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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhyan bringing his suitcase out. Surili asks Amrish to think again. Amrish asks Dhyan to leave and says tata bye bye. Maggie asks Sharmila to go, and call her, and be happy with her cup cake. Sharmila says I can’t go. Maggie asks why? She says Dhyan did everything for you on your insistence. Sharmila says but he did wrong, I will do penance and asks Dhyan to get punished. She says she will be in the house and take care of her inlaws. Dhyan says you are looking bitter instead of muffin. Shaan thinks Rajni is not doing anything and thinks to do something. He says I want to tell something which will shock everyone, and says Rajni is equally responsible with Dhyan. Surili says it is all Rajni’s fault. Shaan says I want to say……stops. Rajni brings her suitcase, and

says Shaan and I will go to vanvas. Shaan and everyone are shocked. Rajni says we will also go to vanvas. She says when Ram was asked to go to vanvas, then Lakshman went with him. Today when Lakshman is asked to go to vanvas, then Ram and Sita will also go with him. Shaan says I am trying to make everything fine and you are ruining it. He says Dhyan shouldn’t go. Rajni says whoever support during tough time is dear ones. Amrish says I will not stop Dhyan hearing your emotional drama and says it was Dhyan’s choice to leave this house. He says he will understand everything once he stays out. Rajni says if Dhyan goes, then we will also goes.

Shaan asks Rajni to continue her drama as Amrish is melting. Rajni asks Shaan to come, and start their vanvas. Amrish says 1 min. He says I have supported you always, don’t spoil my mood by interfering in my decision. Rajni says I am not going against your decision, and agreeing to your decision basically. Shaan says Rajni wants to say that she should also be punished, and that’s why she wants to go with Dhyan. Rajni hugs him and says you will also go with me….Ram..Amrish says okay, whoever wants to go with Dhyan, can go…door is at that side as everyone know. Shaan says how rude, we will really go. Surili is shocked. Amrish asks them to go. Kuhu asks Shaan and Rajni not to go. Rajni says I will talk to you through Shaan’s mobile and says even there is a network in jungle now a days. Amrish says I will not melt down. Surili says please Shaan. Rajni asks Shaan to come. Shaan asks Dhyan to come and says we are going because of you. Gyan and Kuhu asks them not to go. Rajni,

Shaan and Dhyan proceed towards the door. Amrish stops them and says you will punished even now and goes inside. He comes back and says you want your own home, and Rajni and Shaan wanted to go with you. He brings a paint box and marks a line on the floor separating the house into two. Everyone is shocked. Maggie says if we are going to play kabbadi. Shaan says may be badminton. Rajni says it is an outdoor game. Surili moves the carpet and says we brought it from Kashmir. Amrish says I remember. He makes the line. Rajni asks Amrish, if you have failed in geometry. Amrish asks how did you know? Rajni says it is 14 degrees off center. Amrish says line might not be straight, but my decision is firm. Surili asks what do you want to do. Amrish says that side is theirs and this side is ours. Everyone is shocked.

Gyan says I have seen this situation in some film, but couldn’t remember. Surili asks him to shut up and says this is not practical Amrish. Amrish says if Dhyan have done right. He says we will not cross this line, and says this is Amrish Rekha. Rajni says just like Lakshman Rekha. Maggie says this Amrish Rekha is heavy. Gyan asks do you want to go? Maggie says no. Amrish asks them not to cross each other side. Surili says this is too much. Rajni says you said that I am like your daughter. Amrish says you are my daughter even now, and says even parents can be stubborn. He announces that even a spoon, utensil or food can pass through the line, and if anyone help them then that person can go to that side. Gyan says I will bring my underwear. Maggie stops him. Shaan asks what to do now? Rajni says Amrish Rekha and smiles.

Dhyan asks if you are angry on me for money. Amrish says I can sacrifice money for my children and says this anger is because of your thinking.

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  1. Usually I am irritated by aadrash bahuS in daily soaps but Rajni is too good and her adarsh Bahu Programme rocks Hahahahaha never fails to make me laugh I like surili’ expression when she gets irritated by Rajni’s expressions haha

  2. Superb serial.

  3. Hi shraddha plz update 3rd may episode

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