Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan asking Surili what she is saying? Rajni says she is saying hindi. Surili says I am not joking and says Rajni have to leave. She blames Rajni for Amartya-Bubbles marriage, Shaan’s new face, her insult in the court…and says don’t know when she will change our face. I can’t take risk, and asks her to go. Rajni says I can’t go, my motive is everyone’s betterment. Surili says if she don’t leave then I will leave. Maggie says but where you will go. Surili asks Shaan to decide between his mum and wife. Amrish asks Surili to forget everything. Surili asks her family to stand at her back if they agree. Shaguta and Dhyan stand behind her. Amrish says okay, I am also at your side. Surili thanks him. She asks Shaan to decide between Rajni and her. Shaan tries

to say and says mom. Surili pulls him towards her and says great. She asks Rajni to get out for everyone’s betterment. Rajni asks her to say statue over. Surili says statue over. Rajni asks where I shall go? Surili asks her to roam on road. Rajni says okay.

Shaan asks Rajni to go. Rajni says okay Shaan…command accepted. She leaves from the house. Dev scolds Shaan for throwing Rajni out of house and calls him selfish. Shaan kicks him and asks him to turn. He sees Rajni coming there. Rajni tells him that she came here as he commanded her. He tells what did you think that I will leave her. He says this lab is her mayka and she can stay here. Dev is happy. Shaan starts updating Rajni, and says it is the new program to identify right and wrong. Dev says we will tell Surili that she is changed now. Shaan says mom’s anger will not go so soon. Someone knocks on the door. Shaan asks Dev to take Rajni out through window. Aishwarya comes and sees Dev and Shaan. She says your face is changed, but you are still same. Surili does laughter therapy and laughs.

Maggie brings green tea. Surili asks her to throw it in wash basin, and says all insects will die. Maggie gives her sitar. Surili says I don’t need and asks her to go. Maggie asks if you have taken sanyaas. Surili says she is having peace of mind, and is very happy. She says I can give what you ask for. Maggie says I need…Just then Shaguta comes and says she is tensed about saree factory. She tells about the problems in the factory. Surili says she is very happy today and need to rest. She says I will give my factory’s responsibility on new generation. Maggie asks to me….Surili says it should be for everyone’s betterment, and tells that she is giving factory responsibility to Shaguta. Shaguta gets happy and hugs her. Maggie says blood is blood, daughter is daughter and not stranger. Surili says I have precious thing for you, my blessings. She laughs.

Rajni is walking on the road….and bumping herself with trees, cars and people. Man asks what you are doing? Rajni says mummy ji asked me to do this. Dev tries to locate her, but couldn’t. Rajni sees a fast speedy car coming towards a lady and saves her, but gets hit. She sees lady getting hand fracture and takes her to hospital. Doctor tells that she is having hair line fracture and asks her to rest. Lady says I have to go back to work. Rajni asks her to send someone else. Lady says she has nobody with her.

Rajni recalls Surili telling that she has no importance. She offers to go on her behalf. Lady says I will ask my madam. She calls her employer and says that she is in hospital. Employer asks I want you here now. Lady says I have to go to work. Employer face is shown. It is Shaguta, and she refuses to give pay for overtime. Rajni tells her that she will go to factory and work on her behalf. She says bye. Shaan comes and asks Dev where is Rajni? Dev says she changed location for 15 times. They see her in Surili’s factory and think what she is doing. They get tensed.

Rajni comes to factory dressed up as a worker itself. She tells the fellow workers that Sushila got hand fractured and Doctor asked her to rest for 15 days. The workers say that they will go and meet Sushila. Shaguta comes and asks where they are going? Rajni hears her voice and thinks Surili asked her not to show face to any Kant. She covers her head with pallu. Shaguta asks where you are going? They tell about Sushila’s accident. Shaguta says she didn’t come even after I asked her. She asks everyone to get back to work, and asks about the woman in veil. Worker says Sushila sent her on her behalf. She is about to lift her veil.

Shaguta asks the workers to stop it and asks if this is a joke. She fires everyone from the job. Dev and Shaan come there and are tensed. Shaan asks Dev to go and handle her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Bad family drama…
    Though rajini was looking preety but bad drama is going, and i think this will make family members to realise rajini’s importance, but how can amrish do this?????????????????????????????

  2. And this f**king dhyaan and bauji how mean these people are , especially dhyaan forgot what rajni done for him.


    This show proved that how much daughter-in-law do for her in law’s but she can’t become daughter wheather she is human or robo in show…
    Rajini did so much for them and they united one side to throw her out and forgot that how many time she saved them, like dhyan during his gambling, she took vanwas even, saved surili from fire, saved shoguta from marrying idiot methew, made amrtya and bubbles unite due to their love, saved kuhu from that dungi baba and from goons etc.


      But they forgot all favours.. how cruel…

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