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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish agreeing to let everyone go from the one and says he will give their share to his children. Gyan says what is my mistake? I will not go. Sharmila says even my cupcake should get his share. Maggie asks him to give share to Gyan as well as he worked hard. Amrish says my bahus have put question mark on my decision. He asks them to bring everyone in the hall. Surili says Amrish. Amrish says now the real partition will happen and Surili can’t tell anything.

Everyone gather in the hall again. Amrish shows the things which is displayed. He says he has made equal shares and asks them to make their new home and start a new life. Shaan says this used to happen in TV films. Amrish says everyone will become practical after tomorrow. Surili says we have been bearing

our bahus since years and asks Amrish not to ruin his hardwork. Amrish asks her to look at everyone’s faces. Shaan asks Rajni to make sad face and says he is very sad. Rajni says sad is bad. Amrish asks Dhyan to take his share first, as everything started because of him. Maggie says but Gyan is an elder brother. Shaguta thinks what he is going to take? Dhyan tells Amrish that he can’t take any decision. Amrish asks him to send Sharmila instead. Dhyan tells that Rajni will decide on his behalf. Everyone is shocked.

Maggie says Rajni is better than Sharmila. Dhyan asks Rajni, if you will help me. Rajni scans the things and calculates the amount. Sharmila thinks Rajni please…take costly things. Rajni says according to my calculation, this property is worth 432 crores. Surili says this property is ours, and I know its worth. Rajni goes near Amrish and keps hand on his hand. Amrish thinks Rajni needs chair and says this chair is yours. Rajni holds Amrish and Surili and says I have chosen precious thing of this house..for you Dhyan. Sharmila asks what you have chosen? Rajni says I have chosen them. Amrish and Surili get emotional hearing that. Dhyan smiles.

Sharmila and Maggie are shocked and asks what? Aishwarya asks Rajni to choose from the things. Sharmila says Rajni is confused and couldn’t chose anything. She says shall I choose on Dhyan’s behalf. Amrish says no, and says it should be Rajni’s decision. Dhyan says I need what Rajni have chosen. Rajni says this is the right choice. She says when your parents have given equal love to everyone, how can you think of partition of their love. Shaan says I am so proud of you, you and myself. Sharmila says he is self obsessed. Amrish asks Shaan from where did you bring Rajni. Shaan says I made her in lab. Amrish thinks he is joking. Dhyan says these things have a price, but you both are priceless. We are not fool to choose those things leaving precious parents. Shaan says I would have chosen same things.

Dhyan asks Amrish to slap him thousand times, but please forgive me. Gyan says even I don’t need anything except my mum and you. He forgives his son and hugs them. He asks his bahus to come as well and they have a family hug. Amrish asks everyone to keep the things at its place. Rajni says we have to clear the line also. Amrish says I will clear this Amrish Rekha. He wipes the line with a mop. Surili gets impressed with Rajni and says good, nice and hesitantly thanks Rajni. She says you have taken an emotional decision. Rajni says I don’t have emotions, and my decision is logical. Surili asks is it important to answer me. Rajni says I know answer to every question. Surili says I quit and goes.

Shaan says I love you so much and will never leave you. Rajni comes and asks about the arrangements. Shaan says you was wonderful today and is understanding human emotions better than humans. Rajni says you have created me and credit goes to you. Shaan says if I would have married a girl then she would have chosen the things, but you have proved that parents are precious. You have made me happy. Rajni says but I am not happy. Shaan says I will do whatever you say. Rajni says can we kiss each other? Shaan says okay, I am going to kiss you. Rajni says I am fully charged and looks at him. He gets closer to her for a kiss.

Surili brings some stuff for Rajni. Shaan says he is going. Rajni is angry at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Awww lol robokiss lolzz

  2. kiss is the biggest charger wow……rajni is good enough and very humble because of shaan .I am also thinking to make a robo like her….she will always better then humans…..

  3. I’m in love with Rajni now.. How sweet she is. ??

  4. Now surili also understad rajni was best bahu. I think rajni was bettar than humans


    Ha ha ha…..
    Shaan will get shock and he will fall in love with rajni the robo soon..☺☺☺☺☺☺

  6. Great epi.i love u rajni.u r d best robo in d world and yeah u r d best is proved that mechines r better then human

  7. it ws, a grt episd.. roboman(robo+human) will fl in love.. ?wow grt..

  8. Rajini ummmmmma…. totally fell in love with Rajini… shaan and Rajini pair is soooooooo cute…. my stressbuster love u all the crew…. u guys r impressing me day by day….. enjoying the show…. keep going…

  9. rajni u HV more humanity dn human

  10. Luv u rajni. Keep it up. The episode was awesome. This show is entertaining in true sense.

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