Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gyan crying and says he is hungry. Samaira says she will bring hot parathas. Amrish says well done. Shaan is irked with Amrish and says you are not allowing me to do anything. Rajni pulls Surili’s cheeks and says lets go to mall and take advantage of sale. Surili says I don’t buy in malls and we are not friends. Rajni asks her to decide if she is her friend or not, else she will unfollow her command. Surili thinks if she is dumb or acting. She tells Rajni…my friend, you have to make Shaan understand what you are. Rajni asks what I am? Surili whispers something in her ears. Rajni says I will ruin Shaan’s bachelorhood. Dev tells Shaan that Samaira might need help and asks him to go. Shaan goes to kitchen and admires her. He thinks potato is lucky and hopes he

was in its place. He comes near her and blows on her hairs. Dev brings flour plate and it gets falls on her face.

Samaira gets angry. Shaan removes her apron and gets angry on Dev. Dev says humans only do mistake naa…Shaan says you are inauspicious and puts his head on flour. He calls manager and asks him to make musical arrangements. He is informed that they don’t have any musical instrument. Shaan asks him to light a candle and says he is coming there with his jaaneman. He thinks to pull her heart string. He sees someone coming and thinks she is my Samaira, I will identify her soft legs. He stands up and slaps him for teasing her. She says they are going to beach for party. Shaan says if anyone see you in this dress then he will tease you. Rajni says she has a feature to beat them. She gives him electric shock. Surili comes with her bahus and says they are going. Amrish comes and asks Shaan to come as they are going out. Shaan says I am not going with you. Gyan comes and asks Surili to give darshan. Surili says someone please take him to her mum, and says lets come to the point and asks them to clean the mess in bar. They give broom, bucket etc to the guys. Surili says lets party.

Shaan thinks what to do to spend time with Samaira and tell other men that their wives are going to beach. He says your wife is hot too to Dhyan. Amrish, Dhyan, Gyan and Shaan ask their respective wives to stop. Surili and her gang ask the guys what happened? Amrish says we will decide what to do when. Surili says I don’t agree. Amrish proposes competition between them. All the girls gang agree. Shaan thinks I want to go out with Samaira and romance and at the other side, I have to update robot all life. He calls Samaira and asks her to reach there. He thinks he has to win and drink coffee with her. Surili thinks I won’t let you win. Amrish asks his gang to think. Dhyan says I will think. Sharmila tells Surili that they have to win and then only we will win. Rajni asks her not to worry and says our Su….and says sorry. Surili says its okay. Rajni says my golu…molu Surili have any idea. Surili says you are more clever than me. They go out. Amrish says we have thought enough and came to conclusion that you think. He says you shall not think that we have cheated. Rajni says we will do arm lifting/panja. Guys are happy. Surili asks are you mad? Sharmila says we shall do nakras. Amrish says we will do arm lifting. Surili asks what do you think about girls.

Surili accepts the challenge. Sharmila says we will lose. Surili says we will not and says they thought us weak. Sharmila says we are strong. Amrish says everything is fair in love and war. He asks Surili if she is scared. They dance and says they will lose. Surili asks Rajni to win the competition, else Shaan will go with Samaira for having coffee. Rajni asks her not to worry and says I have accepted command to win. Sharmila and Maggie cheer for Rajni. Surili announces that Rajni Kant are coming from their side. She asks who is coming from your side? She asks Dhyan, will you fight with Rajni? She has saved you from Charlie. Gyan sneezes and slips. Rajni holds his hand. Surili emotionally blackmails him and says she has saved your mum from fire. Gyan says no and back off. Surili asks Amrish, not to tell that he will fight with her, and says she does your puja and you will fight with her. Amrish says you are not doing right by emotionally blackmailing us. Surili says everything is fair in love and war. Amrish sees Shaan coming and declares that Shaan will fight with Rajni. Shaan is shocked and asks what? All the guys cheer for him. Rajni shows him thumps up.

Shaan and Rajni are doing panja/arm lifting. Shaan is losing. Amrish holds his hand and helps him. Surili says this is unfair. Amrish says everything is fair in love and war.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Very nice serial i love to watch dis seriel pls dont go off air dis is my faviurite erial
    Tidays episode was also gud
    Love shan ragini samaira everyone
    Waiting to see wat is the reaction when family will know tat ragini is a robot
    Excited to know tat


    Ha ha ha ha ha ha…. ????????????????????????
    Haste haste thak gyi …..
    And rajinj was looking soo preety in this red dress????
    And surili’s blackmailing rocked the fight…

  3. so funny episode surili stop shaan to go coffee with samaira rajni looking gogeous in red dress

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