Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan saying they are getting late to go to court. They reach court. Mathew tells Shaan that his left eye is blinking and says he is worried. Shaan says nothing will happen and asks him not to believe in superstition, and says wrong thing have happened to you already. Rajni says I am wrong work for you. Marriage Registrar sees Shaguta’s name in his computer and asks them to confirm the name. Surili tells her name. Registrar asks if this is your second marriage? Everyone is shocked. Shaguta says I am Shaguta Amrish Kant….Registrar asks if this is your second marriage. Shaguta is shocked and asks what nonsense? Registrar shows the record and says your name comes in married people list. Shaguta says how is this possible. Registrar shows the list. Shaguta reads

Shaguta Amrish Kant married to Devendra Bangru…Dev points his finger and silently says it is him. Dev points down his finger. Shaguta asks who is this Devendra Bangru. Shaan asks Dev, if he is Devendra. Everyone looks at Dev. Shaguta says your marriage have happened with me and your surname is Bangaru…Oh God. Surili asks when did this happen? Who has done this. Rajni says I have done this. She congratulates Dev and says your wish has been fulfilled. Dev asks them to hear him. Rajni says we will celebrate as Shaguta haven’t married Mathew. Shaguta is shocked and says your surname is Bangru. Rajni says this means you don’t have any problem if his surname is Tata or Ambani.

Amrish says from where did their name come in the registrar’s computer. Surili says just now Rajni has confessed that she did this. Shaan asks Dev this is not a joke. Dev says I didn’t do anything and cries. Gyan says you have betrayed us. Dev says I am innocent. Amrish scolds him. Shaguta says I will kill you both for this and fumes. Mathew gets up angrily and says excuse me. What the hell is going on…If I am getting married or not? Shaan says yes. Rajni says no, as shaguta is already married to Mr. Bangru. Shaguta tells Mathew that she has not married Dev. Mathew recalls meeting astrologer once. Mathew thinks Shaguta have betrayed him and says shut up. He says I came here to get married and not to make joke of myself. Shaguta asks him to come down. Mathew says it is your joint doings. Shaguta asks are you nuts? Mathew says I am not nuts but you are nuts. He says I have been bearing your mad family just to marry you. He says your family is mad.. He says your dad has business worth crores, but have no decency and looks like a truck driver.

Mathew says your mum behaves as if she came from heaven and is an angel. She does ramp walk even at home, style and class, my foot and calls her big fat lady. Surili is shocked. Mathew says you are mad to refer dad to a crow. Shaguta asks him to stop it. Mathew says Gyan is mad and keeps his eyes closed until he sees his mum, don’t know how Kuhu is born? He says Dhyan has betrayed his own family and looted money. He says you all are blo*dy cheaters. Shaguta asks how dare you and slaps him hard. She says if you tell anything against my family then I will slap you again. Mathew says you have slapped me? Shaguta says yes and says you have insulted my family. Mathew says you all are mad. Shaan tries to stop Shaguta. Shaguta slaps him again. Mathew says enough and says I will not bear anymore. Amrish tells Mathew that they haven’t done cheating and is clueless. Mathew says don’t act to be innocent. He says I will take revenge for this insult. Gyan says misunderstanding will be cleared. Mathew calls him fat.

Sharmila, Maggie and Dhyan ask him to mind his language. Mathew says you all are mad and says I had enough…I will not marry you. Surili is shocked and tells Mathew that they are silent after getting insulted by him, just because Shaguta loves him. Mathew says it is all over and tells Shaguta that he will never forget the slaps. Shaan tries to speak. Mathew goes. Surili consoles Shaguta. Amrish tells Surili that Mathew has no class and don’t respect us. Rajni says it was good that Mathew left from here else he would have ruined your life. She says it seems you all are angry and I should be angry too, but I don’t have this feature. Shaan asks her to make sad face.

Shaan looks at Dev. He asks Dev, why did he keep eye on his sister. Rajni says Dev is your brother in law. Shaan says you have ruined my sister’s life. Dev says Rajni have done everything. Rajni says yes, and says she had hacked Marriage registrar records. a fb is shown, Rajni tells Dev that she has feed information of the office in her system. Dev asks Rajni to make Mathew’s marriage record. Rajni says she has thought something else. Dev gets a call. Rajni checks Mathew’s name in Municipal system, and says his data is not in india as he is a NRI. She says I can’t change his marital status. Dev is still on call. Rajni tells dev that there is one problem. Dev is talking on phone about his marriage. Rajni says if I change Shaguta’s marital status then they can’t marry. She asks Dev, what to write in Shaguta’s husband name. Dev is talking on phone and asks him to write Devendra Bangru. Rajni asks are you sure? Dev asks someone to write his name. Rajni says I am so proud of me, saved Shaguta life. Fb ends. Rajni asks Shaan if she has done right. Shaan looks on.

Surili asks Rajni to stay in room and says she don’t want to see her face. Aishwarya sees Rajni getting electric current and falling down on the bed, shouts that
Rajni is dead.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Very funny episode specially when mathew insult shaguta’s family it was very funny

  2. OMA!! what is this? I don’t like dev.Don’t know what’ll happen!!

  3. This serial is better than many other Hindu serials. I just love it. Best comedy ever

  4. Yes deeps best comedy ??

  5. I have seen the latest add… Rajni’s funeral is going on. Dhyan and Gyan are holding Shaan tightly who is behaving like mad and shouting that Rajni is not dead, it’s only low battery. Surili is saying Shaan has gone mad due to her wife’s death. some people are taking Rajni to burn her body. OMG

  6. manabendradas

    San much khatam ho gaya rajni dead hogaia to serial khtam kordo

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