Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan helping Rajjo in the kitchen. She asks where is knife. Shaan gives her knife. Rajjo tells Shaan that he looks boring, but when he smiles, he looks like Hrithik Roshan. Surili, Sharmila and Shaguta come there. Rajjo says breakfast is ready. Surili says I don’t want to have food and asks her to make laddoos for her. She says 500 laddoos. Rajjo looks at Shaan. Shaan asks her to say command accepted. Surili tells Sharmila that Rajni will make 500 laddoos now. Rajni comes back and thinks now I can enter home as my get lost command is finished at 8 am. She comes inside and says good morning to Amrish and Gyan. Amrish says good morning, we met in the morning. He asks her to tell another joke. Rajni says I haven’t told any joke. Gyan asks her to clean the paper

things. Shaan asks Rajjo to make laddoos at super speed. Rajjo says I can’t make. Shaan asks her to make like humans. He asks her to say command accepted. Rajjo says I am human. Shaan says okay and goes. Rajjo thinks how to make besan laddoos, and kneed the dough.

Sharmila says she is not a robot and she is working slowly. Shaguta says she is not a robot. Surili thinks how she became human from Robot. She thinks Rajni used to do work fast and she is doing slowly. She sees Rajni keeping the papers in place. She thinks how can Rajni come here so fast. She turns and sees Rajjo, and gets shocked. She says Sita- Gita, Ram and Shyam…Double Double Rajni. She thinks if she is hallucinating and opens her eyes wide. She thinks if she is dreaming and pinches herself. She goes to Rajjo and pinches her. Rajjo shouts and asks why did you pinch me mummy ji. Surili says I wanted to check if you are real. She then goes to Rajni and tries tp pinch her. Rajni asks what you are doing?

Surili says she is also real and faints. Rajni says it seems she fainted. I have to take her to room. She takes her to room. Shaguta comes and asks what happened to her. Rajni says it seems she went in trauma seeing me working in speed. Shaguta asks did you make laddoos. Rajni says no, and tells that she was managing the papers. Shaguta says mom asked you to make laddoos. Rajni says I got lost and then came home at 8 pm. Shaguta asks her to go and make ladoos. Rajni says command accepted. Shaan thinks Rajni didn’t come home until now, command is over. He thinks she is not on tracker and I can’t go out as Rajjo is here. He calls Dev for help, but his phone is unavailable. Shaan thinks to call him, and mistakenly makes laddoos fall which Rajjo made. Rajjo cries and says you made my 25 laddoos fall and says now your mum will not leave me. Shaan says you can make me pass while failing in the task. He asks her not to cry and says he will help her and pick the laddoos. He picks laddos and puts in plate. Flour falls on Rajjo’s dress. She cries. Shaan asks her not to cry and takes her to room.

Shaguta sprinkle water on Surili and asks her to come in her senses. Surili says double trouble, two Rajnis. I have seen with my own eyes. Shaguta says WTH. Surili says she pinched both and they were real. Shaguta says if Maggie would have told this then we would have thought as her intelligence is low. She says what happened to you, asks her to relax and take rest. Surili asks her to believe her. Shaguta says she needs a break else she will get wrinkles on her forehead. She gives her almonds and goes. Surili eats almonds. Rajni comes to kitchen and thinks it is messy. She thinks I have to make 500 laddoos in 15 mins and says okay. Surili thinks to make both Rajni face to face to prove her point. She thinks I have to work on my mind now and sees Rajni making laddoos. She thinks to click Rajni’s pic and thinks to bring her phone. She then thinks what to do and takes pen…she thinks I got my Brahmarastra now, I will prove that there are two Rajni’s now.

She comes to kitchen and sees many laddoos. Rajni says your laddoos will be ready in some time. Surili says it is okay, and asks her to keep laddoos in her room. She says I am thinking to give you prize and writes R on her hand. Rajni asks what is this prize. Surili says this is the new trend. Rajni says I have to follow this trend and writes S on Surili’s hand. Surili thinks she has caught Robot Rajni, now she has to find human Rajni. Rajni is helping Gyan in doing yoga and says you are so good, and says I will give you prize. Rajni says you have already given me prize. Surili says oh, she is Rajni Robot. She comes to Amrish and sees Rajni playing chess with him. Rajni makes him loss. Surili tells Rajni that she will give her prize. Rajni says she is in mood to give me prize today and shows her hand. Surili says I am not in a mood now and goes. Rajni shows her hand while working in the house. Surili thinks to expose her.

Surili comes to Rajjo and says finally I caught you. She asks her to stop acting as Rajni as she came to know that she is her lookalike and asks her to show her hand. Rajjo shows her hand. Surili is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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