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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish asking Rajni if Balwant is the one who had kidnapped her and shows the bracelet. He asks her not to lie. Rajni says I don’t have feature to lie. She says you always says to stay positive and I am trying to do that. Amrish says okay and leaves. Shaan tells Rajni why you didn’t tell Papa about Balwant, and says I haven’t asked you not to tell him. Rajni says if family members get to know about Balwant then they would have scolded Maggie. She says I am learning slowly how you people function. Shaan says absolutely correct and gets happy. Amrish hears her and gets impressed. He thinks Rajni is thinking about the house even before her marriage and blesses her. Shaan shows the letter and says it was his stupid mistake which was going to separate

them. He says you are protecting the family and I have to lie to all that you are a human and not a robot. He says you will come home as Mrs. Shantanu….Mrs. Rajni Kant. Sharmila thinks Rajni accepts Shaan’s commands and leave the house. surili says she will ask Rajni to leave. Amrish comes there. Surili asks what is Rajni’s new act?

Amrish says she made me get tears in my ears. Surili says she made him cry? Amrish says I am sure that we don’t deserve Rajni, and you are still thinking that Rajni don’t deserve Shaan. Surili asks him to say what she is upto? Amrish says he will get this marriage happen as Rajni is Shaan’s happiness and it matters to him a lot. He asks them to hurry up as they have to go to marriage venue. He looks at Surili and smiles. Surili looks sad face and thinks if this is destiny, then I will show my saas avatar to her. She takes her baba’s ashes and says lets go to Shaan’s wedding, this marriage shouldn’t happen. Gyan and Dhyan comes to Shaan’s room and takes letter along with the stuff.

At the marriage venue, Dhyan welcomes the guests. Shaan feeds marriage rituals in Rajni. Rajni asks why do these rituals are made, and says marriage can happen with any way. Shaan says you are Sant Rajnikant. He says we, humans can’t understand and fights over the rituals. He says we are complicated and asks her to understand the rasams for now. He sees her battery 65 percent charged, and says battery should be 100 percent. He checks her back and just then Maggie and Sharmila come there and think he is romancing with Rajni. Shaan sees charger connected to Rajni and asks them to turn as he wants to talk to Rajni for a min. Shaan takes out the charger wire and goes. Maggie and Sharmila tell Rajni that they will teach her how to control a husband? Rajni asks when you will teach me? They say they will teach after marriage. Gyan keeps gift box on the table. Kuhu comes and asks for paper as she wants to show him magic trick. She sees the letter and takes it. Dev makes Shaan get ready for the marriage and asks why he haven’t shaven his beard for the big day. Dev asks if you fed all the details in her. Shaan says if anything wrong happens then I will kill you. He looks for the letter.

Maggie asks Surili to give ashes pot to her. Surili says I can’t give my baba in unstable hands. Sharmila asks her to call crow. Surili says Baba don’t come in night. Amrish says he is busy whitening someone’s car. Surili gets irked.

Dev finds rituals chip in his pocket and thinks to alert Shaan. Shaan is angry at him and says if anything wrong happens then he will not spare anyone. Dev keeps the chip back in his pocket. Mathew comes and checks Dev as he thinks he is Robot. Dev thinks he is a gay. Kuhu tries to play with Dhyan. He gets busy and goes. Surili meets an astrologer during the function, and asks if this marriage will happen or not. Astrologer says trouble, and says this marriage shall not happen and looks at the cystal ball. Amrish asks Surili to come. Just then Dev comes and is about to collide with Surili. Surili scolds him and goes. Maggie and Surili come to room and asks where is Rajni? They see her missing. Just then they hear crackers bursting and come out. Dhyan and Gyan says they have a surprise for them and says Rajni Kant is here. He dances on Thalaiva song. Bubbles takes pic with him. Surili asks where is Rajni.

They see Rajni standing on a pillar and Shaan at the other pillar. Shaan signs okay to Rajni. They swing in air holding the flower rope. They finally manage to hold each other hand. Shaan leaves the rope and is about to fall down, but Rajni holds his hand and swings in air. Surili says it is not safe. Dhyan says amazing. Rajni pulls him up. Dholna song plays…………….They get down on the land. Everyone claps for them. Rajni looks at him romantically and smiles. Shaan too looks at her. Amrish says you made my heart happy and it was enjoyable. Sharmila says it was an amazing entry. Maggie asks Gyan why he don’t planned this entry during their marriage? Gyan says he will plan this type of entry in their second marriage.

Shaan introduces fake rajnikath to Rajni. Shaan asks how did he do this? Rajni plays with his specs and throws in air. It falls on Shaan’s face. Everyone is amazed. Dev gets up and asks if Rajni and Shaan have fallen. Aishwarya says no. Dev gets up. Pandit ji asks them to call bride and groom. Surili makes a sad face. Amrish tries to cheer her up and says today’s jalwa. He tries to make her smile by bringing Rajni in bengali style hiding her face with beetal leaves. They say why she is not showing her face? Shaan asks her to move the leaves. Rajni moves the leaves and looks smilingly at Shaan. Pandit ji asks them to do Jai Mala ritual. Pandit ji asks her to put the garland. Rajni throws garland on Pandit ji. Everyone is shocked. Amrish asks Rajni to make Shaan wear garland. Shaan asks her to make him wear the garland. Amrish asks Shaan to make her wear the garland. The guys lift Rajni up and Shaan finds difficult to put varmala. Sharmila asks him to put extra effort. Bubbles asks Rajni to bend. Maggie asks her not to bend else Shaan will make her bend always. Shaan asks for help. Rajni says I will help you and lift him high up in the air. Everyone is shocked. Shaan makes Rajni wear the garland. Shaan says he was practicing to jump as he knew the rasam. Dhyan says he need a drink.

Bubbles says I will also come. Shaan asks her to keep smiling. Rajni smiles. Dev thinks he is suffering. Shaan goes to Dev and grabs his collar. Dev says there are some errors in Rajni. Mathew checks Dev again and asks why did you take 3 persons help to lift Rajni. Dev says I am going. He goes to Dev and asks what happened to Rajni as she is not reacting? Shaan says her battery is low and on power saving mode. Shaan checks his phone and says battery is just 20 percent left. He asks Pandit ji to hurry up. Pandit ji says lets begin the havan. Shaan gets up and goes. Dhyan and Gyan get busy with their wives. Kuhu comes to Rajni and asks her to make aeroplane of paper. Rajni says okay and makes paper rocket. Kuhu tries to make it fly. Shaan looks at the paper and says it is my letter. Kuhu throws it in air. Dev says no and runs behind the paper, but Pandit ji asks him to sit. Shaan says I will bring Kuhu’s plane. They make Shaan sit in the mandap. Shaan worries and signs Dev to go. Dev goes to get the letter. Rajni scans the fire and alerts the danger alarm. She blows the fire. Pandit ji says it is an inauspicious thing to have happened? The paper rocket falls on surili’s head. Dev is shocked.

Dev tries to get paper from Surili’s hairs and gets slapped by her. Maggie tells that her hair style is good.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Ha ha ha…..
    Soooo sweet…..
    But bichara dev har baar fass jaaata hai… ?????????

  2. hehe it was sooo funny, i loved their entrance!
    Rajni is such a adorable desi homonoid 😀

  3. Ths is the best she on earth…it makes me so happy to see all characters lik shaan dev rajni amrish surili aiswarya n AL….it makes me laugh out loud…

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