Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gyan telling Surili that he didn’t understand. Rajni says I kept microphones everywhere here, your wives heard everything. She asks everyone to look at their faces and comments on them. Amrish asks her to end her commentary. Sharmila declares her single for 3 days. Surili says Mrs. Malhotra is in your friend list…Amrish. She says I am deleting you from all my lists. Gyan asks Dhyan not to be happy and asks him to act to be sad. Dhyan asks Sharmila not to leave him and says he can’t live without her. Sharmila says I don’t talk to strangers. Dhyan asks are you sure? Rajni says we will proof that we can do better than men. Shaan drinks and says I know exactly what you can do, you can’t do anything. Surili asks what is not in her. She says she is smart, and have

all the qualities. Shaan says human. Surili says if she is not human and says she behaves better than you. She tells Gyan that they will tell Maggie everything and grants him bachelorhood on her behalf. They leave.

Shaan says Azaadi….all the men are happy and dances. Shaan says I am going to sleep now. Dhyan asks him to stay as this revolution is because of him. They party all night and sleep. In the morning, Shaan wakes up with heavy head…and promises that he will quit wine today. He asks Amrish to move. Shaan thinks to celebrate bachelor day with Samaira and goes, while Amrish, Dhyan and Gyan are still sleeping. Shaan says someone please give coffee. He sees Samaira coming and acts to do yoga in a different day. Samaira says you are drunk. Shaan says nobody. Samaira sees all men drunk. Shaan says we are celebrating bachelorhood. Samaira says it was a good joke. Shaan says we are free from our wives now. Samaira says you are stinking. Shaan says yesterday night a beautiful girl refused to go out with me and have coffee. He says now I can go anywhere and says if you refuse to have coffee with me then it will be against law. Samaira says you are stinking. Shaan says he will come after shower.

Amrish and Surili come out..while the song Shona…Shona plays……………..Amrish tells romantic lines….They were about to kiss each other, but Shaan comes between them. He says you people are romancing with each other even after bachelorhood. Amrish says girls are there outside. Surili says I don’t repeat mistake again and again. Gyan comes with his eyes closed and asks where is Maa? Surili asks who is Mom? Dhyan says our mom. Surili says I am single and haven’t thought about becoming mom. Gyan asks her not to do this, and says he can’t open his eyes without seeing her. Rajni says she made breakfast and lemon water for everyone to end their hangover. Amrish praises her. Rajni asks them to come and have food. Maggie comes and asks Surili what is happening? She asks them to call her Surili. Dhyan makes Gyan sleep. Rajni asks are you alright when Amrish falls down.

Surili says this breakfast is for single ladies which made by my single friend. Amrish says he is hungry. Dhyan says what is happening? Rajni says let them have food, I made food for everyone. Surili says no. they have done wrong, now let them suffer. Rajni says what is our relation now. Surili says we are friends now. Rajni says I like that and switches on Dosti mode. Rajni goes to Surili and acts as her friend, pulls her cheeks. Surili says we are not that best friends. Rajni says we will eat with same plate and puts food in her mouth. Shaan looks for Samaira. Samaira greets her hi. Shaan says he is going out to have food. Amrish stops Shaan and says you are our leader. He asks how can you go leaving us. He asks him to make them eat something. Shaan asks what I will do? Surili asks Shaan to ask Samaira to cook food. Amrish says good idea and asks Samaira to cook something.

Surili tells Rajni that she shall not let Shaan slip from her hands, and asks her to make Shaan realize her worth. Rajni asks what? Surili whispers something in her ears. Rajni comes wearing modern outfit to woo Shaan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Jitna mazza kal ke episode me aaya tha uttana aaj nhi aaya expect starting conversation of all males and females…

    Why team make one day episode too good and next little bore?? Plz correct this for enjoy..

  2. today, episode was funny specialy, Rajni bahu and sas suruli’s part….

  3. rajni surili bff part best nd funny

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