Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili asking Aishwarya which work she thinks is very boring. Aishwarya says she thinks making roti is the most boring task. Surili assigns Maggie to make rotis until she asks her to stop. Maggie is shocked. Surili apologizes to Shaan for doubting on him. Shaan is still tensed. Bubbles is with her boyfriend and asks for a kiss. He politely refuses and says he needs to go. Bubbles gets down the car. Rajni stops Anmol and says you have stolen her purse. Anmol says no, I haven’t stolen. Rajni beats him. Bubbles identifies Rajni as the woman with Shaan, and scolds her for beating Anmol. She says she purposely left her purse in Anmol’s car so that they can meet again and again. Rajni scans him and asks Bubbles to take him to hospital if she wants to spend

time with him. Bubbles like her idea and takes Anmol to hospital. Sharmila tells Maggie that she have also noticed Rajni wearing Surili’s saree, and says I didn’t say else I would be making rotis with you here. Surili asks Maggie to bring proof and prove her point else she have to make rotis for 1 week. Maggie asks can you bear my roti for a week. Surili says that’s why she is asking her to get the proofs. Maggie thinks to prove that Shaan has a wife and is married.

Amrish looks at the rotis and says it is like a map. Gyan and Dhyan tell figure out cities map in the rotis. Shaan asks Surili to end Maggie’s punishment. Surili asks Shaan not to worry and says she will search a good wife for him. Shaan says I couldn’t eat it. Surili asks Maggie that she will get better with practice. Maggie says my point is right, and I knew that I will get some proof in Shaan’s laboratory. Amrish says we all are with you, including Gyan and Dhyan. Gyan says we can do anything not to eat these rotis. Dhyan says we shall go and check in the lab.

Shaan asks Rajni to remove the saree and handover to him. Rajni gets deactivated. Shaan says now I have to remove your saree and removes it, thinks he is getting Dushyasant feeling. He thinks she is a robot, you have to do it. Maggie asks who will open the door. Sharmila asks her to open the door. Dhyan asks her to open. Gyan asks Dhyan to open. Dhyan says matter is about your helplessness. Amrish says I will open the door and tries opening the door. Shaan gets shocked and asks Rajni to please activate else the family will mistaken him. He thinks of married men misery, and says you are my wife. Rajni gets activated and says I understood. Shaan’s words echoes in her mind. She says I am your wife.

Shaan tells Rajni that she doesn’t want his family to see her and asks her to hide. Amrish and others come to the laboratory. Sharmila says it is like trash collecting place. She sits and gets a slap from a machine hand. Maggie sees the door closed and goes to open it. Shaan tells Rajni how to lock the door. Rajni passes electricity through the door. Maggie feels current and shakes her body. Gyan thinks she is dancing and asks if this is the time to dance. He touches her and feels current. Shaan asks Rajni if she is mad and says they are his family. They leave from the lab. Shaan brings Rajni to his room and says I am so proud of me, nobody will doubt that you are here. He says he will remove her saree. Surili comes and asks if I am disturbing you both. Shaan is shocked to see her.

Surili tells Shaan that she is mistaken. Surili says she wants to hear from the girl. Rajni says I am Shaan’s wife. Surili asks Shaan to send Rajni. Amrish asks Rajni to have something and leave. Rajni refuses to have food and says she will cook food. Everyone looks on surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Haha rajni is too funny love the cute chemistry between rajni and shaan lol 😛

  2. Hehehe saw it- shaan ki wife 😀 shez v.pretty btw

  3. I see this serial only for Riddhima Pandit aka Rajni. She is so cute

  4. This is the most lol saas bahu and drama serial ever.

  5. Wohoooo…this is an awesome serial.

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    Ha ha ha ha… rajni is sooo cute and innocent… and shaan is shown super confused…. ??
    I like show …..

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