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The Episode starts with Rajni coming back to Shaan. Shaan asks did you get blind? Rajni says no, but I have no eyes. She says I left my hands in Baba ji’s room. Shaan is shocked and runs to Baba ji’s room. He sees her eyes in the fruits basket. Baba ji takes banana and eats it. Shaan touches his feet, apologizes and says I want to keep your feet dust on my forehead. He makes him fall down on the bed, takes keys and goes. He comes back to Rajni and makes her wear eyes again. He asks can you see Shaan…Rajni says yes. Shaan asks her not to take everything literally. Rajni says humans….He asks her not to leave ears and eyes anywhere. He says it is not oldies denture which can be keep in bowl. Rajni says my teeth is auto clean. Shaan says I know, when you grow old…Rajni says I can’t

get old. Dev says have you gone mad, genius scientist. Shaan says I will get mad, and says genius need to rest. He asks her to go back to family being adarsh bahu. Shishya comes back to Baba ji, and says I have pasted this beard on my face because of Dev as he might identify me. Baba ji says he will find out about the robot and plans something.

Rajni makes matki beautify with her finger. Kuhu says it is beautiful. Amrish comes and says dil khush karditta….Rajni says I know. He asks Kuhu to give matki to the worker and get it hanged in air. They come out. Kuhu asks Rajni to get matki hang on the rope. Rajni says no, I am a top secret. Kuhu says I didn’t see your long hands since long. Rajni says children are God’s avatar and accepts her command. She enlarges her long hand to tie matki to rope. Baba ji happens to see her long hand and gets surprised.

Rajni stops and says she is having joint maintenance problem….Kuhu asks her to hurry up. Baba ji says Rajni is the Robot…Kuhu says you are our Krishna ji. Rajni says Krishna God…She says I am a Robot, and my model number is C4321. Kuhu says you have always saved us, and you are my best Cinderella chachi. Baba ji thinks his dugdugi will be told everywhere. Later in the morning, Shishya tells Baba ji that brought bomb. Baba ji asks him to keep it in the matki. Shishya keeps it, and says I have understood. You kept it so that we shall know who is the robot? Baba ji says I know….He says I kept bomb for Rajni, and says she will try to save everyone and I will expose her saying I came to know about her through my powers.

Surili, Amrish, Gyan and Dhyan come there. Baba ji tells them that they have snake under the sleeve which they didn’t know. He says I will expose that bad shakti today. Surili says I have called media and my friends and asks him to show magic.

Shaan asks Rajni to pass his jacket. Rajni forwards her long hands and teases him. Shaan asks what you are doing? Rajni says my natkhat mode is on…and says I will tease Gopis. Shaan asks if I am looking like Gopi. Rajni says yes…and says even Gopis have long hairs. Shaan asks did you see any Gopi having beard. He says you are a girl. Rajni says bewakhoof scientist…I am not a girl, but a robot….your creation. Shaan asks her to return his jacket. Rajni couldn’t set it back rightly. Shaan asks what happened to your arm? Why it is stucking? Kuhu comes and says Chachi’s hand jammed yesterday also. Shaan asks her to scan. Rajni scans and says her joints are jammed and need maintenance. Shaan says he don’t have time now as everyone might be waiting for dahi handi. He asks her to do self maintenance and says I will tell everyone that you have fever. Kuhu says she will not come. Rajni says what I will do till then. Shaan asks her to do bhangra. Rajni says okay and does bhangra. Shaan asks her not to do anything. Rajni starts her maintenance.

Surili addresses to the guest and says Dugdugi baba is with them today. Dugdugi baba comes. Shishya worries that Dev might see him. Surili says stranger shakti is staying with them. Baba ji says he will make that Saya going away from their house with his powers. He says today you will see my magic. Shaan and Kuhu come there. Shaan says baba is a defective piece, it is good that we didn’t bring Rajni here. Amrish asks where is Rajni? Shaan says she has fever. Surili says sankat have fever. Rajni repairs her hand and checks…..She thinks maintenance complete to perfection and says good job Rajni. Shishya says if Robot gets fever. Baba ji says no, and switches on Bomb with remote. Shishya says what you have done? We will die in 15 mins. Baba ji says she will come and save everyone. Rajni detects RDX alert and says I have to save everyone. Bomb is in handi. She looks at handi from window. Everyone dances celebrating the festival. Shishya says where is she now? Baba ji says she must be coming.

