Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thanks to our visitor, Shraddha Sharma, here’s the update.

The episode starts with rajni entry in western attire and she was looking so preety…. dev ask her what is she doing in these clothes??
She answers him in her innocent voice- she need to save dhayn and bring him back and she has swear of shaan even. ( usse dhyan ko bachana hai aur ghar lana hai and usko kasam hai shaan ki).
Dev look at her in shock and says you will not go unless shaan comes back.. rajni cutely says she will she will….
Dev say no let shaan come, rajni says she had swear of shaan and she gives electric shok to dev and he lies on bed…
Rajni leaves from there and dev says to himself he need to go also…


is driving car when he applies brake and see a lady ( rajni in golden western attire with red wig and big googles)..
He is stund and not recognise rajni…
Rajni goes to near his car and ask can you give me lift to someplace( place was not clear, as may be it was for hide).
Shaan says- yes come in!! I am going that way only..
Rajni sits.
Shaan – looks at rajni and without recognising her says I am Shaan.
Rajni lookes at him innocently…
Shaan – What is your name? ( apne apna naam kya btaya)?
Rajni say- i did not told you!! And ask him are you married??
Shaan in confused state says- Yes No and finally says its complicated..
Rajni says- She is maaried..
Shaan faces in state of shock and ask what your husband do?
Rajni says- He is scientist and make robots!
Shaan say- even I am a scientist.
Rajni says – I know, and removes her goggles…
Shaan say rajni?????????
Rajni says – i am going to save dhyan.. but you men even after marriage flirts with other females….
Shaan say- i recognized you, i was just…. he was about to say but rajni says just flirting with me….

Dev comes running and shouting shaan and rajni names….

Now all three are in car and dev says you both are so mean…
Rajni says- shaan flirts always…
Shaan say to dev- i will kill you dev!! What classes you are giving her….
Dev says- i will not speeak with you both….
Just than rajni scans Sunil/ charlie without chapleen and shaan take his car beind sunil car…

They reach some place looks like baadi of maharastra…
They start following Sunil/ charlie without chaplean but misses him due to lot of people…
Shaan and dev ask rajni to run in high speed ( for rajni its slow speed)..
Speed like hindi films run in slow speed and shouts slowly charlie without chaplean we are coming!!

Shaan says its fast rajni fast and she runs in her super speed and behind comes shaan and dev fully tired and rajni says due to both of you in slow speed we missed charlie…
Shaan say- we are not robo like you… and commands her to scan area and find him…
Rajni scans and find him and says he is in that house….

Dev ask shaan to call police…. and shaan says that rajni he should not run away….
Rajni says command accepted….

They all watch sunil and his team moving their ghings from that place… rajni says they will leave – i will stop them and runs inside….

She strikes with sunil and says- plz help me i am poor and i donot have money even to feed my mother food or poision..
Sunil- you do not look poor…
Rajni- she is bar dancer and her bar is closed and she do not have money to feed.. plz give me some work..
Sunil men- what do you want work or poison??
Rajni – cutely says- i do not take poison in free even!!
Sunil men- we do not have time we need to leave..
Rajni doing her melo drama looks at sunil..
Sunil says – i have work of dancer? But need to see your dance?
Rajni says I will show dance..
And she dances on yeh mera dil yaar ka diwana… and she was looking awsome????? … and she comes close to sunil and dances with him..

Dev and shaan watching her from window..
Shaan- how is she acting like a melo drama queen and beats dev?
Dev say- you only asked her to stop him..
Shaan feels wreied as his wife dancing in front of all these people… i think it was insecurity…
Dev and shaan are looking in shock and after not able to bear shaan enters inside and stop them…
And screen freezes with all three rajni, shaan and sunil/charlie without chaplean…

Precap- Amrish ask Dhayn not enter in the house.. Shaan and dhyan looks in shock and rajni is shown with her cute and innocent face…

Update Credit to: Shraddha Sharma

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  1. Thanks shraddha??

    1. Shraddha Sharma


      1. thanks shraddha for nice update ….with emo expression ….

      2. Shraddha Sharma


  2. Just love this show n its cast. All r brilliant

  3. Totally my kinda show. It rocks.

    1. Love u rajni..i like dis show a lot

  4. this show is really a good entertainer
    while watching it,it appears that life is too simple…no tension no hurdle and no struggle
    its concept is also is unique….other comedy serials criticize people on different topics.. but it doesnt at all…it shows many promising aspects….to respect eunuch…whereas other comedy shows take it as their topic of comedy…..
    this is those kind of shows that doesnt run after trp bit achieves it…it is one of the best shows??????

