Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan explaining to Rajni that they have to take round around the havan fire. Rajni says okay Shaan. Amrish sees the ghat bandhan opening and ties it. Shaan hurries up for rounds as Rajni’s battery is getting low. Pandit ji explains to him that 4 pheras are completed and tells about its vows. Shaan asks him to hurry up and understand. Shaan activates Rajni and she runs to take the pheras fast. Everyone is surprised. Maggie says Rajni is eager to marry Shaan. Pandit ji says Marriage is completed and asks who will do kanyadaan. Maggie says her parents are not here. Amrish says they will do the kanyadaan and convinces Surili to do kanyadaan with him. Surili hesitantly agrees. Amrish tells Rajni that they have become her parents now and will give her love which her real

parents couldn’t give. He gets tears in his eyes and wipes tears with Surili’s saree. Surili reminds him that it is her saree and asks him to close his tears tap. Shaan asks Pandit ji if the marriage is completed. Pandit ji says yes and asks him to make bride wear the mangalsutra. Shaan is about to make her wear mangalsutra, when a woman comes and says this marriage can’t happen.

Gyan says this marriage is almost completed. Woman is shocked. Shaan calls her Priya and asks what is she doing here. Priya shows their pics to everyone, and accuses Shaan for betraying her and marrying Rajni. Surili asks who are you? Priya says I am Shaan’s girl friend. Surili asks how many girl friends you have. Shaan says she is just my school friend and not girl friend. Maggie asks where is my baby? Sharmila asks what? Maggie says I have seen in films that girl friends often have babies. Rajni says this is not right. She says these photos are fake and was taken by the photoshop. Rajni says Shaan doesn’t write luv at the end of letter, and write love…She proves priya liar. Priya reminds Shaan of his promise that he said that he will marry her if they were unmarried till 40. Shaan says we will children then, and says he is marrying Rajni right now. Priya asks Shaan to marry her if his marriage fails and goes. Amrish thinks Surili is behind calling Priya here. Shaan makes Rajni wear mangalsutra.

Pandit ji asks them to touch elders’ blessings. Rajni and Shaan touch everyone’s blessings. Sharmila asks her to hug her. They come to Amrish. Amrish blesses them for happiness and kids. Rajni says this feature is not in me. Dev thinks Shaan hurry up. Rajni touches Aishwarya’s feet. Aishwarya says I am a servant. Rajni says according to my data, you are a family and takes care of everyone. Rajni and Shaan go to Surili and bends down to take her blessings. Surili says okay, be happy. Shaan gets up, but not Rajni. Surili asks what else? Shaan thinks battery is low.

Shaan helps Rajni stands up and says her back might be paining. He says I will put ointment. Maggie says we will take her, but Shaan insists and lifts her in his arms. Everyone laugh. Surili is irked. Aishwarya says Rajni is different. Shaan charges Rajni and says everyone is waiting for us. He looks for her and sees her gone. Amrish and everyone dances after marriage. Surili asks Amrish, what is he doing? Amrish says he is enjoying and dancing. Mathew sees Dev and thinks nobody can tell that he is robot. Surili asks where is Rajni? Amrish says she might be sitting and crying for her bidaai. Surili tells them that bride is very sad and signs them towards Rajni. Rajni is seen dancing on the song Main Naagin…………………

Amrish tells Surili that Shaan and Rajni are married now and your all dreams are not fulfilled. Surili applies tilak on Shaan’s forehead and then tries to applies on Rajni’s forehead, when Rajni hits on her head.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Yapieeeee….. finally tv serials ki sb se acchi or funny or different shadi ho gyi….. ???????????

  2. Wooow……..aweaome epi

  3. Rajni dances so well…what a adorable naggin hehehe 🙂

  4. very nice episode… aakhirkar ek anokhi shaadi ho hi rajni dance very beautifully….i like her very much when she say okay shaan & also command excepted…

  5. Lol not a good serial just for time pass

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