Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan and Rajni kissing each other. Rajni gets happy and says it is first inning of kiss. Yahoo…Shaan is also happy. Surili comes and brings some jewellery and clothes for her. Shaan says he is going out with his friends. Surili gives the clothes and jewellery to Rajni and asks her to wear it in Shaguta’s marriage. Rajni says hurray. Surili thanks Rajni for saving her family from breaking, and promise that she will try to tolerate her and ignore her doings. She says your words have touched my heart. Rajni says I don’t have a heart, just have some data and research documents. Surili says okay, I am fine. She asks her to throw the grass as her vanvas ended. Rajni asks what shall I do after vanvas. Surili says I have no idea, and asks her to figure it out what to

do. Rajni says I have to find out.

Sharmila gets happy and asks Dhyan to call her muffins. Dhyan says okay and asks her never to think of leaving the house ever. Sharmila promises. Dhyan hugs her. They say I love you to each other. Amrish asks if muffin and cup cake shop opened again. They laugh. Gyan sings hum saath saath hain. Shaguta says she wants to discuss about her marriage and says they got tomorrow’s date for court wedding. Surili says why court marriage? Shaguta says tomorrow is our lucky date, once we marry, we will do our destination wedding. Sharmila says she will wear her designer saree. Amrish says I will wear court for court marriage, but I will not talk in English, asks Surili not to worry.

Surili says she will wear gown in destination wedding. Shaguta says it is decided, I will wear bridal gold color dress. Surili says I gave gold color dress to Rajni. Shaguta asks why? Amrish says Rajni will attend your marriage. Dhyan says you are marrying because of her. Surili asks Shaguta to stay silent and not utter anything against Rajni. Shaguta agrees. They hear bullet noise coming, and gets scared. Amrish opens the door and peeps outside. They see Rajni bursting crackers and happily enjoying. Dhyan and Gyan say when did Diwali come?

Shaan laughs and asks which calendar she is following? Rajni says after vanvas is over, diwali is celebrated, and that’s why I am celebrating diwali as our vanvas came to an end. Everyon come there and celebrate. Gyan says why ladies are not coming? Dhyan says Sharmila is like bomb. Gyan says maggie is like anar. Amrish also tells about his bombarding wife. Amrish asks Shaan about his wife. Shaan says my wife is just like this chakli….Rajni says it is my turn now, and says I will tell about Shaan. She shows rocket. Shaan says I am rocket as I am genius. She lights the rocket and it doesn’t start. Dhyan says it is phuski rocket. Rajni says yes. Dev comes and hears them laughing. He thinks if Kant family have gone mad. Shaan asks Dev to come. He asks why they are celebrating Diwali. Rajni says we are celebrating Diwali as our vanvas ended. Amrish says tomorrow is Shaguta’s wedding.

Dev collides with Mathew. Mathew touches him. Dev asks him to leave him. Mathew says he is marrying Shaguta tomorrow, and says Shaan is going to install some updates. Dev asks how do you know? Mathew says Shaguta and I are going to US for honeymoon, and says he wants to spend some time with him to make a good future. Dev is shocked and says Mathew is a wrong number and cunning also. He thinks how to save Shaguta and goes to Shaan. He sees Shaan talking to Mathew. Dev tells Shaan that he has to talk to him. Shaan asks Mathew to sit in car. Dev asks Shaan to stop Shaguta’s marriage with Mathew, as he is not right for her. Shaan says Mathew is very rich and ignores his reason. Rajni asks Dev to tell. Dev says Mathew is different and says his charging point is different. Rajni thinks about his words and thinks she is adarsh bahu and will not let Shaguta’s life ruin. She says I will tell everyone.

Amrish is happy with Shaguta’s upcoming marriage. Rajni says she wants to stop Mathew and Shaguta’s marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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