Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RAM telling Rajni that Amrish told him that this person is Shaan…Rajni says yes, he is my creator. RAM says you knew this, but haven’t told me anything. Rajni says I was programmed so that I couldn’t tell you anything. RAM says now I know, you can tell me everything. Rajni says logically yes. RAM says he might be upgraded you many times, and have repaired your parts if damaged being your creator. Rajni says he used to upgraded me often and was in love with science then. Once he repaired both my hands. RAM gets impressed. Rajni says Shaan left science as he thinks I am his life’s biggest mistake. RAM says there might be some way to make him realize his love for you. He says if some part of yours is taken out, then he have to fix it anyway. Rajni says

okay, and takes her hand off. RAM asks what you have done, I was just thinking, didn’t ask you to take it off. He asks her to fix hand back.

Rajni tries to fix her hand back, but couldn’t. she says she couldn’t fix her hand back due to some malfunction. RAM tries to fix her hand and tells that he can’t and goes to search CPU/Shaan. Rajni thinks RAM is getting emotional and stressed because of her. She then scans and thinks Sharmila is going out, I have to stop her as she is this house respect. She goes to Amrish and pats on him with her broken hand. Amrish refuses to talk to her. Rajni thinks she has to search Sharmila. She goes to Surili and asks did you see Sharmila. Surili couldn’t see her hand because she keeps ice pack on her eyes just then. RAM stops Rajni and asks her not to roam in the house holding hand, and asks her to go to lab till he brings Shaan. Rajni thinks to stop Sharmila. Rajni asks Gyan if he saw Sharmila. Gyan says he didn’t see her as he is busy with shoe polish. He asks God, why he didn’t give me more hands. Rajni says he needs extra hand and throws hand on him. Gyan shouts real hand..and runs away. Rajni thinks humans are strange, they ask girl’s hand for marriage and then they take girl fully. She takes back her hand.

Shaan comes and sees rajni holding hand. Gyan tells Surili that he saw real hand. Shaan thinks what to do? Gyan asks Surili to see. Surili says there is nothing here and asks Gyan to open eyes. They see Shaan lifting Rajni in his hands. Surili asks why did you take her in your hands. Rajni says may be he is feeling romantic. Surili asks him to keep her down and gives mother’s promise. Shaan says I can’t drop her. Surili goes angrily. Gyan says you have hurt my mum, and says I can leave Maggie, but she will not leave me. Rajni tells Shaan that she has no time for romance. Shaan says you are roaming with one hand. RAM thinks Shaan took her to lab to fix her hand.

Sharmila asks Karan about the product and photo shoot. Karan asks his man to make her drink more. The man says she is getting restless. Shaan brings Rajni to lab. Rajni asks him why did he bring her here. She says you brought me here after 5 years and says you are a genius scientist and asks him to repair her hand. Shaan says I am thinking to dismantle you so that Rajni’s trouble go away from my life. RAM thinks how to stop him, else MOBO will go far from me. Rajni says you are my creator and can do anything. Karan asks the man to make Sharmila wear short costume and then take her pics. Shaan thinks DNA report will come today and my work will be done. He decides to fix Rajni’s hand. RAM takes video in which Shaan is fixing her hand. Rajni says he is not repairing her well. Shaan fixes her and asks her to move her hand to left. He says you are getting old. Rajni says robots never get older. She moves her hand and plants a slap on his face by mistake. He tells her that he is helping her for last time and goes. RAM thinks to fix all glitches of Rajni from Shaan, and says now I have the proof. He sees video is not recorded because of full memory.

Rajni resumes the mission to save Sharmila. Maggie thinks Sharmila is single and looks at the magazine. Rajni asks Maggie, if Sharmila left? Maggie says she is feeling jealous of her. Rajni asks how to stop Sharmila. Maggie says if I would have been like you, then I would have done modelling and cut Sharmila’s plan. Rajni likes her idea. Sharmila asks Karan, what to wear? He shows her bikini. Sharmila agrees to wear it and says I want to become a big star. Karan is about to go with her, but just then Rajni knocks on the door. Sharmila gets unconscious. Rajni comes there breaking glass. Karan and the man are shocked.

Karan asks Rajni to wear bikini. Rajni comes wearing something. They look at her. RAM worries about DNA report and sees the phone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Kuch bhi samjg nhi aaya aaj ke show me sivaye iske ki rajini sharmila ko goons se bachayegi or kud fass jayegi..

    But plz show 8 pm pr telecast hota hai km se kam 9 baje tk update kr diya kro. 12 beje tk wait krna mushkil hota h

  2. Does this show air on weekends?
    If yes then plz tell d time


      No only on weekdays at night 8pm and morning 8am

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