Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaguta asking Rajni in ghunghat if she is Sushila’s replacement. She looks at her saree and asks if today is holi. Why did you wear ghunghat? Rajni says just because her saas told her. Shaguta says she gets such saas then she will not let her take breath etc. Surili feels someone is badmouthing about her and gets tensed. Dev and Shaan come to the factory. Shaguta says she will take her interview. She asks what is the difference between cotton and silk knot. Rajni says both works in same way. Shaan tells Dev to do something. Shaguta asks her to show her face. Rajni stops her and says I will identify you. Shaan asks Dev to do this for his sister Rajni. Dev says no, but agrees. Shaan pushes her. Dev says Shaguta…you are here. Shaguta asks what you are doing here.

Dev says I have some important work with you and takes her holding her hand. Rajni lifts her ghunghat and smiles. Shaguta says WTH…..Dev thinks what to say? He says wow…you are looking beautiful today. Shaguta gets flattered and asks him to praise her beauty. Dev asks her not to ask. Shaguta asks him to say. Dev thinks Shaan should take Rajni soon. Shaan asks Rajni to talk to him in normally. Shaguta brings samosa. Dev gets happy and says when I saw you in my childhood, I had fallen.

Shaguta asks in love….Dev says no in mud. He says I stepped into banana which you had thrown and I fell down. Shaan asks Rajni to come and says it is our company and you are also an owner. Rajni tells him that she has promised Sushila that she will work for 15 days. Shaan asks are you sure that you can work hiding your face. Rajni says she can manage and says she won’t do anything wrong. Shaan says if mom comes to know that she might think that you have changed. Shaguta beats Dev and asks how dare he to come. Shaan thinks Dev is habitual to beating. Shaan rescues him and asks Shaguta to calm down. They leave. Worker asks who was that man? Rajni says he was her husband? Shaguta is shocked. Rajni says he was Mr. Bangdu and she is Mrs. Bangdu. Shaguta asks her to shut up and asks her to go back to work. Other worker asks can I go for my grand daughter’s marriage. Shaguta rejects her plea and asks her to go back to work. Worker cries and says I can’t see my grand daughter’s wedding. Rajni says you can see her wedding even now and asks her not to take tension.

Amrish calls Ashram and says he is unlucky Amrish. He says can I come there to stay. He asks can I have tea and food. Surili asks him to shut up. Maggie and Sharmila come, and says food is ready. Amrish asks if she cooked bhindi. Maggie asks how did you know. They see bhindi/ ladies finger on her face. Surili says it smells good and tastes it. She swallows it with much difficulty and says it is salty. Amrish asks why didn’t you ask Aishwarya to cook food. Aishwarya says she is busy. Gyan and Dhyan come back and tell that people were laughing at them on road. They tell that their clothes are burnt by iron and blames Aishwarya. Aishwarya threatens to leave job. Surili stops her and gives money to Aishwarya saying it is Diwali bonus. Shaan comes back and says you are giving money to her. Amrish says Rajni used to do all work without any argument happily. Surili says she is not here and that’s why there is so much peace, no goons and no bullets here. Shaan informs her that Rajni got a job. Surili is surprised and let others suffer too with her innocence.

Shaguta plans to buy car once she completes the order. She hears shehnai sound and then mantras. She thinks it is coming from outside. She comes out and sees marriage happening in the factory. Pandit ji tells that pheras are completed. Rajni says lets dance, as the marriage is completed. Shaguta asks what nonsense is this? She asks them to stop it. Everyone dance happily. Shaguta tries to stop them and shouts…Everyone stops. She asks what is all this? Rajni says mausi wanted to see her grand daughter’s marriage and that’s why I got her marriage done here. Shaguta asks are you nuts? Rajni says I am rangeeli. Shaguta gets angry and says you all are fired. Workers apologize to her. Shaguta refuses and goes. Rajni apologizes to them. Worker says you didn’t do any mistake and says they get salary after cut, without bonus. They think how they will find a job soon. Rajni suggests them to go on a strike. Workers asks her to become union leader and fight on their behalf. Rajni smiles.

Workers spots Shaan, Dhyan and Gyan in burqa and beat them. They see Rajni. Surili comes out and sees Rajni with workers. She is irked. Rajni smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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