Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan asking Rajni what she is doing? Rajni says I was weaving sweater for baby, but now I am weaving sweator for you being adarsh wife. Shaan says I need love and warmth. Rajni scans and found no data. Shaan says I can’t hug you and feel. you don’t have heart and says only Samaira can give him love. He commands her to free him from patni giri and says I am free for 3 days….bachelor. He says this is my direct command. Rajni says okay you are not my husband for 3 days and asks him to live his life. Shaan thinks he is free now and is a bachelor now. Rajni asks him to take sweater also. Shaan says now nothing can happen. He says break from biwi and dances. Surili hears him and says I was proud of you, but you are doing like other men. She says it is impossible

to take break from wife, and I know why you want to take this break, for Samaira. She says I have to do something, but what, thinks and gets an idea. She smiles at her intelligence.

Ghyan tells Dhyan that I told that this can’t happen. Amrish says you don’t believe on your dad. He tells his son that he got happy and felt proud of himself hearing about Surili’s pregnancy news. Dhyan and Gyan laugh. Amrish asks them to finish drink fast and go to their rooms. Shaan comes there, humming song and surprises them. Amrish says may be this stupid scientist is drunk today. Shaan asks him to sit down and become a real man. He laughs at them and says they are scared of their wives. Gyan says everyone have to worry. Shaan says I am free from married zone….and says my wife will not question me anything. He says I have become free bird, bachelor for three days. Dhyan asks how did Rajni give you permission. Gyan says Maggie don’t let me go alone to bring flour.

Amrish thinks what did Rajni do? She let him free. He says Surili is waiting for him and goes. He tells Surili that Rajni permitted Shaan to enjoy bachelorhood for three days, and says this is a dangerous freedom. Surili asks what is dangerous about it. Amrish says you didn’t know that men are dangerous, says I am not talking about myself. He asks her to think about Shaan, and says their marriage are in danger. Surili says I told you this, but you said that both Shaan and Samaira are mature. Amrish asks how can Shaan get freedom so easily. Surili asks do you want freedom also. Amrish laughs and says why I need freedom. I am not in a jail. Surili says I feel that you need freedom like Shaan, and declares him free for 3 days.

Amrish gets happy and asks her to say again. Surili says I grant you bachelorhood for 3 days. Amrish says I can’t leave without you. Surili says I will ask you and will count. Amrish says yes. He says we will meet after 3 days. Surili thinks men are stupid. I will make a line of bachelors following Shaan. Sharmila comes there and asks why Amrish is happy. Surili says she granted him freedom for 3 days. She says now we are also single. Rajni comes and says I have kept the microphones at certain places. She says now we can hear our husbands here. Amrish sings he got freedom. Shaan asks Dhyan and Gyan to learn from them and call them losers. Amrish also boasts about himself. Dhyan says he is jealous. Gyan says I can understand your pain. Dhyan asks him to end the thought and says I wish we can be bachelor. Rajni says mummy ji was right, all men are same. They talk about a neighbor. Amrish says I have seen her. Dhyan asks if she got pregnant. Surili tries to off the microphone, but Rajni stops her.

Gyan says if he gets freedom then he will message her. Dhyan says he will poke her. Amrish says she is already in my friend list. Shaan says both son and father are flirting with same woman. Shaan says she is a patakha. Rajni says everyone is bowled over on Mrs. Malhotra. Gyan asks Dhyan why he wants to become bachelor. Dhyan says I love her, but how can I stick to her all the time. He says cupcake needs to come out of oven. Rajni says cupcake will be beaten now. Gyan says although he got fat, but he is a tiger at heart. Sharmila, Surili and Rajni go there. Sharmila calls him Dhyan. Dhyan says you called me Dhyan….muffins. Gyan says he was saying that he can’t stay without you even for a second. Shaan says he was saying that cupcake have to come out of oven one day. Surili says you are finished. Rajni tells that she has put the microphone, and your wives heard everything. The men are shocked.

Amrish and Surili kiss Shaan, as they were about to kiss each other. Shaan says you are romancing with each other even in bachelorhood. Amrish says sorry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Haha lol bhu hamari rajnikant became beta hamara bachealor 😛


      Hey new show on robo Yaro ka Tashan is starting on sab tv from 26 July 2016 at 7.30 pm.. must watch

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Yes I saw the promo rajni ka boy version 😛 usually I don’t watch Sab tv but will watch this 😛 even my mom liked the promo 😛


        But it will not be tooo good as i don’t know if anyone witness this or not but i witness many times that the show which looks toooo good in promo; is wrost / bore in reality and the show which has wrost /bore promo are good.. something like not to judege the book by its cover.


    Ha ha ha …. awsome episode…. bachealor hood life… ????????
    I think slowly robo will fall in love with shaan before shaan…

  3. Yes i also think so???????

  4. It was like OK episode but not so good or owsome

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