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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan telling Virat that Rajni is his wife…Shaan Rajni Kant. Virat says she is Poonam Virat Batra, and we got married 5 years back. Shaan says she was not here 5 years back, in India. She was studying in US. Virat says she is my wife. Surili asks for proofs. Virat shows photo of their marriage in the locket. Shaan looks at the photo and is quite shocked. Virat shows Poonam’s driving licence. Rajni scans and tells Shaan that this photo is mine, but I have no data to proof that I am Mrs. Batra. Virat asks her if she lost her memory. Shaan thinks he has no option than to see this drama. Surili says it was their plan to get our property. Virat asks her not to insult his wife. He gives them two options. He asks them to give his Poonam to him, and says house is yours

then. Surili asks him to take his wife and says she will be double happy. Virat says you are black from inside, and beautiful from outside. Amrish scolds him for insulting his wife and says he will prove in court that the sign is forged. Virat asks them to leave.

Surili asks Shaguta to give phone. Surili calls Commissioner and says it seems he has slept. Virat gives his phone and asks her to call CM, PM etc. Shaan asks what do you think that we will leave. Virat says you are showing me anger. He signs his man to pour kerosene. He lights his hand on fire and scares Surili. All Kant family are shocked. Rajni brings water and pours on his hand. Virat says did you see that my Poonam is so good and have saved saas like you. Amrish tells his family that the man is dangerous and have numbers of CM and PM. He says lets leave from here today, we will see him in court. Virat asks what you people are talking.

Amrish says we will leave today, but that doesn’t mean that I am afraid. Shaan asks Rajni to come. Rajni says I can’t come with you Shaan, as I have some work. Surili says why she will come with us, she got property and new husband. Virat says I will have fun with property and your wife. All Kant family leave. Virat tells Rajni that he found her finally and says you are my life. I will bring all happiness of the world, and says I will show a glimpse of it in 15 mins. Rajni says even I will take 15 mins.

All Kant family are outside on the road. Amrish says don’t know if this is true or not. Maggie pinches him. Dhyan says all rooms are booked. Surili blames Amrish for approving Shaan and Rajni’s marriage. She asks him not to tell that Rajni is good. Beggars come and ask for money, and says you will get bungalow, money etc. Maggie and Shaguta tell that they don’t have anything. Beggar woman asks her to take money from them and says it is about sharing. Shaan asks them to come.

Rajni is coming out of house. Guard asks where is she going? Rajni says she is taking dinner for her family. They call her bhabhi ji. Rajni says I am not your Bhabhi and asks them to move from her way. Guard asks her to wait for Virat there itself. Rajni says if you don’t let me go, then I will complain to your boss about you both. Guards ask her to go. Rajni says good. Other guard tells that if Rajni goes out then Virat will scold them. Surili and her family see neighbor coming there and hide their faces. Neighbors think that they are beggars and give money. Real beggars come and take money from Surili’s hand and lifts her pallu. Mrs. Sahni asks Surili, why you are here?

Surili says she came with her family to have fresh air. They walk till they sit the bus stop. Surili tells Amrish that Mrs. Sahni saw her in this condition, and will tell others. She says I won’t forgive Rajni. Maggie asks her to call her Poonam. Shaguta says it is not impactful and asks her to call Rajni. Surili shouts Rajni…..Rajni comes and says ji mummy ji. Surili asks if she came to see her condition. Rajni says no, and says I have brought food for you. Surili presses her neck. Rajni says my nuts and bolts are loosening. Surili says she is joking even now. Shaan tells Surili that Rajni brought food for them and have thought for them. Surili says I don’t trust her, she is not my bahu, but Virat’s wife. She is about to hold Rajni’s neck, but Virat comes between them and Surili holds his neck. She says I was…making tie alright. It is perfect.

Virat says I am a simple guy, let me stay simple and don’t wake up animal inside me. He says you have waken up animal inside me, by insulting my wife. Surili says we didn’t call her here, she came with her wish and this proves that she is our bahu. She says now we are on road, because of her, beggars insulted us, and my friends have seen us in this condition. He asks if you are feeling cold and signs his man. She says pure kashmiri shawl just for you. Surili gets glad and thanks him. Virat says I have an offer for you. You can go to your room and sleep, only you. Surili says not me, but with my kids and husband. Surili says I will keep Maggie here, and go with others. Maggie is shocked. Virat says I will give you another offer and says I will permit you to go to rooms, but I have a condition. Shaan thinks where he was wrong in making Rajni’s face.

Shaan tells Rajni that Virat’s wife Poonam’s face resembles her. Rajni says oh oh. Shaan says time has come to clean bolt Virat.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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