Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone seeing Rajni dancing. Surili says may be she is doing this as she will be away from Dev now. Shaan tells Rajni is trying to hide her pain and says everything will be fine. Amrish says you are so good. Maggie says Rajni should cry for her bidaai rasam. Gyan asks her to cry. Rajni says I can’t cry and I don’t have this feature. Dev asks her to cry. Shaan asks her to check in her memory and cry. Rajni sits on ground and starts crying….She says my Thakur is fallen down. Dev asks Shaan what is happening? They say if marriage is happening or mourning. Shaan tells Amrish that Rajni is missing her dad who was from Rajastan. Amrish says I can understand. Sharmila says Rajni is strange and says she kept quiet fast. Dev says my sister cried a lot in 30 seconds.

Shaan holds Rajni’s hand and they leave. Surili gets sad. Amrish asks Surili to come to their house. Surili fears Rajni is there. Amrish asks her to come. Once they reach home, Surili is about to collide with Amrish, and says her head would have broken. Amrish says Shaan and Rajni are married now, and says your all dreams are not fulfilled. Shaan and Rajni come home. Maggie and Sharmila stop them for grah pravesh rasam. Surili lights the aarti and applies tilak on Shaan’s forehead.

Shaan imagines Rajni hitting Surili on her head, and asks Rajni to let his mum apply tilak on her forhead. Rajni says okay. Surili says I am surprised with your philosophy. Surili asks her to enter home. Sharmila asks her to kick kalash and enter home. Amrish asks her to enter home and get everything. Surili asks her to hurry up. Rajni scans about kicking. She kicks the pot with force and it hits on Surili’s forehead. Surili faints. Everyone is shocked. Gyan shouts Maa. Amrish asks Surili are you fine? Surili says that pot hit on my head. Amrish says new bahu made your dream come true. Surili cries saying my forehead. She says impact was so hard that her neck is paining. Sharmila scolds Rajni for kicking kalash with force. Dhyan says he will call ambulance. Surili says don’t call, just buy ambulance as anyone can get injured at anytime. Shaan tells that Rajni followed her sayings and didn’t know how to kick the kalash. Dhyan says he is right. Aishwarya says family is fighting because of Rajni. Shaan asks Rajni to apologize to Surili. Rajni apologizes to her. Surili asks her to go back. Rajni says I can treat you as your neck nerve have moved. Sharmila says she will treat her and start massaging as if she is taking revenge. Maggie says I will do. Surili says you want to kill me. She thanks Rajni for hitting on her head. Rajni says you are welcome. Shaan asks her to apologize. Rajni apologizes to her and goes towards her. Surili runs to her room being scared.

Shaan tells Rajni that finally you became my wife Rajnikanth. Rajni acts as Rajni kanth. Shaan laughs and says he is the first husband to tell his wife to go on a sleep mode. Rajni says okay, I will go. Shaan says it is your room also now. Rajni asks what to do? Shaan says new bahu keeps her things in the room. Rajni puts her tools on table. Shaan asks her not to put it. She says I will go to almari, but Shaan stops her and says you have to sleep on this beds. He asks her to sleep on bed like a human wife. Rajni says okay and lie down on the bed. She asks Shaan to sleep on bed and then asks what to do Shaan. Shaan asks what do you want to do? Rajni says I want to know what to do next? Shaan says it is not needed. Rajni says if you don’t tell me then how will I become adarsh bahu? Shaan gets irritated and asks her to shut up. Rajni says a human gets irritated when he couldn’t do what he wants to do? Shaan asks what do you mean? Just then Sharmila and Maggie come and see them intimate.

Someone comes to Shaan’s house. Rajni smiles looking at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Lol!!! Awesome Rajni as always. Rajni rocks as Rajnikant!!!

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Rocking entry by Rajni…..
    Love this show….

  3. Superb marvellous episode love it

  4. hehe Ranji got her mom in law’s matha futa hehehe

  5. Rajni robot lol Hahahahaha just love this character a lot lol, nice show always a treat to watch Bahu hamari rajni Kant all the episodes of This show are just awesome

    1. u must be as boring as the serial, thats why you are liking it

  6. I jus luvvvvv rajniiii a lottttt….she is so cute n beautiful….

    1. what cute.. she just knows to blink eyes and nod her head.. all characters dont know wcting including rajni.

  7. I wonder, will Shaan fall in love with his Rajni? ??
    It was so funny how Rajni said “human gets irritated when they want to do things they can’t”?

  8. what a boring and useless serial, they have taken copy from a serial called Small Wonder. ANyways, all the characters dont know acting and wonder how no one is not able to catch the strange nehaviour of Rajni

    1. I really don’t understand if u don’t like the serial why you bother to waste ur time writing comments on it’s written update . Ur allowed to place ur opinion but choose ur words wisely so that you won’t hurt anyone & this serial is nice one with lot of humour so take it that way it’s not only a science fiction that ur taking it seriously . Plz Don’t waste ur time if you Don’t like it .

  9. rajni -shaan FAN

    the ladt scene was superbbbbb.i love it.
    thanx h u rajni and u guys a loooooottttttt.

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