    1. Very true it seems it shows a more human side which we miss.

  5. Thanks yaar Shraddha for the update love Bahu hamari rajni Kant a lot really a stress buster never fails to make me go LOL

    1. Shraddha Sharma


      1. No problem shraddha 🙂

  6. Hi guys iam new here…can I join here?…recently started to watching this show …its really amazing show ..can’t believe this ..different plots..rajni…i really love her..she is rockzzz the show..

  7. Thanks shradda a lot. But after watching repeat telecast I saw that there were many dialogues of shaan and rajni which were missing. But yet it was superb. I love this show.

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Actually jitna mujge yaad raha i updated ….

      1. Shraddha Sharma

        But agr kuch mistake ho gyi ho to i am sorrry…

  8. Shraddha Sharma

    Today’s episode . If any mistake and if any point I missed, I am sorry as there was power cut during telecast…

    Episode starts, police comes and arrest sunil/ charlie without chaplean..

    At home amrsih scolds sharmila for talking to rajni like this.
    Amrish- she also have heart and she also feels bad. But she do not say..
    Sharmila- but due to her my cupcake is behind bar.
    Amrish- she saved him and he is behind bars due to his mistakes. He is vry angry.???
    Surili- if dhyan is at fault rajni is also at fault…

    Police- you did great job.
    Dhayn- Thank you inspector!!
    Inspector- say thank you to your bhabhi.. and you will get 10% of robbery amount as announced by bank.
    Dhyan say- give me money..
    Police says next month..
    Dhayn- Thank you Bhabhi!!
    Rajni – I am made to help you..
    Everyone in confused looked????
    Shaan- God has made everyone to help eaxh other..
    Rajni- You are my god shaan??? with innocence..
    Police leaves..
    Dev – what i do with dress..
    Shaan-you wear…

    Everyone moves home and amrish ask to go back… rajni leaves cutely and stand on door with dhayn and shaan…

    Rajni- Sharmila bhabhi will do aarti for dhyan..
    Surili- Ohh Yes!! Go get Aarti plate for welcoming him.
    Amrish- No! NO! AARTI is done of coming home not of going out of home..
    Everyone looked in state of shock….????? and rajni looks innocently..????
    Surili- Amrish what are you saying?
    Amrish- I am sending him out as he want to leave a seperate life and thats final..
    Amrish is very upset..??????
    Shaan- ask dhyan to say sorry!!
    Dhayn- sorry…
    Amrish- leave the house in anger?????
    Surili- Amrish what are you saying??
    Amrish- Listen what he did he want to leave with his muffin in seperate house, so he played at casino with office money..
    Maggie what??!!!??????
    Gyan- bauji i will give you back plz forgive him!!
    Amrish- its not about money, its about values, in which I and surili are failed…
    If you asked me once, i would have given you…
    Surili- you are only blaming him, rajni also knew, she is also at fault.. she must have told us..
    Rajni innocently says- I cannot.. as dhyan asked promise from me..
    Everyone looks and shaan ask and she nods cutely…..
    Amrish- yes! He asked promise from her, thats why she went in jail and he after knowing that its a robbery case he kept his mouth shut and when police found evidence, he went to give his statement.. he further adds now leave, there is no place for you.. take your luagge, muffin and everything and your vanwas starts…
    Rajni- What is vaanwas shaan??
    Shaan- scan ramayan
    She does
    Shaan- ram ji left with his wife thats vaanwas..
    Rajni scans raam ka vanwas.. and says OK

    Dhayn and sharmila are leaving..
    Sharmila- we will leave in our 4bhk falt..???
    Dhyan- no, we can’t as police took robbery money.
    Sharmila- what?????? you must have backup plan..
    Dhayn- No.. you must stay here…
    Sharmila- I cannot walk on roads.. its better to leave at this house only..

    Shaan- Rajni Do something, this house is breaking….
    Rajni scans house and cutely says no.. plaster and pillers are so perfect…
    Shaan- come to adrash bahu mode and stop going dhyan, and find some solution.. So that papa forgive dhayan…
    Rajni- If adrash bahu do not unite family than adrash bahu fails!!
    Shaan look at her in confused state…?????
    Rajni- You cannot do anything, I will do something..and her computer sound is made…
    And screen freez…

    Precap- Dhyan is leaving..
    Shaan- I want to say something..
    All- What??
    Shaan- I… I…
    Rajni Comes with lagguage…
    Rajni- Me and Shaan also leaving for vaanwas… so cutely she was saying.. she further says- Today, with Lakshman; Ram and Sita will go to vaanwas..
    Everyone expression??????

    Msg from Team: Thank you.

  9. Shraddha Sharma

    Thank you to the team of tellyupdates that i am able to write the episode for everyone…

  10. Shradha u ar updating all that very gd but why telly update team ar not doing that early

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      I don’t know…

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