Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan greeting Mathew. Surili tells Shaan that Mathew is Shaguta’s boyfriend. Mathew says so Shaguta invited me for this wedding and says someone haven’t invited me. Shaan recalls telling Mathew that wedding location is far. Amrish tells Mathew about Shaan’s to be bride and calls Rajni. Rajni comes and says I am here Bau ji. Mathew is shocked and asks if you are marrying her? Amrish says yes, and praises Rajni. Surili takes Mathew from there. Shaan brings Rajni to his lab and says Mathew saw you, and me, we are dead now. Rajni says I can’t die. Shaan says why did Shagu didi get Mathew to fall in love with, and says he will ruin everything now. Rajni asks him to tell truth to his family. Shaan keeps her in the cupboard.

Just then Mathew comes and says

there is a thin line between a sane human and mad human. He says you are marrying my Robot Rajni. Shaan thinks what to answer? Mathew says I will ask your family. Shaan laughs and says how can anyone marry a robot. Mathew says what is the story then? Shaan says that Rajni is not this Rajni. Mathew says you want to say that you have named robot by your girlfriend name. Shaan says I was inspired by my girl friend. He confuses Mathew. Rajni asks Shaan, can I come out of cupboard? Shaan says no and asks her to be there. Mathew asks where is my Robot Rajni, for whom I have given you money. Shaan says he has dismantled his Rajni and making a more better robot now. He says there were many complications in female robot, so I am making a male robot now. Mathew says yes, it is difficult to handle woman. Shaan says I will become like you sir. He says I will show you my robot project. Mathew says it is okay and says I want to see the male robot soon and leaves. Shaan thinks from where to get the male robot now and thinks he has hit on his own feet with a hammer.

Later Mathew asks Shaan to show him male Robot and asks him to give a hint. Shaan says he is here only. Surili tells Mathew that she is happy to meet a successful businessman and asks Shaan to spend time with him rather than with Dev. Mathew says I am not much talented like Shaguta. Shaan asks Rajni to behave normally and have food with others, so that Mathew gets sure that she is a human. Rajni says ok..Shaan. Mathew sees Rajni eating food and thinks Shaan said true, Rajni is a human. Shaan goes to Dev and asks him to have food. Dev says I will not have food and tells about his oath that he will not have food as he was scolded by Surili. Mathew sees Shaan with Dev and asks Aishwarya about him. Aishwarya tells him that Dev follows Shaan’s commands and is always with him. Surili tells Mathew that Rajni will bring Dev to their house in dowry. Amrish asks Surili to keep quiet He asks Dev to eat. Dev sits down at the dining table. Amrish asks him to eat food. Shaan says it is okay. Dev says ok. Shaan. Mathew thinks if Dev is Shaan’s male robot and think about Aishwarya’s talk. Dev goes. Surili says let him go as he has no feelings. Mathew thinks it is confirmed that Dev is Shaan’s Robot.

Dev cries and tells Shaan that he is hungry. Shaan says I am proud of you as you didn’t say anything outside. Dev says I am hungry. Shaan says I will bring food, but there is a problem. Dev says I will not listen to your problem and closes his ears. Rajni gives him shock. Shaan asks can you hear me now? He asks Rajni to wake him now. Dev gets up. Shaan tells Dev that he told Mathew that Rajni is a girl and he is making a male robot now. Dev is shocked and asks him to make a male robot now. Shaan asks him to give some idea and help him. Dev says I can’t do anything. Rajni says I can give idea? She says that food which I have eaten outside is in my feeding pouch and asks Dev to eat it. Dev gets happy. Shaan asks Dev who is genius? Dev says you are genius. Shaan asks her to activate sleep mode and removes the feeding pouch. Dev asks from where you will bring the male robot? Shaan looks on.

Balwant tells Rajni that he has arranged everything and they will elope. Later he is seen taking rounds with Rajni in the temple.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hahahha funny precap poor balwant 😛

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Ha ha ha…. Methew is thinking Dev as robo… ????
    But shocking precap- balwant will marry rajni?????

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