Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 2nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 2nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan asking Rajni to go on a sleep mode and recharge herself. Rajni gets deactivated and goes on sleep mode. Dev gets his mausi’s call and she says she can’t come in the evening. Dev gets tensed and asks what you are saying? Meena Mausi disconnects the call. Dev tells Rajni that her fake mum refused to come and asks what to do. Surili thinks there is something wrong for sure and says Rajni have won everyone’s heart in a day and Shaan said that he will not marry anyone else. Maggie comes to Surili and says Rajni is strange. Surili says she felt current touching her. Maggie says if she gets in the house, then she will give current to you daily. Surili says you are saying much. Sharmila says if you go against Rajni then Shaan will go against you. She says something

should happen so that Shaan refuses to marry her. She gives her juice brought by Maggie. Surili thanks her for the good suggestion. Maggie thinks she will expose Rajni infront of everyone. Aishwarya comes and tells that her favorite programme is going to start. She tells about step relations. Amrish asks her to make breakfast and tea for the guest. Aishwarya refuses. Shaan says Rajni will do all the work alone.

Rajni says she makes good rotis and says babu ji praised her. Shaan asks Rajni to sit. Surili says Rajni’s step mum is late. Amrish asks them to show the house to Rajni. Everyone insists to show the house. Surili taunts that Rajni have seen Shaan’s room before itself. Shaan tries to connect with Rajni’s blue tooth and it couldn’t be connected. He calls Dev and asks him to come soon. Surili gets up and says she will not wait for them. Amrish requests and stops her. Maggie locks Kuhu in the room and tells she will show the house to Rajni. She asks Rajni, where she stays. Rajni says she stays in almari and on earth, and Shaan has made her. Maggie asks her not to try to be smart else she will twist her hand. Rajni asks her not to twist like this and twists her hand badly. Maggie shouts in pain. Shaan comes to her rescue and checks Rajni’s hand. Maggie says Rajni have twisted my hand. Shaan says sorry and takes her.

Surili tells that she doesn’t want to wait and dislike the guest who kept her awaited. Shaan asks Rajni to greet the woman who comes now, and call her maa. Bubbles comes home. Rajni greets her and calls her Maa. Bubbles is shocked and asks why she is calling me maa, says nobody have touched me till now. Shaan says Rajni was waiting for her mum and seeing you, she got emotional. Amrish says where is samdhan ji. Dev as Samdhan ji comes and says Bhaisaheb I have come. She says I am Rajni’s step mom and loves my daughter very much. Surili looks at her. Rajni looks at her and says she is not my mum. I haven’t seen this face before. Everyone is shocked. Dev asks her to see her carefully. Rajni says your face is not matching. Surili asks if she is not your mum? Rajni says 100 percent. Surili says how to accept that you are saying true? Rajni says I don’t have that feature to lie.

Dev starts crying and says she is not recognizing me. He tells him that Meena Mausi’s leg was sprained and she couldn’t come. Shaan calls her Devyani Mausi and says I shouldn’t have called you. Rajni says she is not my mum. Shaan asks her to stop it. He tells her that he is going to marry Rajni and asks Dev/Devyani to solve the issues between them personally. Dev/Devyani asks Rajni to come and talk to her alone. Shaan requests her to go and talk. Dev takes Rajni to Shaan’s room and tells that he is Dev. Rajni pats on him. Dev asks her to delete Meena Mausi’s pic and feed his pic as her step mum. Rajni says command accepted. Dev says lets go out and tell everyone that misunderstanding is cleared. They go out of room and see Maggie standing. They get shocked as Maggie catches them.

Dev comes in his real attire. Amrish asks what is this? Surili calls Amrish back. Dev says I have done this because of helplessness. Surili asks why did you betray us. Dev says I will tell you everything. She asks them to sit down and they can fall being shocked. He says God made Maa, and cooks up a fake story. He says I called her step mum, but she said Rajni is dead for me. He says you wanted to meet her, and that’s why I became her mum. Meena Mausi’s comes and says where is my Rajni. She hugs her and says she loves her very much. Shaan says she is fine and asks Dev to do something. Dev says she came as Rajni is getting married here. He says you wanted to make your daughters marry here. She says what you are saying and shows the script.

Surili tells Rajni that Shaan’s Nana and her Baba is coming to meet her, and asks her to make food for him. Rajni blinks her eyes. Aishwarya messes up with the kitchen to make Rajni fail.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Funny show…

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