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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish saying I will call Shaan. Surili says I will call Shaan, and just pretends to call him. She asks Inspector to go. Rajni waves bye to everyone happily. Constable says bye bye while going to jail….and says I am seeing this for the first time. Shaguta says Rajni’s truth is out infront of everyone, and says she is a big gambler. Surili asks her to shut up, and says Rajni have confessed that she has won money in gambling. Amrish says my body parts are telling me that she can’t be guilty. He asks Gyan that to hire a big lawyer to save Rajni and goes. Surili is happy. Dhyan feels guilty. Shaan meets his friends in their lab. His friend says he got funding from US. Other friend asks what did you make till now. Shaan says whatever I have made, if you see that then

you will go mad. Inspector reaches Police station with Rajni and sees a prisoner running from there. He asks Constable to catch him. Rajni hears and says command accepted. She runs following the thief.

Shaan looks at his friend’s vegetable lab. Shaan says his neck is itching because of plant. His friend brings itching powder and sprays on him. He sees mangalsutra and makes fun of Shaan. Shaan says okay, and goes. The thief runs on a man’s bike. Rajni asks him not to worry and runs at a speed to catch the goon. The thief thinks he is saved today. Just then he sees Rajni at an equal speed just as bike. Rajni takes the keys and holds his hands as he was trying to escape. Constable and Inspector comes there in the jeep. Inspector applauds for Constable for catching the thief. Constable says Rajni have caught the thief. Rajni asks Inspector to take him to Police station now.

Dhyan says Shaan is not picking the call. Gyan says there is a shortage of lawyers and says I will become lawyer. He says I am sure Rajni is innocent, but who took her to casino. Shaan comes home and says my mind is spoiling. I don’t want to hear anything. He tries to locate Rajni and says this is your husband Shaan. He thinks he married Rajni thinking she will not throw any tantrums, but she is worse from an ordinary wife. He deactivates her adarsh bahu program angrily. Amrish comes to him and says Rajni was arrested by Police. Amrish says who took her to Casino. Shaan thinks if Mathew comes to know that Rajni is a robot then he will kill him. Shaan says I will bring her. Amrish says we will bring and starts crying. Shaan consoles him, says Rajni is my responsibility and I will bring her home. Amrish says okay. Shaan looks at the mangalsutra and hopes Rajni must have not done anything wrong infront of Police.

Rajni is kept in the jail cell. Rajni introduces herself to the thief. Constable says I haven’t seen such criminal before. Inspector asks why you didn’t run when you got a chance. Rajni says because I am a criminal and my place is here. Shaan comes. Rajni says Pareshan. Shaan introduces himself to the Police Inspector and says shall I talk to my wife. He asks with whom you went to casino. Rajni says I can’t tell you….no no no. Inspector says she is not telling full truth and says they will interrogate her. Shaan asks what you people will do? Constables says we have many equipments. Shaan says my wife is not normal woman and is very complicated. Constable and Inspector say yes. Inspector asks him to get bail papers from court. Shaan says I don’t know anything as I am a scientist. Shaan thinks if court is closed, then Rajni’s battery will get down, Doctor will be called and everyone will know that she is a robot. Shaan runs to Rajni and asks her to behave normally. Constable says I have seen this for the first time.

Sharmila praises Dhyan and herself. Shaguta says Rajni have ruined our respect. Maggie says she should be thrown out of house. Surili says Amrish will do this work and will kick her out. Shaguta says it means you will provoke him. Surili says we all will fill his ears together. Aishwarya says your mind is very cheap. We will fight together against Rajni. Surili asks her to make green tea for her. Surili shakes hands with Maggie, Sharmila and Bubbles.

Shaan opens the lock up and asks Rajni to come. Rajni says she will not leave until law frees her and asks him to sit with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    So nice and innoncent robo is rajni…. but why writers are trying to make it typical saas bahu show…. plz do not spoil the concept…..

  2. A good show turned pretty uninteresting. Please stick to the theme and don’t loose the comic element. This is meant to be funny, not nerve wracking like other saas bahu serials.

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