Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Maha Episode:

The Episode starts with Rajni’s battery getting drained and she falls down on the bed. Aishwarya shouts that Rajni is dead… They call the doctor. Doctor checks Rajni and says she is no more. Everyone is shocked. Shaguta asks what the hell? Surili says she was fine till sometime. She says we will take her to hospital. Doctor says nothing can be done now. Maggie says how we will tell Shaan. Shaguta says Shaan loves Rajni so much. Maggie tells Surili, you was with Rajni last time, what happened? Sharmila asks her to be wise. Surili says she might have committed suicide. Maggie says you will be blamed for her death, she says whenever a bahu dies, saas is to be blamed. Surili is shocked. Everyone is in shock. Shaguta asks where is your ruby ring. Surili says shame

on you shagu….Rajni is dead, and you are talking about ring. Shaguta says you was wearing it in court. Sharmila says if the ring is found here then everyone will doubt on you. Dhyan says Rajni never thought bad about anyone and cries badly.

Amrish cries and asks him to call Rajni. Surili thinks if that ring is found in this room then I will be in problem. Gyan calls Shaan, but he don’t pick the call. Shaan tries to go from the locked room and sees bouncers outside. Dev tells Shaan that he wants to do penance as he thought Mathew to be a gay. Shaan asks him to act like robot infront of Mathew’s boss and says this is the only way to get out from here. Surili asks Aishwarya to search ring in Rajni’s room. Surili says she got married and came here without my permission and went without my permission. She says God…I will never forgive you. Aishwarya sweeps the room and tells Surili that she haven’t get the ring. Gyan tells her not to sweep the room. Surili continues to cry. Maggie sees ring in Rajni’s hand. Shaguta says you are saved mom…Maggie says it is in Rajni’s hand. Surili is even more shocked and cries. Dev tells Shaan that Mathew has become gabbar from lover. Shaan asks him to be positive and says atleast Shaguta was saved and his real face was revealed. He says if Mathew came to know that you are not a robot then the bouncers will beat you. Mathew might leave me. He asks him to say command accepted and behave like Rajni. Dev behaves like Rajni. Shaan says I am so proud of me.

Dhyan says Shaan is not picking the call. Gyan says even Dev is not picking the call. Shaguta asks Surili to take out ring from Rajni’s hand. Surili says okay. She sits near Rajni and says she has surprised me even after death…and is smiling even now. She says I forward my hand of friendship and promised you that I will bear you and will learn to ignore you, but I could learn you left from here….She tries to open her hand….but fails. Sharmila asks Surili to control her feelings. Amrish says let her cry, humans importance is known after they are gone. Amrish asks her to get up. Surili says my future is in her hand. Amrish and Gyan asks her to get up. Surili couldn’t take her ring from Rajni’s hands and cries hugging Amrish. Amrish asks her to calm down. Neighbors come there and says Rajni is dead. Maggie says she died of electric shock. Neighbors suspect Surili’s hand. Mrs. Deewan asks if he knows any pandit ji, and says they will get discount too. Maggie says we have to do last rites. Dhyan says we will decorate her like a bride and bids her bye. Surili says yes and gets happy. Maggie says yes. Amrish asks them to call Shaan and Dev, and says they might be together.

Mathew presents Dev to his boss Mr. Patel. Shaan introduces himself as the creator…He says we will do the presentation tomorrow as you might be tired. Mathew asks him to learn from him and start the presentation, else his guards will take good care of him. The ladies get Rajni ready as a bride…Sharmila and Maggie try to get ring from her hand, but couldn’t. Maggie says we should get her last rites done fast. Bubbles come there and asks what happened? Surili says Rajni died holding my ring. Bubbles says ghost never dies and will get up again. Rajni opens her eyes shocking bubbles and she faints. Neighbors hear Shaguta telling Surili that they will get Rajni’s last rites done fast and gets suspicious. Surili says lets do last rites. Neighbor thinks to find out and says Surili is behind Rajni’s death.

Shaan gives the presentation and says nobody can match his intelligence, speed, skin etc are unmatchable. Mathew asks him to give command. Shaan asks Dev not to worry. Mathew says I will give him command. Shaan says I will check system once and tells Dev that if Mathew gives wrong command then slap him, I will tell that there is a system malfunction. Boss asks if he is water proof. Shaan says 100 percent. Mathew throws water on his face, and then tries to burn his finger…Dev slaps him. Shaan says anti fire alarm.

