Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhongi baba asking his Shishya to tell that Rajni is a robot. Shishya says this guru is a fraud. Shaan says she can’t lie and says even I have feature not to lie. Amrish says we are sanskari and I have added same features to my children. Gyan says yes. Dhongi baba says you might be sanskari, but your bahu is a robot. Amrish beats him with chappal. Dhongi baba says she is sanskari and not a robot. He is arrested by the police and taken away. Everyone pamper Kuhu. Kuhu asks Maggie to let her eat icecream. Dhyan says I would have troubled that baba. Amrish says I have taught him a lesson after he tried to take panga with my favorite bahu. Sharmila asks which bahu? Amrish says all bahus. Shaan says I hope you all have learnt a lesson, and says these are not godman and

says we should believe in God, science and robots, then realizes and stops. Gyan apologizes to Kuhu for trusting Dhongi baba blindly. He thanks Shaan and Rajni for saving Kuhu. Kuhu praises Rajni. They ask where is Rajni. Shaan says she is in lab for maintenance. Shaan does her maintenance and asks how she is feeling? Rajni says I have no feeling. Shaan says I know. He thanks her for saving his family and humans. He says you made me very very proud today and thanks her. Rajni asks do you thank laptop, or other machines. Shaan says no. Rajni says I am a machine made for your convenience. Shaan says I didn’t marry them and they are no sweet as you. He asks her to come. Rajni asks him to thank phone, fridge etc. Shaan says shut up.

Bubbles tells Kuhu that she went to cake shop to bring cake for her, saw a handsome man and flirted with him, but he rejected me. Surili says well done, I am so proud of you. She says you will win gold medal if rejection competition is kept. Amrish says I will get her married in 2 months. Rajni says you said this. Surili says we will celebrate her 300 rejection anniversary. Amrish says I will get her marry in 2 months and asks Rajni to fasten up waist. Rajni says okay. She brings rope and fasten up everyone waist. They ask what you have done. She says fasten up everyone waist. Surili sees Dev and Amrish in her room. She asks what Dev is doing here. Amrish says they are uploading Bubbles details on matrimonial site. Dev asks about bubbles age. Amrish says 35. Dev then asks about her weight. Surili says 104 kgs. Amrish asks him to write 56 kgs and upload it. He gets happy seeing Bubbles profile. Dev tells that an NRI is interested in Bua. He congratulates Amrish and says Mr. Mehra, NRI wants to meet Bua tomorrow. Surili asks Dev to go to her room now. She says hippi…bubbles will marry now. Amrish asks her to take guarantee of Bubbles, and make sure that she doesn’t drink when guy comes to see her. Surili says I will do so that bubbles leave from here, laughs.

Shaan asks Rajni to hear him carefully. She is about to go. Shaan asks where? Rajni says I am going to hear dhyan. Shaan says I mean attention. He says there are two types of people in life, normal people and other one is Rajni. He says when they are asked to fasten up waist, they don’t tie rope. He asks her to behave like normal woman. Rajni asks then why did you make me? Shaan says for my convenience, but that time Dugdugi baba haven’t come into picture, your secret was almost leaked.

Rajni asks who is normal Shaan. Shaan says everyone is normal. Rajni acts like Amrish, Surili etc. Shaan asks her to ask him before doing anything.

Sharmila and Maggie are surprised to hear from Surili that guy is coming to see Bubbles. They ask aloud. Surili asks them not to shout else she will doubt on her own sayings. She asks them to help her. Surili tells that Amrish put her profile on matrimonial site like Bubbles does cooking, stitching, writes book etc. Rajni comes. Surili asks her to keep the stuff and says it is made by bubbles. Rajni scans and says it is made by someone else. Surili says if the lie is told for someone’s betterment that it is not a lie. She says we have to do something as Amrish lied that Bubbles writes poems. Sharmila checks and says he wrote that she makes painting also. They wonder from where to bring the painting now. Rajni says I will make painting for Bua. She takes out her pointed finger and makes painting. Maggie says shall I make. Surili asks her not to try. Maggie says this is a big siyappa. Surili says we shall cover up. She reads her profile and says bubbles do exercise, laughs. Rajni makes painting and tells Surili that she made painting for Bua ji. Surili, Maggie and Sharmila are shocked. Maggie asks when did you make it? Rajni smiles.

A guy comes to Kant’s house. Rajni showers flower petals on him smilingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. soooo nice episode shajni cute scenes back when rajni try to act shogota shaan said shogota normal nahi hai but I think kant family me koi normal nahi! bubbles bua celebrate 200 times rejection

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