Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 29th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmila telling Dhyan and everyone that the money is her earnings and she will not give this money to anyone. Everyone is shocked. Sharmila takes the money. Rajni says I will tell you from where this money come from. Amrish says she has done wrong, but you have done more wrong. He leaves. Surili thinks Rajni and RAM have to leave once DNA report comes. RAM tries to stop Amrish, but in vain. Later RAM asks Rajni to tell who is her creator? Rajni says this info is private and she can’t share this info with him. RAM says I will go far from you if you didn’t tell me. Rajni says okay, and tell that she will check her system. She tells that it is password protected. RAM asks her to show photo. Rajni shows old pic of Shaan. RAM asks who is he? Rajni says access denied.

RAM thinks to find out who is he?

Shaan comes back. Rajni asks about his interview. Shaan tells that he was about to get a job, but the interviewer refused to give him job seeing his black face. He says I would have settled in Canada and get 5 lakhs rupees salary. He says now they are demanding 5 lakhs Rs. Surili watches news on TV about fraud HR company and asks Shaan if he gave money to that company. Shaan says I would have given money if Rajni had not blacken my face. He says I would have distributed sweets today for the job. Surili says thank God, our money is saved and tells that the company is fraud, just now I watched on TV. Rajni says it means your 5 lakhs are saved because of me. Surili thanks Rajni and says for the first time, you are right. She asks Shaan to thank Rajni. Rajni says I am waiting for your Thank you. Surili says this must be last Thank you. Shaan thanks her. Rajni says you are welcome Shaan. She thanks Surili for praising her and asks if we are friends now. Surili says snake and nevla can’t be friends. Rajni asks why you are calling yourself as snake. Surili says I am addressing you as snake, and thinks she will wave her bye once DNA result comes. Rajni tells her bye.

RAM comes to Shaan and shouts ghost seeing his black face. Shaan says its me. RAM asks what happened to your face. Shaan says I am angry on your MOBO as she did this. RAM says MOBO did right. Shaan asks did you come here to sprinkle salt on my wounds…..RAM says no, I will sprinkle it now. He shows Shaan’s old pic and asks who is he? Shaan thinks he don’t know about my plastic surgery and tells RAM that he is a scientist. RAM insists to meet him. Shaan says you can’t meet him. RAM asks if he is not alive. Shaan says he went to planets and asks RAM to stop searching this creator and play. RAM thinks where to search him, and thinks something is wrong. Shaan thinks plastic surgery have saved me. RAM tries to talk to Shaan through a gadget. Rajni comes and asks what he is doing? RAM says he wants to talk to scientist through this gadget. Rajni says humans are strange and tells that Amrish and Sharmila don’t want to hear her. RAM asks her to make samosas for Amrish. Rajni thanks him for the idea. She says how to save Sharmila from goons. RAM asks her to tie her and throw keys in well. Rajni accepts the command.

Sharmila asks Dhyan to bring a tea for her. Dhyan asks her to give 50000 Rs. Sharmila says I don’t want to give even a rupee. She gets up from bed and sees herself tied with chain. Dhyan laughs. Surili and Amrish come and asks what you have done? Dhyan says I haven’t done this. Rajni says I have done this as RAM said this, to stop her from going out. Dhyan says good….Surili says you should not lock humans and asks for keys. Rajni says I have thrown it in well. Amrish asks Dhyan to free Sharmila’s hand and legs and get the chain cut. Rajni says you can free her, but don’t let her go out. Amrish asks Rajni to stop following Sharmila. Rajni says okay Bau ji. Surili asks Dhyan to bring camera and says she is looking good in this chain. Sharmila thinks to modelling nicely once DNA report comes and Rajni goes.

RAM comes to Amrish and says I heard that elders are very understanding. He says when elders can’t understand then how come we as a child can understand. He says you thought me MOBO wrong. Amrish asks him not to support Rajni. RAM thinks to tell that Rajni is a robot and stops. Amrish thinks he got upset. He asks what happened to you. RAM says I am trying to contact a person, but couldn’t. Amrish asks who is he? RAM says I will show his pic. Amrish sees his pic and laughs. RAM asks do you know him? Amrish says your MOBO got married to this man, and tells about their marriage and then his plastic surgery. RAM is shocked to know that Shaan is this person. RAM thinks CPU is my MOBO’s creator and that’s why he has gadgets in his lab. He thinks I have to do something before DNA test report comes, else my MOBO have to leave from here, and she will malfunction. He thinks to make Shaan update Rajni somehow.

Shaan tells Rajni that he will dismantle her so that troubles goes from their life. RAM is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Show must go on,missing bubbles & Ammu


    Tooooo much dragging…
    Missing bubbles, ammu mamu & kuhu specially..

  3. karam was the heart of the show, after leaving with karam the story line also going to hell

    1. I got emotional seeing karan-rajni’s marriage part.
      You are [email protected] was heart of this show

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