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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish thinking to watch news on TV about the bomb explosion. He wonders what happened to TV. Surili comes. Amrish tells her that TV volume is not coming. Surili asks since when you are saving money, and asks him to increase TV volume. Amrish couldn’t hear her. Surili asks him to change direction of remote. Sharmila asks Dhyan if he wants to play dumb sheralds with her. Shaguta comes and asks why they are not speaking. Shishya hears them and this is the right time to take revenge. Gyan comes and asks what baba was telling about the trouble. Amrish asks him to talk louder. He realizes nobody can’t hear him. He thinks to take out his anger, and says you are not tigress but a lamp. Surili says I think rain will come. They smell something and asks what is this smell?

Maggie comes and says everyone have become deaf and pours oil in everyone’s ears. Baba ji and Shishya kidnap Kuhu and takes her from house. Baba ji says your family will not hear you. Kuhu shouts. Everyone hear Kuhu shouting and run out. Dev is in Shaan’s lab. Shaan asks him to speak louder. Shaan tells Dev that Rajni’s circuits have loosen and speaks in loudspeaker. Dev says make her walk.

Shaan asks Rajni to speak. Rajni speaks in his voice. Shaan is startled. Rajni says Rajni, the killer cat want to make churan out of you both. Shaan tells Dev that Rajni will talk in your voice also. Rajni speaks like Dev and asks Shaan to give samosa as he is hungry. Shaan tells Dev that they have to do something as Rajni’s condition is bad and they can’t take her outside. Shaan tells Dev that they will switch off her voice box and tell everyone that she couldn’t speak. Dev also says the same. Rajni gives Shaan’s phone to him. Amrish tells him that Kuhu is missing and asks if she is with you. Shaan says no and says I am coming there.

Everyone searches for Kuhu in the house. Shaan comes there and asks what is happening? Amrish asks why you are shouting in loudspeaker. Sharmila says it seems his ears are locked. She puts oil in his ears. Shaan’s ears open up. He asks where is baba and shishya? Shaguta comes and says baba ji and Shishya are missing with their stuff. Gyan says may be Baba ji and Kuhu are in trouble. Maggie says yes. Shaan says baba was a sankat and says baba and his shishya came to steal in the house. Amrish says nothing is stolen. Shaan says Kuhu..He has kidnapped her. They get shocked. Kuhu runs in the kidnappers’ captivity. Baba ji catches her and says I know your Rajni’s secret. She is not human, but a robot. I want her here inexchange of you. Kuhu says she will mince you all if she comes here. Goons catches her. Gyan says I didn’t know that baba is fraud. Shaan gets a phone call. Baba ji calls Shaan and tells that Kuhu is with them. Amrish and Gyan get angry. Baba ji asks them to lower their tone. Gyan agrees to give him whatever he wants. Baba ji says I want to talk to Rajni and do deal. Shaan wonders what to do as Rajni’s voice box is not working properly. He tells that he will make him talk to Rajni. Kuhu asks for chocolate and beats the goons. Baba ji asks them to give chocolate to him.

Gyan blames himself for the troubles. Rajni comes out and speaks like robots. They ask why you are wearing sports clothes. Shaan makes an excuse. She says my voice have become like robots. Dev explains that her voice malfunctioned. Baba ji calls again. Shaan picks the call and gives call to Rajni. Rajni says you are fraud. He asks her to bring 500 boxes at his place. Rajni asks where to bring? Baba ji says when you can locate bomb, you can locate my place also. He cuts the call asking her to come soon. Surili says he is hypocrite, fraudulent etc. Rajni says he asked me to come alone. Amrish and Dhyan go to bank to get money. Rajni dances and says everything will be fine. Maggie asks her to get Kuhu. Rajni says command accepted and goes. They ask her to take money, but she goes. Baba ji tells his shishya that he will not return Kuhu and will rule on the world through Rajni. Rajni comes there.

Shaan comes there and says money is ready. He asks baba ji to leave Kuhu and Rajni. Baba ji says he will not leave Rajni and asks Shaan to give command to Rajni that he is her master from now onwards and she shall listen to his (baba ji’s) commands. Shaan is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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