Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the women coming to Amrish’s house. Dhyan says you came to wrong house. Woman says you asked for Ouch Party from Mr. Pujari. Gyan says shall I open pic seeing Maa pic. Amrish warns him. Shaan feels proud of himself after decorating the lab for Samaira. He thinks Samaira will hug me. Amrish says we didn’t know that there is so much pain in ouch party. Women asks them to give money. Dhyan gives them 500 each and asks to leave. Women laugh and says they need 2 lakh. Gyan says I didn’t see anything, give me concession. Woman says we can’t and asks them to think about their wives. Amrish asks Dhyan to take out cheque book from locker. Dhyan says we will swipe the card. Amrish asks him to bring cheque book. He leaves. Amrish also goes. Gyan asks them to take him and

collides with the women. One of the woman asks about washroom, and goes. Gyan calls Maggie and asks how is her party. Maggie says they are enjoying in the resort, and dancing. Gyan says good, don’t come so soon. Surili says who are you to tell her, and asks him to disconnect the call. Gyan says I want to know when you are coming home. Surili says we are very far and will come in the morning. Maggie says but we will reach there in 10 mins naa. Surili cuts the call.

Gyan hears her and gets tensed. He thinks they will reach here in 10 mins and will check everything. Surili says they have done something and asks Sharmila to drive fast. Gyan thinks Shaan’s lab is the safe place and asks the woman to go to lab. He comes out of house. Rajni tries to stop him. He thinks Rajni as the other lady dancer and asks them to go to lab. He goes inside house. Woman asks Rajni who are you? Rajni says I am a top secret and asks her to come to lab. She says I will have fun performing at such place. Rajni asks who are you? Woman says I am item girl. Rajni scans item girl in her memory. Woman says I entertain the lose character guys. Rajni says your entry should be dhamekedaar….Woman says fine and asks how.

Amrish writes 2 lakhs cheque and says he is seeing Surili’s face in the zeroes in lakhs. Dhyan says we have to do this and asks him to control his emotions. Shaan comes to his lab wearing suit. Item girl is hiding in the lab and thinks party is here. Shaan thinks Samaira must have come to surprise me. He opens the door. Item girl falls on him and runs flowers on his face. Shaan asks who are you? Samaira comes and asks who are you? Woman says I am Chakri…Samaira gets angry with Shaan, and says I was waiting for you since an hour in café. Woman says I will give you 10 percent discount. Shaan asks how much altogether. Samaira says disgusting. Rajni comes and greets them. She asks woman how is her performance? Woman says she couldn’t perform as this Samaira came. Samaira asks Rajni, you don’t have any objection with item girl here.

Rajni says no, as Shaan is single now. Woman says so you are his wife and he is going on a date with other lady. She says you don’t a doctor. Samaira gets angry and leaves. Shaan warns him and says I will dismantle you. Rajni slaps him and says I am single. Woman asks Shaan to give money. Shaan says he don’t have. Woman slaps him. Shaan thinks he is getting feeling like Balwant and thinks Amrish and his brothers must have called this woman. Amrish brings the cheque. Chakri asks them to give money, else they will increase the money. Just then they hear Surili, Maggie and Sharmila coming and hide Chakri behind them.

Amrish sings meri pyaari bengali. Dhyan asks did you guys have fun? Surili says I am thinking about a poetry. She asks why you are smiling and hiding something from us, why did you wear such clothes. Amrish and Dhyan continue to hide Chakri. Gyan comes and says I have hidden them, they will not know. Surili asks Gyan to tell. Gyan asks Dhyan to come. Dhayn laughs being scared and tells that we came to know that we love you very much, and that’s why we called jeweller at home to select diamond necklace for you all. Amrish pats on Dhyan’s shoulder angrily. Dhyan says this is a good idea. Amrish says Gyan have hidden him behind the door. Surili and others turn to look at the jeweller. Rajni scans the place and says other item is there. Shaan makes excuse. Amrish says there is nothing in kitchen. Surili says when did I say that there is something there. Amrish tries to stop them, but in vain.

Rajni tells her gang that they have to do something so that their respective husband leave bachelorhood by their wish.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg hasan mam can imagine how much you would have laughed typing ☺

  2. Thks mam


    Full of laughter epiosde…?????????????
    But do not like samaira and shaan track…. as show is about love with robo and how to live with it not about love triangle… end this track…

    Rest is episode back on laughter dose????

    1. first i like samaira track but now its boring shaan mad for samaira

    2. hilarius episode after 5 slaps shaan feel like complete chichora

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha true shraddha i think they get inspired from that movie robot 😛 i wonder what will happen when a guy robot makes an entry ahaha only way to make shaan jealous 😛 i have no idea what will happen next 😛

  4. uff shaan, laughing and laughing….

  5. Samaira-Shaan track just irritates me. Shaan should fall for Rajni not that brainless Samaira. Missing Dev and Shogata. They must bring someone for Rajni to spice up Shajni’s love track.

  6. Rajni and surili rocks\m/ Why Shaan is after that Samaira ???


      Becoz she is his first love and he is as always confused about whom to love. As samira is human so his mind is behind her and rajni is robo so his mind do not accept her but his heart has accpected her which he do not know.

      1. Thanx shraddha…

  7. don’t miss ridhima pandit’s first award in gold awards 2016 today at 6:30 pm tune into ZEE TV

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