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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with RAM waiting for Santa after making all arrangements to celebrate Chritmas and asks him to make him wish come true. He says I have kept candies and milk for you. I want to ask something for my MOBO, and asks him to come. Dhyan thinks to hear Sharmila talking. Sharmila comes and cleans the house with dust cleaner rod. She hits Dhyan. She gets a call and that person asks her to meet tonight. Sharmila says again and tells that she was about to caught. He gets angry. Sharmila agrees to come and thinks if I go out then Dhyan will follow me. I have to do something. Dhyan hears her and thinks to follow her. Surili, Amrish, Sharmila, Dhyan and also Shaan get ready as Santa for their different selfish motives.

Surili wants RAM’s hairs, while Sharmila wants to go

out and Dhyan wants to follow her, Shaan wants to divert his mind. Amrish comes to RAM as Santa and asks what does he wants. Surili comes there and says merry Christmas. RAM gets happy and confused seeing two Santa. He says I called only one, and asks from where one more Santa came. Dhyan and Gyan also come there as Santa. Dhyan says I am not getting any proverb in this situation. Sharmila and Maggie also come there as Santa. RAM says 6 Santa…my head is shaking up. Surili says they are all fake…I am real Santa…come to me. I will cut your hairs and will make your wish come true. Shaan comes and says your Santa is here. I have all answers to your questions. He says you will not ask as Santa haven’t given you gift till now. He gifts RAM. Everyone is surprised to see Shaan as Santa.

Amrish asks Shaan to take token and stand, says everyone is standing in queue. Maggie says she is real Santa and will make RAM eat Punjabi samosa. Gyan says I am real Santa. Surili says I am real Santa. Dhyan says all are fake, I am real one. They argue. RAM runs in the house, and sees Rajni coming. He says there are so many Santa…I just asked for one. Surili says I saw human for the first time. RAM says she is not human. Shaan looks on. RAM asks Rajni to help him and asks who is real Santa. Rajni says real Santa never fights with anyone and loves everybody. Everyone looks on and hugs each other singing jingle bell…merry Christmas. Rajni says real Santa makes everyone laugh….All fake Santa’s laugh to make RAM believe that they are real.

Rajni says Santa has one more quality….Amrish says his soul, intentions are all pure. He says only one person here has all the qualities and that is…..Rajni. He makes Rajni wear Santa cap, and says because of you, everyone got together and happy because of her. He tells RAM that real Santa is his MOBO. RAM is happy and smiles. Rajni says if I am real Santa then I have enter here in Santa style. She smiles. Electricity is off….Surili asks if Rajni will enter here in darkness. They see the snowfall and cold. Shaan thinks Rajni is using special features and will reveal her truth. Rajni comes dressed up as Santa and says merry Christmas. They see Merry Christmas on the sky.

Surili asks if Rajni has the feature to make snow. Shaan says no…and says she has kept snow machine here. Everyone sing and dance with RAM on the song hello hello…song…RAM also sings and dances with them. Shaan looks at everyone. RAM sees Shaan standing far and silent. He threatens Shaan showing robot written on the paper. Shaan comes and dances with Rajni. Rajni also dances with him. Sharmila and Dhyan fight with dancing. Sharmila is standing out of house, and meets someone. The man says he will give her immense happiness tonight. Sharmila says really, lets go. RAM tells Rajni that he didn’t give gift to Sharmila.

Rajni says Sharmila was here now, and says I will search her. RAM asks her to go with Santa’s beard. Rajni thanks him and goes. Amrish goes with the remaining gifts. RAM thinks my question was incomplete even now…who made my MOBO. Surili sees the hairs and says it is more precious than Kohinoor. Maggie says she will make necklace with it. Surili says it is in my hand, and says she will send this sample to lab. She says now we need Shaan’s hairs. Shaan comes and asks did you call me. Surili says yes. Shaan apologizes to her. Surili says its okay and plucks his hairs. She says I will talk to you later. Shaan asks what is going on and asks why you was after RAM’s hairs. Surili asks him to kiss Rajni as he is going to miss her soon. She goes with Gyan and Maggie. Shaan says something is wrong.

Sharmila tells everyone that Rajni was romancing stranger man and asks everyone to confirm with Dhyan. Dhyan looks down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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