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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gyan and Dhyan planning to change Shaan’s real ring with fake one. Just then Shaan’s phone rings. He picks the call.. Ria says so cold hello, and says she was looking at their engagement ring. She says she was yearning to apply sindoor on her forehead of his name. He goes to washroom while talking. Gyan and Dhyan changes the original ring with fake one. Shaan tells Ria that he needs to go for jogging and cuts the call. Rajni is still in Shaan’s lab, and wakes up with an alarm. Shaan comes back from jogging. RAM wakes up and says good morning MOBO. He looks for Rajni and asks where are you MOBO? Why you didn’t come till now. Shaan hears the noise coming from lab, and wonders how this could be possible, I have closed this lab 5 years back. Aishwarya sees Shaan

going towards lab and stops him thinking Rajni is inside. She asks him to go and says she will handle. Shaan says thief might be there, why you are stopping me. He goes inside. RAM thinks to go to Kant’s house and search his MOBO, and even scold Shaan.

Shaan comes to lab and couldn’t see Rajni. Aishwarya goes inside and asks where did she go? Shaan asks who? Aishwarya says cat, and says Surili tied cat here. Shaan says this is lab and not the place to keep animals here. Aishwarya thinks where is Rajni. Rajni comes back to her house and says RAM…your MOBO came, you will get breakfast late. She looks for him and asks if he is hiding, and says she knows how to make him come out. She gets an idea. Shaguta tells Surili that it is risky to hide Rajni in lab and says we have to preponed the wedding. Sharmila asks if Shaan will convince Ria for early marriage. Surili says I can’t expect this from Shaan. Shaguta says but she will convince Vikram with her charm.

Rajni brings noodles for RAM and asks him to come else she will eat it. She searches for RAM and says he is not in this scrap yard. She searches for his location and says he went to Kant Nivas again. She thinks she have to go back and bring RAM back. She says don’t worry RAM, MOBO is on her way to get you.

Aishwarya comes there. Shaguta asks did you give breakfast to Rajni. Aishwarya thinks if I told Madam then she will scold me. Surili asks Aishwarya. Aishwarya says she had food and I have tied her. Surili asks her to keep an eye on Rajni. Aishwarya is tensed.

Amrish thinks how to arrange money for marriage function. Dhyan and Gyan come back and says they have managed to get money. Amrish asks him not to make joke of his poverty. Dhyan shows Shaan’s ring. Gyan tells that they will mortgaged this ring and will get the money. Amrish says this is wrong. Dhyan shows the expenses list. Amrish agrees. Vikram asks Shaan to give his ring and says 4 carat ring is ready. Shaan says he is fine with this 2 carat ring. Vikram takes it. Dhyan and Gyan are tensed. Amrish thinks he has to stop Vikram. They go to Vikram. Gyan says they were thinking to do magic tricks in the marriage. Vikram says it is boring. Gyan insists and asks him to give ring. Vikram gives ring. Amrish puts fake ring in Dhyan’s mouth and asks Gyan to take out the ring. Gyan gives the ring. Vikram says it was good, but this trick shall not be done in the marriage. He goes. Shaan asks them what is happening. Amrish tells him everything. Dhyan chokes. Shaan makes Dhyan spit the ring. Amrish says you are sacrificing your life for family. Shaan says everyone wants this. Amrish says last time you send Rajni and asks God to send some angel.

RAM makes a surprising entry and shouts Uncle…Amrish says you came here, I called an angel. RAM says his MOBO haven’t reach home till now. Shaan says Ram. RAM says my name is R.A.M and not Ram. He says your son is spoiled and have scolded my mum. Shaan asks what you said? RAM says you complained to my mum and that’s why I am complaining to your dad. Amrish looks on. Shaan says you are very smart and says I didn’t know where did your MOBO go? RAM says I didn’t know. You are the one who met her last and asks him to bring his MOBO. He says I never stayed away without my MOBO till now, and asks him to bring his MOBO. Shaan gets angry. Amrish says he is a kid and says just like you are sacrificing for your mum, he loves his mum too. He says we will find our MOBO, and asks Shaan to go.

Ria tells Shaguta that she didn’t know if her bridal dress is ready or not. She says even mehendi designer didn’t come. Surili brings mehendi cones and says wedding rounds, sindoor and mangalsutra is needed for marriage. Ria says even these things are important. She calls her bridal designer. Surili asks Shaguta to ask Aishwarya to come as mehendi designer.

Amrish asks RAM not to worry and asks him to have something. RAM says I don’t need anything, but my MOBO. Surili comes there and says why did you come back. Mahi says he came back for cake pastries etc. Amrish tells Surili that his mum is missing. Surili says this is her house and not Police station. Shaguta says they have no time for others’ problems. Surili says he knows about our problem, if he tells others. Amrish asks them not to be selfish and says we shall search his mum. Surili agrees and asks what is your mum’s name. RAM says MOBO.

Ria is talking to her designer and says she wants same lehenga for her marriage. Designer says she don’t have time. Ria asks him to damn do it. She throws mehendi cone on honey bees hive making them scattered from the hive. Rajni is there and senses human in danger..I have to save her. Ria is shocked to see the honey bees.

Surili asks Aishwarya, why she is biting her nails. Aishwarya says Rajni left. Surili says I want that girl anyhow. Sharmila says she came. Rajni walks inside with Ria. Surili keeps her hand on her heart.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Overacting ki dukanon ka overacting drama…. tooooooooooooooo much strcting………….??????????????????
    Lost all fun and comedy charm…??????????
    Sivaye Rajini, Dev and R.A.M. ki funny harkaton ke, caring nature etc. Ke alwava iss show ko bore kr diya hai

    1. hello,shraddha!
      i m agree with u.
      yeh show bohot hi boring ho chuka hai.
      i m feeling bored………………….
      plz anyone bring the lost chemistry…………………….
      but now i m eagerly waiting 4 deb and shogo part.
      since now deb has become too smart,naturally shogo will fall 4 him………….
      so plz bring the deb shogo part toooooooooooooooooo…………………
      by the way,shraddha, WILL U BE MY FRIEND?????????????????
      i m 2 alone here……………….
      plz reply


      Hello angel…
      Agreed with you about dev and shoguta..
      And yes i will be your friend for sure…

  2. nice….little boring….but thanks for written update!!

  3. Please writers, bring the lost charm!

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