Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili coming inside Shaan’s room when he was changing Rajni’s saree and asks if she has disturbed them. She says you might be thinking that how did I know that you are lying? She says I am your mum and have designed this saree. She says I have punished Maggie intentionally so that she tries to find proof and you try to hide it. Shaan tries to explain. Surili asks who are you? Rajni thinks about Shaan’s words and says I am his wife. Shaan says she is lying? Rajni says I don’t lie, I don’t have that feature. Shaan says he can explain. Surili gets angry for taking her wrong promise and worries about Maggie and Sharmila’s reaction. She says I didn’t like your previous girl friend and that’s why you got married. Surili asks her to correct her pallu.

Rajni scans Surili’s saree, and corrects her saree seeing her saree. Surili asks about their relation. She asks Rajni if Shaan tried to touch you. Rajni tells her that Shaan touches her daily. Surili asks her to stop. Shaan says she is thinking me wrong. Rajni says you was changing my saree when this lady came to room. Surili is shocked to hear the word lady. Shaan is shocked as well. Amrish, maggie, Sharmila, Gyan and Dhyan are sitting and talking. Maggie’s daughter come and says she has really enjoyed at her Nani’s place. Maggie asks her to wash her clothes and freshen up. Amrish says this thing they have done wrong. Kuhu tells Maggie that she needs to do her home work and will do in 5 mins. She thinks to solve the questions by taking Shaan’s help. Maggie tells Amrish that if they find that girl then she will take prize from Surili. She comes to Shaan’s room and finds Rajni. She gets shocked and runs out of room. She informs everyone that there is a girl in his room. Amrish asks if she is saying right. Kuhu says yes and says she is in Shaan’s room.

They come to room and sees Rajni. Amrish says I know her and she is very nice girl. Sharmila asks when did you marry Shaan. Amrish asks her to come out and asks others to question her. Maggie asks about her name. Amrish says her name is Rajni. Maggie says did you attend their marriage. Amrish says I just know her name and target. Gyan and Dhyan tell that Shaan has a good wife who doesn’t speak. Sharmila says she is better than me, and says I am better than Maggie. Kuhu asks who solved my sum. Rajni says I did. Surili is crying. Shaan tries to speak to her. Surili asks him to get her out of house. Shaan asks her to trust him. Surili says I accept that she is good looking, but she don’t have manners to say namasthe. Shaan says it is Rajni’s insult and that’s why it is my insult. He says she has values which he has inbuilt in her. He asks her to think, and says you have spoken to her badly, but she didn’t give you a reply. She says Rajni can work all the house hold chores. Surili asks if he is talking about house maid, and says there is a difference between a wife and servant. She asks from where did she come in your life. Shaan is quite. Surili rejects Rajni and says she will continue to search bride for him and asks him to go. Shaan leaves. He thinks I can’t tell you that Rajni have saved your life, but I can’t tell you. If you gets to know then you will be proud of my invention.

Amrish tells that Rajni is a nice girl and we don’t need to get afraid of her. Shaan comes. Rajni stands up. Gyan and Dhyan get impressed with her. Shaan asks them to leave from there, and asks Rajni to go also. Amrish asks did you have anything. He says he is punjabi as he can’t send guest without having any food. Shaan says she will not eat anything. Amrish insists and takes her to dining room. Shaan gets tensed. He calls dev and thinks he should answer him. Maggie says we shall call Mummy ji. Sharmila asks her to call her and scares her. Dhyan teases Maggie and asks Rajni which city she wants to eat. Maggie gets upset. Gyan asks Dhyan not to tease Maggie, else he will make him have all the rotis made by Maggie. Shaan asks Rajni to do something so that they can leave. Rajni says okay. Amrish asks what do you like to eat? Rajni says I will make food and says it is the only way to leave from here. Shaan tries speaking to her. Amrish makes him sit and explains to Rajni that she is guest for them. He asks Sharmila and Maggie to make something. Maggie asks Amrish, if they can take Rajni to kitchen for company. Shaan says no. Amrish lets them take Rajni and asks them to do bonding. Shaan thinks Rajni’s secret should come out in open today.

Amrish gives juice to Rajni. Rajni takes the glass and drinks it. Shaan thinks her circuits will blast and shouts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I love Rajniii….

  2. I hope it doesn’t happen…why hasn’t shaan used waterproof circuits

  3. Hahaha funny show precap poor scientist shaman what will he do with robot rajni now 😛

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Waiting for rajni and shaan funny marriage????

  5. Hehe ya the marriage wl b so funny. And they should telecast it all 7 days. Atleast 6 🙁

  6. Nice serial. I like it a lot

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