Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmila and Maggie make Bubbles sitting on sofa. Guy tells that the girl was lean in the pic on the matrimonial site. Groom’s mum asks Surili and Amrish. Maggie says she had enough chole bature today and that’s why looking healthy. They ask her to tell poetry. Bubbles tells poetry and mixes it with wine. Groom’s mum asks about painting. Amrish says will you take all test today. They say it is necessary. Bubbles asks which wall to paint. She says I have many qualities, which I doesn’t know. Surili says she is so honest and humble. Amrish asks if these tests are needed. Bubbles asks which wall to paint. Groom’s mum says you are lying with us, she doesn’t know poetry, painting and her weight is not 58. They say we will leave. Amrish stops them and asks

them to know bubbles.

Rajni says they are angry as everything is getting wrong. She says Shaan told me about arranged marriage and asks Bubbles to give tea. Bubbles hold tray. Rajni says Bubbles bua’s hands are shaking, this means she is making guy drink tea for the first time. She says Bua is sanskari and shy. Maggie says she is very much drunk. Bubbles make tea fall on groom and is about to take off his clothes. Surili asks her not to take off his clothes. They get up angrily. Groom complains to his mum. Amrish says our girl is shy. Surili says yes. Groom’s father says we will not stay here anymore. Groom’s mum says she is drunk, we felt smell coming from her mouth. Surili says she will become responsible after marriage. Groom’s mum asks until when you will lie. Rajni says until it is needed, and says lie is not a lie until it is said for someone’s betterment and also it is not a sin…bonus.

Groom’s father says that they can’t get his even his driver marry her. Bubbles shouts stop and says I can drink whisky till end of party and can hold the guy in my arms. The guest gets angry and leaves. Bubbles rests her head on Surili’s head and asks what did I do? Surili says everything is done by you. She tells Amrish that Rajni made Bubbles drunk. Amrish asks Bubbles what did you do? He asks her to make Bubbles stop drinking. Rajni accepts his command. Shaan tells Rajni that the groom’s family went without eating. Rajni searches for the plan and shares with Shaan. Shaan hears her and says I am so proud of you and me.

Shaan and Rajni come to talk to family. Shaan tells that they got the idea to make Bua leave drinking. He says we have to do intervention on Bua. Maggie says invention, inventing new bua or guy for her. Surili says we have to invent guy for her and laughs. Rajni says intervention. Shaguta says it will not work. Shaan says we have to behave like her, so that she can feel how do we feel when she is drunk. Rajni says we have to behave like her. Dhyan and Gyan like this idea. Amrish doesn’t like the idea. Shaan says we will just act. Surili says nothing will happen to Bubbles, she will not leave drinks. Surili challenges him. Everyone challenge Shaan. Surili says everyone should get ready to be looted, and says I am loving it.

Later, Rajni tells Bua that you will see your all versions together. Gyan acts like Bubbles after she is drunk. Bubbles looks on. Gyan hugs Amrish like Bubbles hugs him. He says you are bhai or kasai. Amrish says I promise that I will get you married in 2 months. Bubbles says I am not like this. Rajni says next version, chichori kudi. She says action. Sharmila comes running after Dhyan and flirts with him asking why you are flirting with me. She says I am Bua, and sticks to Dhyan. Dhyan says excuse me and tries to go away. He shouts save me. Bubbles says it is a limit, I don’t do like this.

Amrish says this is just a start. Rajni says next version and says action. Shaguta comes there holding wine tray and asks why I am rejected for 201 times. She eats chocolate icecream with wine, and says I am in depression….She says I have to eat more icecream as my pain will not get less even after eating 2 kgs icecream, asks where is the icecream shop. Amrish tells Bubbles that she behaves like this when she is drunk, and asks why wine is necessary to fight depression. He asks her to leave wine. Rajni asks Bubbles, what she has learnt with today’s intervention. Bubbles holds wine bottles and stare it. Surili thinks just drink it bubbles. Bubbles throws wine bottle and turns her face. Everyone get happy and says we have won….Everyone win from Surili and get money. Surili asks Bubbles? Bubbles opens her purse and drinks wine. Everyone is shocked.

Bubbles asks Rajni to give her wine bottle, and holds her leg. Rajni turns her upper body shocking Bubbles. Rajni says okay bua.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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