Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji telling that fire is blown and says it is very inauspicious thing to have happen. Amrish asks him to light havan fire again. Shaan tells Rajni that it is havan agni and asks her not to blow on the fire to set it off. Rajni says no data is saved in me for marriage. Shaan is shocked and asks her not to blow fire again. Rajni says command accepted. Dev goes behind Surili to get the paper stuck on her hairs. Surili asks him not to follow her and slaps him. Mathew comes there and asks him to prove that he is same what he thinks….Dev thinks he is saying something else, and goes. Surili comes to Amrish. Maggie says your hair style is too good. Amrish says someone plane have landed on your head. Kuhu comes and asks her to give her plane. Surili tells her that it

is not right time to play. Shaan gets tensed seeing the letter. He says I am saved.

Bubbles calls someone and says Shaan is getting married to ghost and I couldn’t do anything. She thinks to do Jaap sitting infront of her to make Rajni escape from there. She tells Surili that this marriage can stop and says she will read mantras to keep off evil spirit from there. Surili says you are drunk. Bubbles says I have by heart all the mantras. Surili says okay and lets her go. Bubbles asks Pandit ji to wait and says she want to read some mantras for good luck and to make the ghost leave. Amrish says you should not talk like this. Bubbles start reading the mantras. Rajni activates her signals and flashy light appears from her eyes. Bubbles run away from there.

Amrish asks Pandit ji to continue the rituals. Pandit ji asks Shaan to fill Rajni’s maang. Shaan happily fills her maang. Rajni picks a pinch of sindoor and fills Shaan’s maang. Shaan is surprised while everyone is shocked. Surili tells Rajni that groom doesn’t apply sindoor on his forehead. Shaan says equality. Rajni says I will do whatever Shaan would do. Amrish says we should be happy that Rajni is supporting Shaan in every way. Pandit ji asks them to stand for pheras. He asks them to go the ghatbandhan. Surili asks Maggie to do her ghatbandhan. Maggie does the ghatbandhan. Shaan asks Dev to check the battery. He says 5 percent. Shaan asks him not to let the pheras start now as Rajni will stop midway during the pheras if her battery falls flat.

Shaan asks Pandit ji to give break and says Rajni is tired and needs to freshen up before rounds/pheras. Surili thinks Shaan don’t want to marry. Shaan says absolutely not and asks Dev to take her to washroom. Maggie asks why Dev? Shaan says Dev is emotional about Rajni being his brother and asks him to take Rajni. Dev acts and cries, take her to washroom. Dhyan says it is a natural call, nobody can delay. Bubbles sees Karanvir Bohra coming to Shaan’s wedding and asks him to kiss her. Karanvir says no and asks someone to save him. Shaan comes there. Karanvir jumps and sits on Shaan’s lap. Bubbles asks how do you know him? Shaan says we were classmates. Bubbles asks him to go and marry and tries to kiss Karan. Karan runs from there. Rajni tells Dev that she is 10 percent charged. Dev asks her to charged to 100 percent fast. Karan comes there and closes the door. He happens to see circuit box behind Rajni’s back and gets shocked.

Karan says she is a robot and says he will save Shaan from this marriage. He tries to go, but sees Bubbles coming there. Bubbles says you can’t be saved from my kiss. Karan asks Dev to save him. Dev asks him to keep Rajni’s secret safely. Karan says ok. Dev asks Rajni to turn her head without turning her body, and call Bua. She calls Bubbles. Bubbles shouts and runs from there. Dev asks Karan if he is alive? He asks him not to tell anyone else robot will give him electric shock. Karan says Bhabhi is Robot and goes. Dev tells Rajni that time is running and asks her to come. Surili says it is getting late. Amrish asks her to relax. Shaan wonders when they will come. Surili says she will go and check. Shaan stops her and says he will go and call them. He sees them coming and asks if she is charged. Dev says she is somewhat charged. He says there was a problem, but I will tell you later. Surili sees them coming and says they were taking power nap. Pandit ji starts marriage rituals again and asks them to take pheras. Rajni makes round. Shaan holds her.

Shaan is about to make Rajni wear mangalsutra, but his ex girlfriend comes there and says this marriage can’t happen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Ha ha ha…. rajni did right, why only female put sindoor, male should also look like married… ???
    But what is ex-gf drama?? Why they are taking so much time ……

  2. Just love this show complete laughter riot Rajni robot rocks

  3. ahana (eisha)

    Yes! Joyeee she is amazing…..

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