Surili asks Amrish not to cry and says Rajni’s soul needs to get moksha. Amrish says we can’t do anything until Shaan comes as he has to give fire. He says what is the hurry? My son should see his love for last time and says we can’t take her aarthi from here until Shaan comes. Dev looks at Mathew and his boss eating food, and tells Shaan that he can’t resist himself. Dev takes the food and eats it. Boss asks how is he eating food. Amrish says we should file police complaint as Shaan haven’t come now. Surili says he must have kept phone on silent, and will come. Shaguta says we should take Rajni for funeral. Amrish says no, until Shaan comes back. Shaguta whispers something in Surili’s ears. Surili says Shaan will be very much pained seeing Rajni death, and goes on talking, but everything is shock as Surili’s voice don’t come out of her mouth. Doctor checks Surili and says she is in deep shock. We should take Rajni’s body to crematorium ground before her body decomposes. Shaan says this is my secret feature…my robot can eat like humans and the food is collected in a pouch which they flushed out later.

Mr. patel gets happy. Mathew tells Shaan that you have done an outstanding job…Shaan says thank you and says I will go home. Mathew says you can go home, but Dev has to stay here. Shaan says he has many malfunctions, which I have to correct. Mathew asks him to forget about Dev now. They panic. Everyone get ready to take Rajni for last rites. Kuhu asks why you all are awake? Gyan says Rajni died of electric shock. Kuhu says she don’t have this feature in her, and she can’t die. Amrish cries hugging her. Kuhu asks where is Shaan Chachu, and says he will make her fine. Amrish says Shaan is not picking her call. Kuhu says I want to see her for one last time. Surili says let her see Kuhu once. Shaguta signs her and says mom voice is back. Surili says I forgot my pain seeing Kuhu’s pain. Amrish takes Kuhu near Rajni. Kuhu thinks Rajni can’t die and it means her battery is down. I have to charge her battery and recalls Shaan’s words. Surili says now we have to take Rajni. Kuhu says I have to stop them from taking Rajni Chachi from here and shouts no. She asks them to wait for Shaan to come, else he will get angry.

They keep the dead body on floor again and wait for Shaan to return. Kuhu thinks Shaan told about the extra charging wire in her hand and thinks to charge her using that wire. She takes out wire from her hand and takes that wire secretly to the circuit box to plug it. She thinks Rajni’s battery will be charged in sometime and she will wake up. Shaan says good night Dev. Dev slaps him. Mathew tries to stop him and gets slapped by Dev. Patel asks Mathew to let Shaan take the robot with him. They see blood coming out of Dev’s body. Mathew checks his hand and twists his hand saying he is not Robot. He calls the guards. Shaan says I can explain. Mathew tells Mr. Patel that Shaan have betrayed us. Dev is not a robot, but human. He slaps Shaan and says he needs his robot else….he will kill him. Shaan says I will bring robot and asks Dev to come. Mathew says Dev will be with me, and asks him to go and bring robot, and gives 3 hours of time. He pushes Shaan on floor. Doctor tells Amrish that body will decompose and that’s why they have to hurry up for last rites. Shaan sits in the car and sees missed calls. He calls Amrish and asks what happened? Amrish says where was you and cryingly told him that Rajni is dead…..due to electric shock. Shaan asks what???

Shaan tells Amrish that Rajni can’t die, and thinks her battery is dead. He asks him to calm down and says Rajni will be fine the moment I came there. Amrish asks him to come to crematorium ground. Shaan’s mobile battery gets down. Shaan says Kant family is taking Rajni’s body for last rites. Kuhu thinks why did Rajni not getting up? Amrish cries. Doctor says lets take the body. They pick the body and take her to crematorium ground.

No Precap

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. wth no precap how could that possibly be????

  2. Amazing episode waiting for next episode who stops all this drama

    1. u seem to have a awful taste for serials

  3. There is a precap . The kants have put rajni on the funeral pyre and are ready to light it. Shaan comes there and shouts no.

  4. Very funny dev scene

  5. uselesss serial, how come people are so dumb, even the doctor


      Becoz in evry show doctor and police are shown dumb, so how can BHRK can show them intelligent….

  6. That is half episode kuhi click on her forehead and her battery will on and in precap dev tell shaan that give rajni to mathew u can make another rajni but if u will die u can’t come again

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