Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni looking at the kitchen and tells about its things. Maggie says who will make food now. Sharmila asks her to give money and buys hotel food. Rajni sees them and says this food is ordered from outside, and you both said that you will cook food. Sharmila says there is no chance for you to become bahu. They think to pass the time. Rajni thinks working woman is good, but house wife also does duty 24 hours without any demands. She says she will make food for everyone and starts cooking, while Maggie and Sharmila are busy looking in their mobile phones. Kuhu comes to kitchen and says you are looking like cindrella and my mum and chachi are like Cindrella’s sisters. She says food is ready. Rajni makes food. Maggie and Sharmila are shocked to see food. Rajni

says I have made the food at home as Shaan’s dad said that he wants to eat home made food. Sharmila says we have just watched video for 15 mins, and she cooked the food in that time. Rajni smiles. Everyone likes the food made by Rajni. Gyan and Dhyan praise the rotis made by her. Amrish says his mum used to make these kind of tasty food. Dhyan asks his wife to come and eat. Maggie and Sharmila refuse and say food is not tasty. Rajni says she made the food. They say she is lying. Rajni says she don’t have this feature. Everyone looks on.

Dhyan and Gyan asks Rajni to sit and eat. Shaan says you both have never asked your wife to sit and eat food like this. Amrish asks Rajni to drink juice and gives her glass. Gyan asks her to eat it. Rajni drinks it and her circuits blast. Shaan gets shocked. The smoke falls on Amrish. It was Shaan’s imagination. Dev comes and takes juice from Rajni’s hand and drinks it. Shaan asks him to take Rajni from there. Maggie asks Dev never said that he has a sister. Dev says Rajni is his relative. He says he will have food and leave. Shaan asks Rajni to take Dev with her. Amrish likes Rajni and says he approves her. Dhyan tells Shaan that this girl has all the qualities. Gyan says you will not get a wife like this even if you search with a lamp. Maggie and Sharmila call their respective husbands, and they leave. Amrish asks Shaan, what? Shaan says there is nothing between us. Amrish says she has qualities to be our bahu and says he will fight with Surili to make her bahu.

Surili is seen doing Yoga. Amrish gets up and tries to go silently. Surili says I know what you are doing? Amrish says he don’t want to disturb her. Surili says I am asking about yesterday’s incident and asks why he was treating Rajni as bahu. Amrish praises Rajni and tells Surili to meet her once and know her. He says he had a good sleep after having a good food.He asks Surili to agree and says Shaan should be happy. Surili says she is Dev’s sister and that’s why I don’t want her. Amrish tells that if Baba would have been alive then he would approve her. Just then crow makes a sound. Surili gets convinced that her baba wants her to meet Rajni and says she will take a final decision. Amrish gets happy and asks her to get ready. He comes near the window and tells Gyan that work is done. Gyan plays the crow’s voice record. Amrish says he will see who stops the marriage. Shaan calls Dev and asks about Rajni. Dev tells Rajni that Shaan is bringing his sautan and asks if she is jealous. Rajni smiles. Surili calls Dev and asks him to bring his sister Rajni as everyone is insisting her to meet her. She says she is giving a chance to Roshni for Shaan. Dev is shocked. Surili says I will check her and will decide. Dev says okay. Surili shows the knife.

Rajni takes out her jacket and throws in air. It falls on Surili. Rajni dances on a song.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Ha ha ha ha ha??? …..iss show ko dekh kr itni hasi aati hai ki stomch me bhi dard ho jaata hai, but atleast sbhi saas bahu se different hai or accha hai… ????

  2. Laughter riot episode hahaha can’t wait to watch the episode

  3. Precap was v.interesting 😀

  4. Fabulous serial ….love it a lot…thank god……not like that same saas bahu type serial…

  5. A laughed a little but cant wait to laugh more in future episodes!!!! So sad that Dream Girl is ending as well as Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi…Let’s Go. 🙁 🙁

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    Update 29 feb episode fast

  7. Shraddha Sharma

    Update 29 feb episode fasst…

  8. Where is today’s episode update?

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