Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish applying hair color on his hairs. Surili asks what you are doing? Amrish says he wants to look handsome and 2 years younger than her. He asks her to get ready to fall in love with him again. Surili asks him to carry on. Amrish says our responsibility as parents will end tomorrow and gets emotional as Shaguta will leave the hoise after marriage. Surili gets teary eyes and says she is thank ful to Durga Maa for giving ambitious, deserving, superb damad. Amrish says even he is thankful to his God. Rajni comes there and asks them to break Shaguta and Mathew’s marriage. Surili asks what you are saying? Rajni says if Shaguta marries Mathew then her life will be ruined. Amrish asks why? Rajni says he is Maa ka ladla who has changed, whose charging point is different,

who will sit on doli instead of horse etc. Surili and Amrish are shocked and couldn’t understand. Mathew thanks Shaan for dropping him. He says we will take science to new levels. He says we will stay together in the house. Shaan thinks if you take Rajni, then I will be alone. Mathew asks if Rajni is angry with me. Shaan says no.

Surili asks Rajni what happened? Rajni tells her logic. Surili says I wants to live stressfree life, but she is giving me stress. Amrish says I will talk to Rajni. He asks Rajni, why do you think that Shaguta’s life will be ruined if she marries him. Rajni says Dev told me. Surili says only this family can give us pain. She asks Rajni to go from there. Rajni says what should I tell to Dev. Surili closes the door on her face and asks her to tell him to shut mouth. Amrish says Rajni will not talk unneccessary. There is something for sure. Surili says we have checked Mathew’s background well. Amrish says we might not know something about him. Surili says you are so innocent and says only two people are against this marriage. Rajni from outside the room says Dev and Rajni. Surili shouts asking her to go.

Rajni comes to Dev and asks him to wake up. She lights the lighter on him. Dev shouts and asks if she will kill him. She asks if Shaguta got married. Rajni says no. Shaan comes. Rajni tells him that if Shaguta marries Mathew then her life will be ruined. Shaan asks Dev, why he is after Mathew? Dev says he is after me. Shaan says Mathew is my boss and I don’t want to hear anything against him. Dev asks him to hear him. Shaan goes. Dev says nobody is believing him. Rajni says Shaan has stopped me from talking about it, and not to take any step to stop the marriage. Dev says great and says he will be respected by the family once he stops the marriage. He tells Rajni that if ghee don’t come out with straight finger then one have to twist the finger. Rajni demonstrates and says you are right. Dev says he has an idea and asks Rajni to help him. Rajni says yes, and says she is ready to do anything as Shaguta is a family. Dev thanks her.

Amrish and Surili waits for their sons and daughter in laws as they are set to go to court. Shaan says why Gyan and Dhyan haven’t come till now. Amrish says servants/husband must be busy helping their wives. Shaan says your wife is ready though. Amrish says he has sacrificed much, and has woken up since 4 am. Surili asks Shaan to write on his hand that his dad is a liar. She says he is awake since 4:30. Shaan says he is lucky about his wife. Amrish asks what good deeds you have done to get Rajni. Shaan says he has made her. Surili and Amrish are surprised. Shaan says he means to say he has wooed Rajni and made her bahu of the house. They smile.

Shaguta comes wearing a beautiful gown. Her brothers compliment her beauty. Amrish says our daughter is looking good. Surili says she will faint and asks Amrish to hold her. Sharmila says Maggie is unwell and will rest. Gyan says it was just a joke. Shaan tells Shaguta that everyone will be happy once she leaves the house and the house will be peaceful. Shaguta says she is more peaceful. Dhyan asks Shaguta to call them if Mathew troubles her. Gyan says we will be thankful to him. Shaguta says they are pulling my legs. Rajni says I can see that they are not pulling your legs. Shaan tells Shaguta that they love her being her brothers by default. Amrish says my daughter will go after marriage. Rajni says she will go if she gets married. Dev says she means to say that Shaguta will go after marriage. Shaan says yes.

Shaguta is informed in the registrar office that she is married to Dev. She is shocked, and so is her family. Rajni smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What is wrong with dev he ruin her life ..but bach gaya mathew shaguta se phas gaya dev bechara

  2. Omg! I used to love the character of Dev in the beginning. Even I thought the same when they made Dev renter while Shaguta’s marriage was being planned with Mathew. I knew there was something wrong, but Dev marrying Shaguta? He is gonna suffer a lot! ?

  3. bechara Dev Shaugatako bachaneke chakker mei khudhi phass gayi! !!

  4. Oh god! No way!! Please, somebody tell me it was a bad bad dream…Dev marrying Shaguta? Nooooo??

  5. poor dev
    but it is very funnnnny??

  6. Oh no ŕ please don’t listen to dev

  7. i knew it……poor Dev would ended up marrying that crime muster Sago :/ ……

  8. OMG!! dev gets married to shaguta now both rajni and dev are gone

  9. I knew it …. it will happen like that…..poor dev..he’s gone suffer….and for shagutha its needed…. always says him as useless and end up marrying him….. its gone be damn funny

  10. vidya devadas nair

    poor dev!! feeling sad for him!

  11. How did dev n shaguta get married? Maybe Rajni n Dev came up with a way to falsify the documents to prevent her marrying Mathew. It will be a interesting twist hehe. Evil shaguta n funny dev?

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