaguta that Surili couldn’t eat properly because of Rajni. Shaguta says I could have saved Shaan if I would have come before. She says I will not go from this house before I teach her a lesson. Surili thanks her.

Precap:Shaguta asks Rajni if she will keep her eyes shut. Rajni says yes. Shaguta says mom is calling you. Rajni steps down the stairs and falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    I did not like this character shaguta… iski over acting ne aaj ke show me mujge bore kr diya… haan but rajni ne uski solid bezati kri but shaguta ki overacting ne aaj ke show ka interest kam kr diya mera….

  2. Rajni,keep insulting d show.

  3. Sach me shaguta typical nanand type ki role play kar rahi hai

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Update today’s episode fast…

  5. Was there no telecast today..? Why there is no written update of 1st April yet..?

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Show was telecasted but there is no update done by hasan ji….

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    I don’t know ki show ka episode kaise update krte hai but on 31 march 2016 me main 1 april ka episode update kr rehi hun… I hope it will help you all.. and I am sorry agr koi mistake ho jaaye toh…..

    Show started by Shaguta saying that ki jab tak main yahan hun I will not spare rajni and will teach her a lesson and aishwarya say yes yes madam.. they meet rajni on stairs and something they did (I am sorry what haapened I can’t tell due to sudden power failure) but rajni fall down and aishwarya thinks rajni died. She goes to call amrish but till then Dev and Shaan takes rajni and her broken hand with them to room.. Shaan thinks that all will come to know that rajni is robot now and how will I hide all this. Dev suggest him that make 10-10 spare parts of rajni.

    Aishwarya says to Amrish see see rajni died but when they see near stage there was no one. Shaguta says that she is drunk or dreaming. Amrish say go to sleep there is lot of work tommorrow.

    Next morning Dev comes out of rajni room and just then Surili arrives and say that how come you are always there like… before she says dev as kukur (dog), mendak (frog), batak (duck) etc. you always call like this. Why don’t you fix the name. Surili says that I will call what my mind says seeing you.and what are you doing here in morning? Dev says that rajni was missing me so I came to meet and surili says why don’t you take her permently and tries to laugh.. Just then Shaan arrives and say now I can meet rajni as kaal raatri is over and Surili says have pateince first I will meet her..

    They all go to rajini and rajini is covered with shawal. surili ask why is she like this? Dev says she was feeling cold. Surili says that there is Muhudikhai rasam today all important guests are coming behave classy. Rajini ask what is classy? Surili teach her and shake hand with her but shaan says she is not well and surili says whatever and goes from there calling dev as duck..
    Dev says now duck and shaan says need to do somthing, and says yeh hath mujge de de thakur to dev..
    Rajni cutely says thakur to giyo…

    Precap- Muhudikhai rasam is going and one hand of rajni is dev, someone gives her gift but funny things happens..

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