Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan indisguise of a sardar sits on the road. Mathew comes in his car and asks Sardar to move from the place. Shaan sees his face and says Muku…Makrand. He says I am your uncle, you used to do potty on my lap. He slaps him again and again. Mathew says I can’t remember you. Shaan says I have your pic and checks in phone. Mathew says your eyes are familiar. Shaan asks him to look his mum’s eyes in him. Mathew says mom. Samaira talks to her friend. Her friend asks her to stay back for reunion. Samaira says she has to go. Her friend insists. She takes her phone and Samaira’s diary with Shaan pic fall down. Samaira thinks Shaan may come, what is wrong in meeting once. Driver says car is repaired. Shaan says what have you done? Mathew says great, and asks him to

move his car. He says I am in a haldi.

Shaan corrects him and says hurry sir. He then starts doing bhangra and asks him to go. Just then he feigns to get an attack. Mathew and his scientist come to Shaan. Shaan says he is a diabetic patient and his sugar dropped suddenly. He asks them to bring something sweet. Mathew says we don’t have any sweets. Shaan asks them to go and bring. Mathew says okay, I will bring and goes. Shaan says Rajni…Shaan is here and takes out suitcase from Mathew’s car and keeps in his car. He then keeps other suitcase in Mathew’s car. Mathew brings chocolate and asks Shaan why is he standing? Shaan shows the model’s pic and says his sugar came back to normal seeing them. Mathew asks how is this possible? Shaan says heart should be sweet and asks Mathew to go. Mathew leaves.

Samaira tells the receptionist that she is checking out and asks to give bill and flight print out. She sits in the waiting area. Shaan comes holding his suitcase and tells waiter that he is checking out. He asks for the bill. He talks to suitcase and says he will assemble her after reaching Mumbai. He says I am missing you Rajni. Receptionist gives bill and feedback call to Samaira. Samaira jokes that she can write good about their hotel if she gives 50 percent discount, and laughs. Shaan thinks she has laughed like Samaira and tries to see her face. Just then Waiter comes and gives bill to Shaan. Other waiter takes Shaan’s suitcase rather than Samaira’s suitcase. Shaan walks out with wrong suitcase.

Mathew tells his investment team that he wants to show a glimpse of his big investment. He asks Satyan to assemble the robot. Satyan opens the suitcase. Mathew says I have spent a lot of money on this Robot. Satyan says there is a problem. Mathew sees vegetables etc in the suitcase. Mr. patel asks what is this? Mathew says there is something wrong. Investment team says we have to take action against you and call Police. Mathew says Shaan has double crossed me, I will not leave him.

Gyan and Dhyan are dancing. Surili asks why you people are dancing and making noise. Amrish says we are Punjabis and don’t scare like Bengalis. He says we are making arrangements for celebrating Shaan and Rajni’s return. Surili says happiness doesn’t last longer. Maggie comes and informs Surili that Aishwarya messaged that she will not come for 2 days. Surili starts dancing and says she is happy that Rajni will come and do the work. Amrish says Rajni will be happy to work. Shaan returns home and asks if everything is okay. Amrish asks where is Rajni? And asks Dev to bring stuff and Rajni.

Shaan says Rajni went to her step mum’s house as she was missing her. Amrish doubts on him. Shaan says when I had expressed my feelings to you, she thought she should also express her feelings to her step mum. Surili asks Shaan to call Rajni back and says she can go after 2 days. Shaan says I will bring her once she is assembled. Dev asks where is Rajni? Shaan shows the suitcase and asks him to take suitcase and puts on all the adapters. Dev asks where is Rajni? Maggie asks if there are gifts for us in this suitcase. Shaan says no, and says it is his clothes. Dhyan says I have brought it. Amrish asks them to wait patiently, let him freshen up and take a breathe. Dev asks I know my friend has brought something for me. Shaguta says Mr. Bangadu. Surili says I am sure that my gift is inside. Shaan says I will send your gift to room. Shaan tells Dev that Rajni is inside. They are shocked as Surili opens the suitcase. They see woman’s stuff. Shaguta says these are not Rajni’s clothes and asks Shaan. Shaan checks the clothes and thinks where is Rajni? Sharmila says this is someone else’s bag. Shaan sits in shock and wonders where is Rajni.

Rajni comes out of Shaan’s original suitcase and introduces herself with her number while being in Samaira’s room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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