Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with all the guys and girls gang cheer for their respective candidate. Shaan and Rajni are seated for the panja/arm lifting round. Shaan signs Rajni to lose. Rajni signs him. They are cheering for Shaan and Rajni. Shaan is about to lose. Gyan says may be he is losing intentionally to make his wife win. Amrish is upset and asks him not to lose intentionally. Shaan says I am not losing intentionally. Maggie and Sharmila think if she is cheating. Surili says it is good for us. Amrish comes to help Shaan and holds his hand. Rajni says bahubali bauji. Surili says this is cheating. Amrish says everything is fair in love and war. Rajni says cheating accepted. Amrish and Shaan couldn’t defeat Rajni together. Dhyan says they ar losing. Gyan says we shall do more cheating and help

them. They hold Shaan’s hand to make him win, but Rajni smiles and says it is enough build up, now winning time. She defeats them. Everyone fall down. Sharmila, Surili and Maggie are shocked.

Sharmila asks how did you do this? Rajni says with ease. Surili says very good. I am so proud of you. You made me win…Rajni says thank you Su….Surili congratulates guys and asks them to get ready to work and contact Aishwarya if needed. Gyan tells that once they leave, we will also go. Surili says CCTV camera is fixed on the doors. Amrish says we are not afraid. Surili asks if you are afraid to lose your money and says they will swipe their cards and get money.

Maggie and Sharmila think how did Rajni win. Dhyan asks everyone to get up and work. Gyan works with his eyes closed and asks someone to check if the place is clean. Shaan is frustrated and says I will become mind of everyone, as I am the only genius. He asks Amrish to come and asks why did you take panga with Rajni. She is so strong. Amrish says she is very delicate and asks how did you lose from her. He asks him to tell that she is a machine. Shaan is stunned and says she is obliviously a girl and says she has strength in her blood and metabolic system. She used to do wrestling and eat chwanprash with ghee. He says I am going to enjoy my bachelorhood. Gyan, Dhyan and Amrish catch him. Amrish says you can’t go as our wives have our credit cards. Dhyan says you will not go. Shaan says shall I sleep in my room. Amrish says you will not go anywhere. Shaan says okay, I will sleep on the board.

He feels helpless and thinks he would have got the award. He thinks if I can’t go out then date can come here. He calls Samaira. Samaira says I am really angry at you, and says I am waiting for you since an hour. Shaan says I am helpless and now I want to make it up. He asks her to lab and says he has arranged surprise for her. Samaira says okay. Gyan says lets play card and do some enjoyment. Amrish says don’t know what our wives are doing there. They imagine their wives dancing in the club. Surili, Rajni, Samaira and Maggie are seen dancing in the club on the song Drama Queen….Dhyan asks Gyan, did you imagine that? Gyan says it is Ayyashi. Amrish says this can’t happen. They are enjoying and we are sitting here idle. He gets an idea and says we can have party at home. Dhyan says we will do mauja hi mauja at home. Gyan asks how I will do mauja with closed eyes. Amrish asks him to open eyes. Gyan says I never opened my eyes without seeing mum and says I can’t betray her, gets emotional. Dhyan asks him to drink wine in the party. Gyan gets happy. Amrish asks them to get ready and meet Prem Pujari.

Prem Pujari comes to Amrish’s house. He says I am still single and healthy. Amrish says yes. Dhyan says you are wrong. Amrish asks him to tell how to do party being party animal. Prem Pujari asks which party to do? Aa or Ouch…Amrish asks what is it? Prem Pujari makes faces and shows. Dhyan says we shall learn something new. Maggie, Rajni, Sharmila and Surili are hiding outside. Maggie asks when we will be here. Surili says they will do something being kants. Maggie says CCTV cam is there naa, we will go out and have party. Surili says you are so dumb, I was just scaring them. Rajni says where our thinking ends, your starts..She says you are really great. Surili thanks them. Maggie says we are very hungry. Rajni says I don’t have this feature. Surili thanks Rajni and says I will make them eat food and come. She asks Sharmila and Maggie to come. She asks Rajni to keep eye on the men. Amrish, Dhyan and Gyan are partying in the house while the song plays. Amrish asks where is Shaan? Gyan says he might be sleeping. Door bell rings…Dhyan says I am scared. Gyan says our wives must have come. Amrish says we are still bachelor for three days. Gyan goes to open the door and says there are nobody here. Two woman enters. Dhyan and Amrish are stunned.

Samaira comes to lab and sees woman on Shaan. She asks what you are doing? Rajni comes and greets them. Samaira asks do you know her. Rajni says she came to perform for Shaan and asks how is it. Shaan is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Episodes are going nice with back on laughter dose but this shaan and samira love track make show bakwas…. only I like rest things but do not like shaan and samira track…

    And panja fight was full of laughter dose??????????????????

  2. In the ongoing track of Life OK show “Bahu Humari Rajnikant” it isseen that that Kant family is divided into two groups as the ladies in the family have given a break to the Kant male members to enjoy their bachelorhood.However, they want to teach thema lesson and realize their importance in their respective husband’s lives.Now, in the upcoming episodes ofBahu Hamari Rajnikant, viewers will have to gear up for an entertaining twists as the Kant ladies will decide to try their luck in modeling and make their husband’s jealous.Kant ladies will call for a photographer who would suggest to do a photoshoot in a exotic location with the theme being jungle.Rajni (Ridhima Pandit) will be dressed as Jane (Tarzan’s lady love) and will look super hot along with the other ladies! Shaan (Karan V Grover) and the boy gangs who are enjoying bachelorhood will be shocked to see the ladies in their sizzling hot avatar and enjoying the photoshoot.Later, out of jealousy, they would beat up the photographer.Talking about the upcoming sequence, Karan and Ridhima shared that they are enjoying the Tarzan and Jane based theme and the makers of the show have made a special set in Kant house itself for shooting this particular sequence

  3. shaan the most pareshan insaan

  4. shaan the most majboor insaan

  5. Why dev and shogata are not being seen??!??

  6. luv this episode, funny, now a days, suruli and rajni’s part good than shaan and rajni’s part but after samairas intering shaans acting is looser type.. I donot like that… aww….

  7. prithwish kundu

    sahan and samaira romance is needed very much in the serial
    for extreme T.R.P


      This roamce is spoiling the show

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