Kuhu tells Amrish that she will break matki. Amrish says no. Rajni says Shaan asked her not to come from window. She thinks Shaan haven’t asked me to go down through the window. She thanks God. Baba ji says I will go and check. Shishya asks God to send Robot there. Baba ji sees Rajni getting down through the balcony and thinks fish is coming to get trapped. He says I know you will come and says people will remember me because of you. Rajni says I don’t have time as I have to save everyone. Baba ji says I kept that bomb in handi. Rajni asks why? Baba ji says humans are greedy and you are machine Robot. Rajni says my identity hiding mission is failed. Baba ji says you will fail when people will know that you are a robot. He says I want you to go and save them, and I will prove to everyone that you are a machine. He says everyone will bend down infront of everyone and laughs saying his words.

Sharmila and Maggie gossip about the guest. Dev takes samosa from Maggie plate. Maggie runs after him. Sharmila says I will eat only diet food. Dev collides with Shishya…Shishya hides his face and runs. He understands that he told the secret to Shishya. Baba ji asks Rajni to go and save everyone. Rajni says Shaan asked me not to reveal my identity. Baba ji gets tensed and says even Shaan will die if you don’t go. Rajni says she will get her identity revealed for saving everyone, as there is nothing important than humans life. Dev informs Shaan that he told the secret to baba ji’s shishya. Shaan gets angry on Dev and says that’s why baba kept magnetic pole in the house and Rajni got stuck to it. He asks where is Baba? Baba ji comes back and smiles. Rajni also comes there. Shaan stops her and asks where is she going?

Rajni says she don’t have time now and says Baba ji kept bomb in the handi. She says 5 mins is left. Shaan asks what? Rajni says baba ji came to know that I am a robot, he will prove to everyone that I am machine just as I save everything. She says she have to save humans as it is the ultimate commands. Shaan tells Dev that babaji kept bomb to expose Rajni. Shishya gets worried. Baba ji asks everyone to break the handi. Amrish asks where is Kuhu? Kuhu says I am here….She will be the one trying to break handi. Rajni comes there. Rajni scans and says 1 min left now. She says I need your command to use all my features. Shaan says everyone need to be save than hiding your identity. He asks her to use all her powers and save them. Rajni says command accepted. Rajni runs towards handi…

Dev cries and says she will save everyone’s life, but then she will be kept in your lab. Someone throws gulaal in Dev’s eyes. He says I couldn’t see. Shaan says I am so proud of me and gets an idea. He brings gulaal plate and gives to Dev. Shishya asks God to save them. Baba ji sees Rajni going towards the handi. He tells that stranger saya is standing among them, says I will close my eyes and tell everyone. Kuhu stands on men and is about to break handi. Shaan and Dev make Gulaal go in everyone eyes. Rajni sees Kuhu….Baba ji says saya is here and points at Rajni. Surili says I couldn’t see. Rajni enlarges her hand, and gets bomb from handi. She then runs from there holding bomb in her hand.

Kuhu breaks the handi. Everyone open their eyes….Baba ji with his eyes closed tell that unique saya is this. He points finger towards Kuhu. Shishya asks him to open eyes. Amrish says she is our grand child. Baba ji says where did Rajni go? Shaan and Dev follow her. Everyone hear bomb blasting and get shocked. Shaan finds Rajni’s hand while Dev shows her sandal. They see Rajni and run towards her. Shaan asks her to restart. Rajni says I am time…my birth happened with earth…and goes on talking…..Shaan says you have proved that your ultimate mission is to save humans….He says I am very very very proud of you. He says I will make you tip top again. Shaan’s Rajni. Dev asks him to talk rather than lip syncing.

Baba ji comes to hall and asks did you see outside. That unique saya is Rajni. She is a Robot. Amrish thinks why he is just moving his lips and not talking. Everyone can’t hear him. Baba ji asks why you people are not shocked and asks did everyone know? Everyone nods. He asks them to give money. Gyan gives him 1 Rupee and goes. Everyone say jai baba and goes. Baba ji thinks my hardwork and money is wasted. He gets his shishya’s call and asks him to come. He thinks what to do and says I will twist my hand. He then sees Kuhu coming there and gets an idea. She asks did you see Cinderella chachi.

Babaji and his shishya kidnap Kuhu and take her with them. Shaan and Dev try to repair Rajni. Rajni speaks in Dev’s voice surprising them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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