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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baba ji making plan to find out about the Robot. He plans to use strong magnetic pole, and says robot will get attached to the magnet. Dev comes to Shaan’s room and says he couldn’t handle. Dev says I should give you commands like I give to Rajni. Dev says something wrong have happened, and says I told the truth to the person with whom I was drinking that we have a robot at home. Shaan sits in shock. Maggie tells Kuhu that it is good that she came and says now we will celebrate Janmasthami together. Baba ji tells his shishya that he will activate magnetic power and the iron robot will get attracted towards the magnetic pillar. Amrish comes and says Jai Baba….He asks why did he kept magnet here. Baba ji says it is negativity attracting pole and will absorb all

negativity. Bubbles comes there and asks God to set her somewhere and give her kids. She goes near the magnetic pillar and gets stuck. She calls for help. Amrish says Baba ji have kept it. Bubbles says naughty baba. Amrish asks Baba ji to switch off machine. Bubbles is freed. Amrish looks at the wine bottle and says you was stuck because of it. Shaan gets angry at Dev and asks him to tell fill info. Dev says I don’t know, I met him for first time. Shaan says I will take your life and presses pillow on his neck. He says you are my life’s inauspicious thing, and asks where is Rajni. Shaan tracks Rajni….Rajni says I am searching for horse dung. Shaan asks if you are fine. Rajni says yes, I am coming home after getting it. Shaan gets angry at him.

Gyan and Dhyan come there. Shishya says they are also robots. Sharmila comes and gets attracted towards pole because of her watch. Baba ji frees her and says she is also not robot. Surili comes and asks what is happening? Amrish tells that this is negativity absorbing machine. Surili asks what nonsense. Amrish says Baba ji said this. Surili says then he might be right. Surili asks him to come and do puja. Baba ji says I have to do test. Gyan insists him to come. Amrish asks him to switch off the machine. Shishya asks him to le him open as the robot will get stuck. Everyone wait for Rajni. Baba ji says she will come. I have sent her to get special ingredients for puja. Rajni comes with horse dung uple and gets stuck to pole. She turns her head and tries to disengaged her system. She thinks I am 70 Percent iron and that’s why stuck to this magnetic pole.

Surili, Amrish and others do puja. Bubbles smiles looking at Baba ji. Baba ji looks on. Shaan and Dev come there. Rajni says hello Shaan. Shaan asks how did you get stuck to this magnet? He asks who brought this magnet here. Dev says I have an idea and tries to free her hands, but he falls down. Shaan asks why is he behaving like 5th fail and says magnet have some properties, we have to activate her magnetic properties. Dev says we have to do something else we will be caught. Shaan tries to disengage her system, and asks Dev to go to his room and bring laptop. Dev runs to go. Shaan keeps eye on door and sees Gyan going. Gyan says he have to wash his hand. Shaan gives him towel.

Dev brings laptop and asks Shaan to be careful as her dress might spoil. Shaan asks him to shut up. Everyone is busy in Janmasthami puja…Shri Krishna plays…..Shaan asks Rajni to activate normal pole. Rajni says okay and says system disengaged. Shaan asks her to activate south pole. Rajni says okay and says system disengaged. She says north pole activate and says just 5 seconds is left. She is freed from the pole and turns her face on front side. Shaan and Dev get happy. Amrish just turns his face and asks Rajni from where she came. Rajni is about to say. Shaan says it is jumping from one pole to another and says you have won. Dev says my sister have won. Surili says you are saying as if your sister won Olympic medal.

Baba ji thinks everyone have crossed the pole and thinks these three people haven’t crossed the pole. He asks them to take his blessings. Dev thinks something is fishy about this baba. Shaan asks Rajni to activate her magnetic field. Rajni says okay. Surili asks her to touch Baba ji’s feet. Rajni says okay and goes near Baba ji. Magnetic pole shaken up and then falls far surprisingly everyone. Baba ji thinks how did it happen? Dhyan says what does it mean? Baba ji says there is a wide trouble in the house, and says bad soul is worrying as I came. Maggie says we shall cancel the celebration. Amrish says we will celebrate the festival like every year. Gyan asks Baba ji to free them from troubles. Baba ji says yes, I will clear the troubles and will not leave until the troubles are gone. Kuhu hits on the matki. Baba ji thinks where is that robot then…

Shaan asks Dev to write science exams starting from 5th class, and then you will be qualified to work with me. Dev gets angry. Shaan says this motherboard is a big issue. Rajni comes and all the iron thinks get attracted to her. Shaan asks her to deactivate magnetic pole. Dev says why did Baba ji put that magnetic pole. Shaan says there is wrong with him, and asks Rajni to keep an eye on Baba ji. Rajni says command accepted. Shaan scolds Dev for leaking the truth. Dev says someone have spiked my drink. Rajni comes and says Shaan, I am back. Shaan asks did you get blind? Rajni says no, and says she is not having eyes. Shaan is shocked and looks at her blank eyes.

Shishya tells Baba ji that he brought bomb which he asked him to bring. Baba ji asks him to keep bomb in handi. Rajni says alert…RDX found, and says it is in handi..I have to save everyone. She lands down from upstairs. Baba ji might have seen her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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