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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni telling Surili that she made painting for Bubbles. Maggie asks when did you make it? Rajni says just now, and says Bubbles thought reflects in this painting. Surili asks her to go, else they will get mad. Rajni asks where I shall go? Surili asks her to go to Amrish. Rajni says okay and goes. Surili asks Sharmila and Maggie to hide all the wine bottles before bubbles wake up, as she doesn’t want Mr. and Mrs. Mehra see wine bottle. Amrish comes and thinks Mr. and Mrs. Mehra should like Rajni. Rajni comes to Amrish and asks him to give command, saying I will give you results. Crow makes sound. Rajni asks him to give her command to make crow fly away. Amrish says no, as Surili will punish him. He asks her to make arrangements to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Mehra. Rajni

asks how? Amrish asks her to check in her data. Rajni scans her system and says I came to know how to welcome guests. Just then someone comes and knocks on the door. He opens his sling bag revealing many medicine tablets in it. He eats tablets and comes inside. Rajni showers flower petals on him. He says Machine hai….

Surili comes and says Amartya Chattopadhya. She gets happy. Rajni says may be he didn’t like my idea of welcome or liked much. Shaan thinks Amartya Chattopadhya Mamu came who is having machine and electronic phobia, and Rajni is infront of him. He asks Amartya to come. Amrish comes, sees Amartya and says thinks siyyapa has come. He asks him to come. Amartya comes inside saying machine hai….machine hai. Shaan asks Rajni to stay away from him, as he identifies machine and has a phobia. Surili thinks may be Amartya haven’t get well till now. Amrish says welcome, get inside. Amartya comes inside challenging Surili and Amrish to do wrestling with him. Surili asks Amrish to go. Amrish says no. Amartya holds Amrish tightly trying to pull him down. Amrish says he got an attack and asks Shaan to help him get medicine. Shaan gets the sling bag and sees many tablets in it. He makes Amartya take tablet. Amartya becomes fine after eating tablet and asks Amrish, why you are sitting down, get up. Surili hugs her brother. Shaan asks Rajni to maintain distance from him.

Surili asks him how did you come so suddenly, you was about to come after a month. Amartya says doctor asked me to change city. Amrish says you would have gone to some other city and laughs. Amartya apologizes to Shaan for not attending his wedding. Amrish says it was good else we would had to close lights. Surili introduces Rajni as Shaan’s wife. She asks him why he was saying machine looking at Rajni. Amartya says I don’t know. Shaan says Rajni have my phone in her hand. Surili asks Rajni to do Namaste. Rajni says Namaste. Surili asks her to touch feet. Rajni says I can do. Shaan stops her and asks her to calculate distance. Rajni says exactly 3 mts. Shaan asks her to do namaskar by lying down.

Surili, Amrish and Amartya are surprised. Shaan says she is sanskari. Crow comes. Surili says baba came to welcome you. Amartya asks crow to bless him. Crow does potty on his clothes making him happy. Amrish asks him to take crow home. Surili says Amartya will stay with us. Amrish says it is very unfortunate, and then says fortunate thing for us. Sharmila. Maggie, Dhyan and Gyan come after closing all machines, TV, fridge etc. Just then mobile rings and Amartya gets attack. Amrish gives him tablet. Amartya gets fine. Surili asks Maggie to go to kitchen and make good dishes for him. Amartya says his food is full, but not heart. He asks her to lift Veena and sing. Amrish thinks his ears will pain. Surili says I played Veena long back. Amrish reminds Surili that Mrs. and Mr. Mehra are going to come soon. Amartya asks if she is not married yet. Surili says Amrish has decided to get her married now. Shaan and Rajni come to lab. Shaan tells that they have shut down all machines. Rajni shuts her down.

Shaan asks her not to auto shutdown her. He switches her on again and says they are going to fix bubbles arrange marriage. Rajni asks about arrange marriage. Shaan says when guy and a girl couldn’t select a partner then their parents fix their marriage. He gives demo and acts as a girl. He brings tray while shaking hands and says grooms family will think that Sudha has brought tray for first time, but she must have done this 20-25 times. He says Sudha will give tea to Jadgish and then they will marry. Rajni asks when do love happens. Shaan says love happens afterwards, as it happens later on, it is like a software. Rajni says you didn’t tell me when we got married. Shaan says our marriage is neither arrange or love, and says it is strange marriage. He asks her to remember that it is important day for Bubbles and asks her to maintain distance from Amartya, and close machines whenever she sees it. Rajni auto shut down herself. Shaan says it is a good idea to romance with wife, when she is on shutdown mode.

Rajni brings bubbles. Everyone see bubbles and covers her up. Mrs. and Mr. Mehra ask them to show bubbles face. Rajni says we are going to present you our special Bubbles Bua. Drunk bubbles while sitting on floor greets the guests.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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