Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhyan asking if he got the story written by the Hollywood writer and says why didn’t you come home. Shaan says you people wouldn’t have accepted me. I was sure that Don will never recognize me. I thought of a plan and went to Don offering to give them crystal power. He says I asked Rajni to save everyone at last min and told her that he is adding some powder in their food. He says I have sent you all out of house, so that we can handle the goons. Boss asks when did you change our gun. A fb is shown, Rajni changes their guns. Boss gets angry. Shaan tells that they have laid a trap for the goons, but instead they got caught. Amrish says he can’t believe. Gyan is also shocked. Shaguta asks are you telling the truth. Surili also couldn’t believe. Meanwhile goons

frees their hands as they cut the rope. They manage to get the gun and point at Shaan. Rajni holds the plate inorder to stop the plate. The bullets hits at boss back. Inspector comes there. Shaan tells him that Don and his goons are here. He says crystal powder is saved. Inspector thanks him.

Shaan says he has paid a price for this good deed and says his wife Rajni helped him. Inspector thanks Rajni. Rajni says it was my duty. Inspector arrests Don and his goons and take them away. Shaan asks do you believe now that I am Shaan. Amrish and his family members discuss altogether. Amrish asks so you are saying that you are Shaan and not Anthony. Surili says if Inspector comes and tell that Amrish is not my husband, then if I will agree? Gyan asks him to give test to make them believe.

Surili says yes. They keep some stuff which Shaan likes. Amrish asks him to identify one thing which Shaan likes the most. Dhyan silently tells Amrish that Shaan doesn’t like anything among these things. Amrish says yes, and says if he picks keys then it means his intentions are wrong. Shaan checks the kept things one by one and picks the keys. Amrish thinks I know….Shaan throws keys on Amrish and says I should take your test as you don’t know what is my favorite thing. Surili asks what do you mean? Shaan takes out screw driver from the cupboard and says this is my favorite thing. He says once Papa told me that I held this during my naming ceremony, and Pandit ji told that I will become electrician and you have scolded him and asked him to say that I will become scientist or Doctor. Amrish says everyone know this and says they will take another test.

Gyan asks Shaan to tell what Maasi used to call them. Shaan tells the names which Maasi used to call them in their childhood. They are surprised. Gyan asks him to tell about the mole on his body. Shaan tells it exactly. Everyone is surprised and shocked. Maggie asks how does he know and I don’t know. Gyan says it is your mistake, my eyes are closed. Everyone looks on. Shaan asks Rajni to come and is about to go. Dhyan stops him and says we won’t let you go. Shaan says I am saying truth, I am Shaan. Gyan, Dhyan and Amrish hold him. Amrish asks them to call Police, and says Police will make him spit out truth. Shaan says he is saying truth. Shaguta says mom. Surili asks them to stop. Shaan sees Nana ji’s asthi kalash about to fall and frees himself to save the kalash from falling down. He tells Nanaji’s property is saved and he is so proud of himself. Surili is surprised. He asks how do you know that this kalash is having baba’s asthi.

Shaan says just because I am your Shaan. Surili says how does this happen? Rajni says we told you already. Surili says your face. Rajni says I have changed it as Shaan gave me command. Surili asks how can you take a decision without asking me. Rajni says you was not there, and his life was in danger. Shaguta and Maggie scold her. Amrish asks them to stop it. Surili looks at his face and says you mean that you are our Shaan. Shaan nods….Surili hugs him. She looks at Rajni and thinks she will never forgive her and will kick her out of house. Rajni nods thumps up.

Next morning, Surili and others do aarti of God. Surili thanks God for returning Shaan and asks him to protect Shaan. Rajni says God didn’t take Shaan, so he could he return him back. Surili asks her to keep quiet. Shaan asks Rajni to take Surili’s blessings. Rajni is about to bend down. Surili asks her to statue. Shaan says you both are playing games. Rajni asks Surili to relieve her. Shaan asks what do you want? Surili asks Rajni if she wants family’s happiness. Rajni says it is my ultimate command. Surili says okay, then everyone of us want you to leave this house.

Surili asks Shaan what he has decided? Wife or Mother? Shaan signs Rajni. Rajni says command accepted. She leaves the house. Later she walks on the road. A car hits her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. disgusting…


    Khant family is just tooo much… atleast after knowing truth they should have be thankful to her but they are asking her to leave.. and even shaan is doing same..


      Vaise this drama was unwanted for replacement but what family is doing is disgusting… i hope rajni never return to kanth family as this was comedy show which is turning into faltu saas bahu drama show

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