Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni telling Dev that she got solution for the problem as told by him. Shaan says she has no feelings and she follows the orders. Dev says she has ruined my life and got me married to your sister. Shaan asks him to leave, and gets angry on him. Dev says all Kants are mad and goes. Rajni tells Shaan that her battery is just 10 percent left. Shaan asks why didn’t you charge it. Rajni says she was busy hacking the website. Shaan asks her to go and charge herself. He says he will go and talk to Mathew. Rajni says he has done bad and insulted everyone. Shaan says human react that way when gets slapped. He goes to talk to Mathew. Rajni thinks she shall welcome Shaguta as she is her bhabhi now, but first she has to charge her battery. Shaguta cries hugging Surili. Surili

says I will see how Dev will come here, no Dev..Dev Dev..Maggie says you are taking his name repeatedly.

Shaguta cries and wipes her tears. Shaan comes to Mathew’s house and apologize to him. He says Shaguta and Dev aren’t married and there is some misunderstanding. He apologizes again. Mathew says there is nothing in my heart now. Shaan thanks him and sits on sofa. Shaan says you are genuinely good, I want to become like you. Mathew puts his feet on the table and says he has nothing for Shaguta now. He says he knows his secret now, and says you want to get human married to robot and do research. Shaan asks how can it be possible? Mathew thinks he knows about his secret. Shaan gets tensed and thinks he is speaking about Rajni and his marriage. Rajni comes and greets Shaguta as dev’s wife. Neighbors come there and greets Surili. Rajni says she called them to celebrate the happiness. Rajni calls bhabhi to Shaguta….Shaguta says I am not your bhabhi…Rajni says relationship update…you are my bhabhi. Surili tells neighbors that there is some problem in registrar’s record and Shaguta is married in their records. Neighbors says if she is married in records then it means she is married. Surili and Shaguta are shocked.

Shaan asks how did you know? Mathew says because I am not a fool. Door bell rings…..Mathew says your creation is here. Shaan thinks if Mathew knows about Rajni. He opens the door and asks Dev to come. He says your male robot is here. Shaan is shocked. Shaguta tells Surili what will happen now? Rajni says suhaagraat will happen, and says she will keep papad under her bed like a naughty nanand. Shaguta cries and faints. Rajni says she fainted due to shyness. Surili tells Rajni that she can’t let her live peacefully and will make her life hell. She asks her to go to her room. Rajni thinks her battery is very low, but insists to sit with Shaguta. Surili asks Rajni to sit in room and says I don’t want to see your face, think like you have become Mr. India for me. Rajni says she will become Ms. India. Neighbors leave to give news to others. Shaan asks Mathew if he was talking about him. He thanks God. Mathew says clients will come and asks Dev to give presentation. Shaan asks Dev to run, but they are stopped by the bouncers. Mathew laughs and says no escape, you both are trapped. Dev gets tensed. Rajni sees Surili’s ring in her room and thinks it is given by Nana ji. She thinks to give it back to Surili. Just then she thinks her battery is just about to drain and takes the wire in her hand, but couldn’t move her hands to charge her system. She falls on bed. Aishwarya sees Rajni falling on bed and thinks she was electrocuted, and shouts that Rajni is dead.

Doctor checks Rajni. Sharmila asks what happened to her? Doctor says Rajni is dead. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Amazing episode shaan knows mathew think dev is robot …waiting for next episode

  2. Next epishod is maha epishod and rajni death

  3. will anybody tell when is the next episode is it monday or saturday (today) and what is the time

  4. Amazing episode can’t wait to c d next episode

  5. Where is todays update?


    Update today’s episode fast….

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