Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan dismantling Rajni fully and puts her in the suitcase. Mathew calls Shaan and asks him to come to his room. Shaan says I am coming. He lifts the suitcase close to his heart and goes to deliver to Mathew. He hears Mathew talking to someone and asking him to reassemble the robot. Satyan asks what is your plan. Mathew says you will change the configuration and make it more advanced. He says my vision is big. He says I will make the robot for my advantage. He says if I need to threaten someone then this Robot will help. He says terror, murder and everything can be done by this robot. Shaan is shocked. Mathew says nobody will doubt me. Man says Robot can destroy in Police firing or attacks. Mathew says you can make a new robot for me right? Satyan smiles and says ofcourse.

Mathew says we can make improved robot after analyzing Shaan’s robot. Mathew says I will make Shaan’s robot as advanced one. He says I will become world’s powerful man because of this robot. Shaan thinks I knew it, and says Mathew want to make you terrorist, I made you for human’s betterment. He thinks Shaan will not let you go anywhere. Mathew hears the noise and tells Shaan that finally you brought my robot. Shaan says I will come in 2 mins. Mathew’s guards stops him. Shaan asks him to give him 2 mins.

Mathew says you have delivered Robot to me, and asks Satyan to check. Satyan checks the robot. Mathew asks him to check properly and says he is going to US tomorrow. Shaan asks if you are going? Mathew says this Robot is for America and asks Shaan to get lost. Satyan tells Mathew that the robot is perfect. Mathew says good and says I got my Robot. He says your relation with this robot has came to an end. He says I didn’t see a big loser than you. Shaan says I agree. Mathew says good bye loser, and thanks him. Shaan looks at Mathew as he is leaving with Satyan and guards. Shaan comes to his room and says task complete. He says Rajni is Mathew’s responsibility now, you have nothing to do with her. He lie down on the bed and imagines Ragini next to him. Rajni says Shaan…you are Shaan and not Pareshan, don’t worry.

Shaan thinks he is feeling like Devdas, and is very sad. He thinks whom to give command now and thinks what to tell to family. He asks Rajni to come back. He imagines Rajni and gets sad. Surili sees Shaguta and Dev sleeping close, and asks what have you done? Shaguta wakes up. Surili says you are in love with him. Shaguta says it is not like that. Dev says we can’t love each other as we are stuck because of glue. Surili says I thought you love him. Shaguta says no. Surili says I will free you from his clutches and beats on Dev’s hands. They manage to free each other hand. Dev asks Surili to take Shaguta. Shaan puts Rajni memory chip in his laptop and reads the data. He comes across Rajni making him perfect software, and thinks she has done this with her intelligence. A fb is shown, Shaan recalls fighting with the goons, romancing with her and the air ride, which helped him overcoming his fears etc.

Shaan thinks Rajni made me better while going. He thinks Rajni is not my creation, but I am her creation. He says she made you a better person and call himself duffer. He says I will save you Rajni. He imagines Rajni saying this feature is in you. Shaan says yes, I will come and save you Rajni. Mathew is leaving from the hotel. Samaira tries to help him hold the suitcase, but he asks her to leave him. Shaan keeps an eye on Mathew and says Shaan is coming Rajni. He imagines Mathew shooting him and thinks he is dying even in imagination. Shaan prays to God and asks him to do something. He sees Mathew going in his car. Shaan gets dev’s call. Shaan says I have delivered Rajni to Mathew, and I think he will misuse Rajni, I did a mistake. He asks Dev to tell some solution to get her back. Shaan says he is taking Rajni to America. Dev asks him to do some drama and get her back. Shaan says I am ready to do anything. Dev tells him something and says our work will be done. Shaan looks on.

Shaan hears Samaira laughing. Just then waiter gives his stuff. Someone else takes the suitcase.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Today episode was very nice i can’t wait 2 days am eagrly waiting for next episode i want to know dev’s plan

  2. Tommorow is ridhima pandit aka rajni’s birthday


  3. heart touching episode. wating for monday. luv u shajni


    Full of emotion episode…. but this love triangle might make show different from bahu hamri rajni kanth a comedyy to saas bahu drama where couple falls in love with someone else and marry someone else….
    Thanks for update on tym

  5. Just can’t wait for Monday. Eagerly waiting for the next episode. Today’s episode was nice. I liked that scene very much when Shaan was checking Rajni’s memory chip.

  6. Bhaswati Shivam

    Thank u for the update. A good actress Rajni is. She is perfect for her role. (y)

  7. shraddha thripati

    Wowwww episode is very good but rajini ka role thore dino tak nahi rahega to itna maza nahi aayega

  8. Kathy

    Tnx hasan ji for the update..

  9. Kathy

    Emotional episode … Wow .. Karan v grover .. Ur just amazing in playing emotion part.. ?? eagerly waiting for the next episode … Just cannot wait for Monday…

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Love this show love shajni today Karan did a great job too good

  11. Happy birthday ridhima (rajni)

  12. Mst.Sammi Aktar


    Happy Birthday…Ridhima….(Rajni)

  13. Happy birthday ridhima..?????????

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    Happy birthday ridhimma didi 🙂

  15. happy birthday ridhima

  16. manabendradas

    HappHappy birthday ridhima

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