Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan asking Shaguta, if she is okay? He asks why you are eating too much. Amrish says yesterday’s food was salty and spicy, and that’s why she might be eating much. Surili says she must be stressed and asks about the factory. Shaguta says she will handle the factory and asks her not to worry. Maggie calls her bhukkad wife and asks if there is any problem in the factory. Shaguta says no, and says there is no problem in the factory and very soon you will hear workers praising me. Just then they hear workers say haye haye Shaguta Kant. Shaan asks if my ears are making sound…Shaguta is tensed too and says you are mistaken. She says they might be my fans….Workers shout Shaguta Kant. Amrish goes out and sees workers on strike. He comes to Surili and tells that

factory workers came here. Surili is tensed. Shaan and Dev comes out. Workers say the slogans against Surili.

Rajni is in veil and says Shaguta haye haye. Surili asks what is happening? She asks the workers and asks what is the problem. Shaguta says I will tell you and says everyone are slacker. Amrish says you worked for 1 day and did this jalwa. Your mum never did let this happen. Shaguta says this veiled woman provoked everyone, when I fired everyone. Rajni says Namaste Surili behen. Surili says I have never seen you. Rajni says she is working on Sushila’s behalf and tells that she has a fracture. Surili asks how is she now? Maggie asks her to show her face. Rajni says she came to get their rights, and not to show her face. She tells the slogans. Dev asks when did you feed gujrati program in her. Shaan says you do this type of mistakes. Rajni requests Surili to hire all the workers back and asks Shaguta to apologize to workers, and says we are ready to forget everything.

Surili turns to Shaguta. Shaguta says no, never…I will never apologize. Surili says my daughter will not apologize, and says it was your mistake. She asks them to apologize to her and come back to work. Rajni says Shaguta should apologize to them. Surili says no, and says why you are wasting time here and asks them to apologize. Maggie and Shaguta ask her to apologize. Shaguta says no, and asks Surili to let inefficient workers go. She says we will hire efficient workers. Surili says it seems we have to do this and says she will count till three. She asks them to decide. Workers decide to support Rajni.

Surili thinks they couldn’t stay till she counts till three. She says okay. Rajni says Surili Kant haven’t listened to our demands. She says now we will go on a hunger strike. Shaan thinks Rajni will not die, but others will die. He asks Surili to accept their demands. Surili says no, they have hurt me for this girl, and says she don’t care about them. She asks them to continue.

Rajni and others tell the slogans. Shaguta and others plan to expose veiled woman and says they will bribe her and show to others. Dhyan and Gyan think that they have taken decisions alone. Shaan calls Rajni and asks her to come. Rajni says no and tells that she don’t think it is right to leave from here. Shaguta tells that they got the money, but she will not go to offer money to Rangeeli. Surili says she can’t go and asks Maggie to go. Maggie asks Gyan to go. Amrish asks Gyan and Dhyan to go. Gyan says it is not right for men to go and talk to women. Surili says she has solution and makes Gyan and Dhyan wear burqa.

Shaan tells Dev that he has an idea and they will go to talk to Rajni. They come to talk to Rajni and get beaten by the women. Gyan and Dhyan cover themselves with burqa. Shaan also wears burqa and thinks to meet Rajni in this avatar. He comes indisguise of a woman and says she (he) is a reporter. The workers believe them. Dhyan and Gyan also comes and try to bribe Rajni. Rajni tells workers that this man is trying to bribe them. Workers lift burqa veil and beat Gyan, Shaan and Dhyan. Surili records it and is shocked. Rajni’s veil is lifted because of air, and everyone sees her face. Shaan thinks he is dead now. Gyan says Rajni…you. Rajni says yes.

Shaguta tells everyone that Rajni went to factory with a motive to take revenge from them. Surili gets angry and is about to slap her. Rajni looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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