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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmila asking the man to lets go. Rajni comes out and sees Sharmila going in a car. She calls her and says your gift…She says I have to give her gift. Dhyan comes out and tracks Sharmila’s phone. Man takes Sharmila for the photo shoot and introduces her to some foreign guy. Sharmila poses for pics in the christmas dress. Foreigner asks if she will agree to wear western short dress. Man says she will as she is in need of money, else we will give her drugs and make her do whatever we ask her. Rajni comes there and hears them talking bad. She senses Sharmila in danger. The guys are shocked seeing her. Foreigner tells that the girl is someone else. Man asks who are you and asks about her model number. Rajni tells her model number. Man says we have more

tablets and asks her to raise her hand. Rajni beats him. He hits her and she gets system error. She starts dancing with foreigner. Sharmila comes there and sees Rajni. Dhyan asks Sharmila what is happening and tells that he kept husband tracker on her phone. Sharmila says she kept Rajni trapper on her phone. Dhyan asks Rajni to end her drama. Rajni comes back to normal and tells that she don’t have the feature to lie. Dhyan takes Sharmila and Rajni home. Shaan thinks Surili is behaving strangely due to DNA test. He thinks they will question him once they come to know that RAM is not his son. He thinks to stop Surili, and then thinks there will be no problem with DNA test.

Amrish asks Sharmila why they have called them here in night. Sharmila asks everyone to see Rajni’s face. She says Rajni is innocent looking and was accusing my character. She tells that she went following Rajni and saw her with a stranger. Amrish is shocked. Sharmila says a devil is hidden behind her innocent face, she was romancing with stranger. Amrish asks her not to accuse her. Sharmila says i know you will never believe me and asks him to confirm with Dhyan. Dhyan says what shall I say now, she is our respect till the divorce happens. Surili says it is proved now and she shall leave. Amrish asks Rajni to tell what they were saying? Rajni says they are talking hindi. Surili asks what you was doing? Rajni says as per Sharmila bhabhi….I was romancing…etc. She says I will show you seeing Shaan. He pulls him closer. Everyone is surprised. She removes Shaan’s shirt and dances with him. Everyone is embarassed. Rajni dances sensually. Amrish asks her to stop it. He says you shall not dance with strangers, and says you are married. Gyan says you will be divorce soon. Amrish asks why did you do this?

Rajni says I am spoiled (she wants to say malfunctioned). Shaan thinks she will make him embarassed. Rajni says she is malfunctioning since 5 years as Shaan didn’t concentrate on her since 5 years. She is losing control on herself. Shaan thinks she is talking about technical issues. Surili says she is shameless girl. Rajni says my talk is not completed yet. Amrish gets teary eyes and asks her to stop it. Surili says your backward countdown starts. Rajni says from 100 or 10. Surili says you have tried to spoil Sharmila’s image, and have blacken Shaan’s face. Rajni says I haven’t done this till now and tells that she will do it now. Surili asks her to do and leaves. Dhyan and Gyan ask him to handle Rajni. Shaan thinks Rajni can’t be characterless even if she wants. He tells them that he has no problem if Rajni goes out with someone, and she is nothing to me. He says he has some important meeting tomorrow which can change their luck. Sharmila says bang bang and gets happy for her victory. Rajni thinks to prove her innocence and tells that she has to prove that Sharmila was not following me, but I was following her.

Amrish asks someone please give me lemon water. Rajni brings lemon and water separately. Surili says your bahu is innocent and asks her to squeeze lemon in water. Amrish refuses to have anything made by her. Surili tells Rajni that even Amrish turned his face and asks her to take RAM and leave. Rajni thinks she can’t accept her command and she has to unite everyone. She says I can fulfill your other command. The man Karan calls Sharmila and tells her that foreigner John liked her and asks her to come to shoot on time. Sharmila asks for advance. Karan agrees and says it is a big break of international magazine. Sharmila agrees. Rajni hears her. Karan thinks a new fish is trapped in the net, she was unaware what kind of photo shoot, she will shot tomorrow.

Rajni asks Sharmila to show black money and pays all the money lenders. Sharmila says she don’t have any money. Rajni takes out all hidden money. Dhyan asks Sharmila what is all this? Sharmila is shocked. Everyone is shocked to see money bundles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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