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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmila thinking that she will become international star and will get fame, money and everything under her feet. Rajni tells that you have chappals under your feet, and tells that the man with whom you have spoken is not a good guy. Sharmila says you are jealous of me as I got a big contract and what you got is just RAM. She says I will do what I think is right. Shaan is talking on phone with his friend for giving 2 lakhs Rs, and tells that he will give this money to agency. RAM stops Ram and says everyone scolded your wife and my MOBO yesterday. Shaan is about to go and says I don’t have time to talk all this things. He says who told you this. RAM says you are her husband and should defend her. Shaan says I don’t have time and have an important meeting. RAM

says so you will not agree…I will tell everyone that my mum is a robot. Shaan says cool, tell everyone that your MOBO is a robot. RAM is shocked and says I am not joking. Shaan says even I am not joking and smiles.

RAM hides and thinks Shaan will come running to him and asks him not to tell anything. He looks for Shaan and sees him sitting behind him. Shaan asks what happened Champion, why you are playing hide and seek game now. RAM asks how did you become so brave now? Shaan says I thought I shall not be scared as when everyone will know that Rajni is a robot, then everyone will be shocked. I will act to be shock and tell that I didn’t know. He says they will dismantle her, and then Kant family will send him to boarding school. He asks him not to threaten him again and says this divorce will happen. RAM says but MOBO and Amrish don’t want his divorce.

Shaan tells that this is not possible and tells that everything will be proved in DNA test. He comes to Lab. Rajni also comes there. Shaan asks her to go. Rajni makes him eat curd sugar as he is going for work. Shaan looks at her. Rajni analysis his eyes and says you are lost in me. Shaan says everybody forgot about my interview, and you only know about it being a machine. Rajni says she wants to apply something on him. Shaan thinks she is talking about Tilak. Rajni brings kajal and applies on his face. Shaan is shocked and asks what did you do? Rajni says it was Surili’s command. Shaan asks how can I clean this stain now as it will take much time. Rajni says it is long lasting color and will take 24 hours to go. Shaan gets angry and asks her to go. He thinks how to go to agency with this face.

Money lenders come to take money from Surili and Amrish which they had given them. Surili asks for some time and asks them to understand. They ask her why don’t they understand. They snatch car keys and says we will take car with us now.

Amrish requests them not to take car and says this is our means of earning. They start the car, but car is lifted and stopped. Gyan says car don’t want to leave. Surili sees Rajni holding car and is shocked. Rajni says car will not go anywhere. Man says oh my god, ladies Sunny Deol. Gyan says from where did she get so much strength. Surili says she drank my blood. They check car. RAM thinks he has hidden Rajni’s secret and put the jack. Amrish asks what she is doing? Rajni says it is your wish and I am just fulfilling it. The money lenders tell that they will call Police. Rajni says we will give you money. Amrish asks Surili to tell Rajni not to make false hopes.

Shaan comes to the agency and keeps in dark light. Interviewer asks him why he is sitting far in darkness. Shaan says he is having light fast. They tell him that they need 2 lakh rupees. Shaan says it is kept there on the table. They tell that they want him to talk to their boss and switches on the lights. They are surprised to see black paint on Shaan’s face. Shaan says his wife ruined his face. They think that Shaan is a bad guy and increased their price from 2 to 5 lakhs. Shaan thinks to get DNA test done and make Rajni leave.

Sharmila sings show me the money? Rajni comes there and asks Sharmila to show the money. She asks her to take out black money and return to all the money lenders. Sharmila complains to Surili and says she is mad. Surili says I know. RAM scans the room and looks everywhere. She says money is there. She breaks the pot. RAM says money is not there. Rajni says sorry and says she has to reboot her scan system. She says it is action time and brings all the things which has money. Amrish asks what you are doing? Rajni says this is income tax raid. RAM takes out money which is hidden in the things. Everyone is shocked to see lots of money bundles. Surili asks Sharmila, why she didn’t share the money with them. Dhyan says she didn’t show me the money. He asks from where did this money come from? Sharmila is tensed and thinks that Rajni is jealous of her.

Shaan tells Rajni that he couldn’t get the job because of black ink on his face. RAM comes to Shaan and tells that he came to know who has made Rajni and shows something. Shaan looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Avishi

    Woho another boring episode?

  2. I guess ending this serial is finally making sense..i thought it was an unwise decision at first but the way things r shaping out…it does need to wrap up asap?


    Getting bore with this drama

  4. I think it’s going to be end

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