Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan meeting a girl. She gives him list which he shall follow before and after marriage. Shaan is surprised with her demand list. He gets a call. The girl says I should be important to you than a phone call. Dev says Shaan shall pick the call. She gets a call and gets busy. Shaan says I will go to washroom and come. Dev tells Rajni that Surili wants to meet her, and says if Shaan marries you in confusion then his life will be ruined. He says I will solve this problem and does something. He says he will solve the problem and will make Surili reject Rajni. Shaan meets other person, who says that the girl has rejected him after making him relieved of money. Shaan says all girls are same, and says you can marry knife, spoon etc, but not a girl. He says I think I am

also going to be trapped. Shaan says he wants to marry a girl who can take care of him, do all the house work, don’t question him etc. The man thinks if this type of girl is there, then tell me. Shaan thinks he shall marry Rajni and thinks to make her bahu of his parents. He comes back to girl and says I reject your demand list. The girl says you got afraid of the small list, then how you will marry. Shaan says he will not marry her. Girl says with whom he will marry, with an abnormal girl? Shaan smiles. Girl gives him good luck. Shaan says you needed it.

He gets Dev’s call and he informs him about Surili asking him to bring Rajni. He says I have handled everything, and asks him to come. Dev tells Rajni that she is a genuis robot and asks how she manages. Shaan sits in his car and thinks of his family’s perception about Rajni. His inner self comes ansd asks if he has gone mad. Shaan says his problem will be solved with this, and says his promise will be fulfilled. He says Rajni will not demand anything from him and will take care of house. His inner self says she can’t love you and have any emotions. Shaan says every woman is robot in the world now. He says my emotions will not be connected with her as she is a robot. He says he can spend time with Rajni more after marriage and can make her a perfect robot. His inner self asks what you will tell your family that you have delivered your wife to Mathew after she is ready. Shaan says he is marrying her to save her. His inner self warns him. Shaan asks him to go. He says Rajni will become bahu, everyone will feel proud of his creation and will say hamari bahu rajnikant.

Gyan says Rajni will be liked by all. Amrish asks Surili to take a decision. Dev comes with Rajni. Amrish welcomes them. Dev says he brought Rajni to make her meet Surili. Surili asks Rajni that she called her to see if she meets upto her standards. Dev says his sister is superb. Surili tells about her expectation. She says she got successful to get class, but sometimes not, looking at her bahus. She asks if she knows bengali. Rajni speaks in hyderabadi language and calls her budiya. Surili says what nonsense? Amrish is shocked too. Dev says my sister is brought up there, but have a clear heart. He asks if they want to see her performance. Rajni says she will show her. Amrish asks what she can show. Dev says she can dance. Rajni starts dancing on a sensual song, and removes her jacket. Everyone is shocked. Sharmila says what is this? Dhyan says it is unbelievable. Gyan makes Surili have water.

Dev asks Surili if she liked his sister. Surili says she would have get heart attack. Dev says my sister dances in marriage. Gyan says she can’t dance. Rajni asks why you are staring at me, and says you might die here itself. Surili says what we will tell to society people that our bahu dances in other’s marriage. Rajni asks her to talk slow. Surili says she can’t bear this girl in the house. Shaan comes and holds Surili. He asks inside and asks what happened? Dev says so that surili rejects her. Shaan says he wants to marry Rajni and wants her mum to select her. Dev asks are you fine? Shaan says he don’t have the strength to marry to a normal girl, and tells about the best part of an undemanding wife. He says he will get all the qualities of tulsi, parvati and make her adarsh bahu. Dev asks how you will do this? Shaan says it is a challenge and says he will do this. Surili cries and says she can’t hold on her tears. She tells Maggie that you are better than that girl. Maggie gets happy. Gyan says we shall note down this date. Surili says that girl will not become bahu. Shaan says I will marry her.

Rajni tells that she is leaving the house and will stop if sasumaa stops her. Surili looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Love this show awesome and I heard that BHR got highest trp among all life ok serials this week hope this is true it really deserves to be no.1 serial at life ok

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Thanks for update!!
    But why it was soo late???

    Nice it will be fun to see a robot and human marriage… ?????

  3. Bravo concept!!!

  4. One of the best serial loved it ..

  5. It was simply hilarious…what a dance that was! Awesome hehehe even tom it wl b v.interesting. lets see what changes shaan does to rajni :

    Whatever d trp, those people who r nt watching this show are themselves missing somethng v.unique and d happiness/smile that this show brings with it 🙂

  6. And ridhima pandit is so fit and pretty 🙂

  7. I have ditched kumkum bhagya for this show hehe

  8. Honest opinion

    I ditched balika vadhu for BHR!!! Hilarious!!! Unique, funny & very nice show. Girl that plays Rajni is AWESOME!!!! She does a fantastic job.

  9. Riddhima Pandit is superb in her role.And the Kant family is totally awesome. Love this serial.

  10. Shraddha Sharma

    Update today’s episode fast… 1 march ka…
    H.hasan ji plz itna wait mat krvaya kro…

  11. I like this serial so much but LOT OF VIEWERS NOT SEEN LIFE OK.I think this serial aired STAR PLUS it is get good trp.This serial is only best serial but COLORS&STARPLUS telecasting serial irritating and boaring.

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