Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev asking Shaan to remember where is Rajni. He worries for her. Shaan recollects and says I gave my card to clear my bill and then picked the wrong suitcase. Dev says where is Rajni then? Shaan says this stuff is of girl. Dev says how clever and says he wants to file police complaint against him. Shaan asks what you will tell that humanoid robot is missing. He says I will call hotel and will ask about my bag, as the other person must have called hotel about exchanged bag. He says how smart am I? Samaira reaches Mumbai and says there are many memories attached to this city. She hopes Shaan will come today and opens the suitcase. She thinks she will blue and then thinks orange. She thinks to buy it and leave the suitcase opens. Rajni is activated and the suitcase moves.

Shaan informs hotel about his exchanged bag. Dev says what we will do. Shaan says we will track her, but your software is not working.

Amrish and Surili come to his lab. Amrish says you didn’t bring a single gift for us. Shaan says when Rajni comes back then she will give gifts. Surili asks Shaan to bring Rajni now itself and says she is missing her as Aishwarya is not at home. Amrish tells Shaan that Surili is missing her. Dev says Shaan had a fight with her and that’s why left her there. Amrish says it is a wrong thing. Dev says their choices are different and this had initiated the fight. Amrish says everyone has his own preferences, says he likes SRK. Surili says Salman is better. They start arguing over SRK and Salman. Shaan and Dev looks on. Shaan says this is how fight begins. Amrish says I can’t drop your mum to crow’s nest. Surili asks Shaan to try to understand and says she is missing food. Dev thinks she is missing my sister for work. Amrish says she said right, go and bring Rajni soon.

Dev asks Shaan to do something. Shaan says don’t know how is she? Rajni assembles herself and wear clothes also. She scans the place. She says hello. I am C431..what can I do for you. Shaan gets Rajni’s tracker and says she is assembling herself. Dev says problem is solved. Shaan says Rajni can’t find the way as I have her memory chip, and I gave blank robot to Rajni. Dev says where she will go. Shaan tries to locate the location. He says Rajni is within 30 kms radius and asks about the manual tracker. Dev says I have thrown it. Shaan asks him to remember and gets the tracker in the trash bin. He sync it with the laptop and asks Dev to locate him and call. He goes to find Rajni. Rajni says who is my creator and says I shall wait for my creator at this place, and says almari is the safe place. She hides herself in the almari. Samaira calls Diya and says she will get ready and leave. She keeps her orange dress in cupboard. Shaan comes to that place and calls Rajni. Rajni is hidden in the cupboard.

Samaira comes out in bath robe and throws towel on his head thinking thief entered the room. Shaan’s tracker falls down and slips inside the table. Samaira shouts. They fall on bed. Shaan says I am not a thief, but a scientist. Samaira says Shaan. Shaan smiles and says hi. He asks did you recognize me. Samaira says I can recognize you even after 100 years. Shaan says it. Shaan says you are looking hotter in bath robe. Samaira says bath robe and goes to change her dress. Samaira asks him to go there and goes. Shaan asks him to control himself. Shaan forgot about Rajni. Samaira comes out wearing orange outfit. Shaan keeps on looking at her and hugs her romantically. It was his dream. Samaira comes out. Shaan opens his mouth and says wow. Samaira smiles. Rajni looks at them. Shaan says orange is my favorite color. Samaira says I remember. Shaan says we should start again. Samaira asks him to wait and hugs him. Rajni looks at them. Rajni looks at them and says humans.

Samaira finds the door open and hits Rajni. Rajni holds her head.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Manabendra das

    Serial thek nahi horaha.shan rajniko dhundne geia to samarya sheath par romance Lorne lage rajniko kya hogs ab

  2. Samaira ko dekhte hi shaan rajni ko to bhool gaya aise hi chala gaya

  3. Kathy

    Tnx hasan ji for the update… Oh no shaan forgot his rajini… This is not fair yaar… After all she is ur wife..??

  4. how can shaan forget rajni i see this show but i don’t have time to comment and shall i join u all

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