Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili asking Maggie, Sharmila and Shaguta to follow her. They go out. Shaguta asks Surili if she understood why did problem arise in the factory. She tells that Rajni entered the factory with the motive to take revenge from them. Surili says Rajni…..and walks up to her. She raises her hand to slap her….and stops! Rajni looks at her hand…Surili changes her tone and says Rajni…you are here. I am glad to see you. She tells workers that the lady is Rajni, her bahu and not Rangeeli. She tells I have sent her to know your problems and asks them to get back to work. Rajni asks her to give their rights. Surili says no..what is the hurry. She says they have hurt me and asks them to apologize. She goes inside. Maggie and others keep cool bag on Surili’s head and

ask her to relax. Surili says Rajni is trouble for me even now. Amrish blames Surili for kicking her out. Surili says I will talk to you later and tells that all workers will go against Rajni now. Gyan asks Shaan, if he knew that she was Rajni. Maggie says Shaan is with Rajni. Shaan asks them not to argue. Maggie asks Shaan to tell and hits on Surili’s head mistakenly. Amrish thinks he has fools team in his house.

Workers thanks Rajni and says they will support her. Rajni says hunger strike is still on. Workers say that we are hungry, but will not break. Maggie tells Surili that she has united them. Surili says she has never lack of ideas. She goes to Rajni and calls her. Rajni says you called me madam. Surili says stop this act, and says we will come to point. She says I am ready to hire them back to work. Rajni says you have to give better working hours, holidays and diwali bonus. Surili says it will be done, not an issue. She says I have decided to get you back home. Rajni says it is good that truth have won. Surili asks her to hear her condition and says all the workers should make 1000 sarees in 2 days. Maggie and Shaguta smile. Rajni asks that’s it….it will be done easily.

Surili says these workers will make 1000 sarees without using my machine, thread and cotton. She says you have to manage these things. Rajni says okay…command accepted. She looks smilingly. Later Rajni calls someone and tells that she is Rajni kant, kant bahu and tells that she has mailed her list of the stuff which she needs and asks can she send it. Lady says okay…and asks her to send 30 Lakhs rupees. Rajni says we don’t have money and asks her to give materials on loan. Lady refuses and asks her to give money. Rajni thinks how to manage the money. Surili is happy that Rajni can’t win now. Amrish thinks when will saas bahu fight end. He sees her sleeping and snoring and thinks he can’t sleep. Rajni comes near the window and waves Amrish signing him to come. Amrish asks why did you come here?

Rajni tells him that she came to ask him something. Amrish says I am talking to you, but haven’t forgiven you. Rajni apologizes to him and says I need 30 lakhs rupees. Amrish says you will lose as you are against family. He says only truth will win. Rajni says she got his blessings and asks one question. She says if it is right if 8 people have to be troubled because of 100 people. Amrish says it is alright if it is for right thing. Surili wakes up and asks with whom he is talking to. Amrish says nobody and turns to Rajni. He sees her gone. Surili drinks green tea and thinks now her workers will know that Rajni is useless.

Rajni comes to the bank and asks for loan. She begs infront of manager and asks for loan. Maggie and Sharmila come to Surili and insist to give news to her. They say they will toss and tell her. Surili asks what is important. Sharmila and Maggie toss the coin…It gets stuck inside Surili’s throat. Surili couldn’t speak. Maggie and Sharmila try searching the coin in the hall. Surili signs them, but they don’t see. Shaan comes and sees Surili in pain. He makes her spit coin. Surili tells that she would have died because of their 2 rs coin. Maggie says it is of 1 rupee. She asks them to tell what is the matter? Sharmila says Rajni is trying to get money and has promised workers that she will arrange money somehow. Workers are sitting outside the Kant house and wonder if Rajni will get the money.

Surili and others hear them. Surili says this is the right time, lets go. They go out. Surili says good morning to workers and says you will be ruined if you follow Rajni. She says Rajni stays in this house and don’t know pain. Shaguta says how you will get money to spend on kids. Maggie tells that these sweets and gifts are for you all. Sharmila asks Shaguta to hold it and goes to bring table. She brings table. Surili says everything is yours, pick whatever you wants and goes inside. Shaguta and others also go inside. They look out and see if the workers and their kids are falling prey or not. Amrish tells Surili that she has trapped kids being clever. Surili gives credit to Rajni. Workers decide to agree, but kids say that they will manage without sweets or gifts. Then one of the kid asks her mum to get sweets for her. Worker comes near sweets box and is about to take it. Surili says yes, and smiles.

Rajni, Shaan and others celebrate Diwali. Someone comes and eyes Kant Family with bad intention.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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