Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Rajni sitting next to Samaira in the temple and prays infront of God. She keeps 4 diyas and do puja. Samaira lights the diyas and prays. Samaira asks are you copying me? Rajni says I was copying you and says she don’t have the data fed in her system about Puja. She says my husband used to say that if we pray in this temple, then all confusion will be gone. Samaira says even I feel the same and asks what is her confusion. Rajni shows the wallet and says this is her confusion. Samaira takes the wallet and thinks even Shaan had similar wallet. Just then a thief comes and snatches Samaira’s purse and escapes. Rajni follows him. Samaira asks someone to get back her purse, as it contains her documents and passport. Rajni catches the thief and opens his belt and pulls down

the pant through her power.

Dev comes to Shaguta and scolds her for tearing his jeans. Shaguta says it was a mistake. Dev says I will also do a mistake and will upload your pics on social networking site. Shaguta gets angry and runs after him. Rajni brings the purse ad returns to Samaira. Samaira thanks her and gives her wallet. Samaira says you must be tired running after the thief. Rajni says I don’t have that feature, just my 2 percent battery went. Samaira asks her to have juice and come. Shaan asks himself if he is ready to deliver Rajni and says no. He wonders how he will handover Rajni to Mathew and gets sad. He thinks what to tell to Rajni before letting her go, activate dismantling mode, and you will say command accepted. He asks Rajni not to accept the command and don’t go. He then asks himself to make practical and realistic. He says Rajni is a robot and you are a human. He says you have to give Rajni to Mathew as you have taken money from Mathew. He thinks he will roboot his system and will make a new robot, but the he can’t make Rajni. He rests on the floor and says how I will live without you.

Samaira and Rajni are sitting in the restaurant. Rajni asks Samaira to drink juice and refuses to drink. Samaira asks what do you do? Rajni says she is a housewife. Samaira says she is a lawyer. Rajni says she was praying as she wants clarity. She says she wants to check in her husband’s wallet, but her logic and ethics don’t permit her to see. Samaira says wife has all the rights on husband’s stuff and says she is a lawyer and knows law. Rajni thanks her and asks about her husband. Samaira says I am not yet married. Rajni says I hope you will get your lifepartner here. Samaira thanks her. She asks her to open the wallet and see, and goes. Rajni says good bye. She picks the wallet and thinks it is my right to see Shaan’s wallet. This wallet can have Samaira’s pic. She opens his wallet and sees Samaira and Shaan’s pic. She scans her pic and says unbelievable. That girl is Samaira. I have to tell Shaan.

Mathew calls Shaan and says I am so excited to meet my Robot, asks him to reach on time. Shaan says I will become late Shantanu Kant. He asks God to do something. Samaira gets down the stairs. Shaan is also there. They wait for the same lift. Samaira gets in the lift. Shaan is busy on phone and sees her glimpse. He says Samaira. Dev thinks to upload Shaguta’s pic on the SN site. Shaguta comes and asks him not to tell that the pics are uploaded. Dev says just 5 mins, and you can see the pics in your phone. Shaguta runs after Dev. Glue falls down, Shaguta keeps her hand on it and slaps Dev. Her hand is stuck with Dev’s hand. Dev says it is not an ordinary glue. Shaguta says OMG…I will get infection. Rajni reaches to hotel room, and calls Shaan. She says I want to tell you something important.

Shaan stops her and says now you will not tell anything, I know you want to talk to me many things. The more I talk to you, the more I will get emotional and can’t deliver you to Mathew then. He says I have to dismantle you…He says I am feeling that I am taking out my body parts. He takes out her memory chip and says whenever I miss you, I will talk to you via this chip. He turns her towards him and says you will go to Mathew as blank robot, no Shaan and no Rajni. (the scene is very heart touching) Shaan hugs her with teary eyes and dismantles her. He takes out her hands and thanks her for taking care of him and his family. He kisses on her forehead. Rajni searches for Shaan and asks who is Shaan. Shaan gets tears in his eyes as he dismantles her head. He hugs her head and cries.

Shaan delivers Rajni to Mathew after dismantling her. Mathew asks Shaan to sign on some papers. Shaan signs. Mathew takes the robot in the suitcase, Shaan looks emotional with the thought of parting ways with Rajni.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. mehbeer forever

    Such an emotional episode… was like dismantling an important part of my heart….it was d first time i cried while watching a serial…love shajni?

    1. Kathy

      Same here…

  2. Kathy

    So late update …. Anyway tnx hasan ji for the update..

  3. Kathy

    Very heart touching episode … Felt like crying … So emotional… When rajini says who’s Shaan… ????finally rajini dismantle… ????

  4. Kathy

    Precap… Mathew… U creep..hate u..????. No shaan .. Don’t hand over rajini… She is urs… Do something man… I think shaan will do something to get back rajini.. Fingers Cross..

    1. Mona146

      I think Shaan comes to know that mathew is going to use Rajni for some wrong purpose and he will bring her back. Wat say?

      1. Kathy

        Wish the same Mona… I really wants shaan to take rajini back..

  5. Manabendra Das

    Serial the end

  6. Kathy

    Dev part was very funny n dialogues are hilarious… Finally.. Both can stay together… Until remove the gum..

  7. Kathy

    How shaan gonna live without his rajini????

  8. feeling bad for shan ….I just hate mathew the evil comedian …


    So sad episode… plz do updates on tym, otherwise hand over this to some-else.. as you never update on tym and always make viewers wait..


    If u hve problm on updating on tym, hndover this job to someone else who can update on tym atleast….

  11. Very emotional episode nd heart touching lines.i thout soon shaan realize mathew misuse rajn nd he bring rajni back

  12. Rajni’s dismantle scene make me cry.shaan plzz do something.

  13. rajni is so cute

  14. Eagerly waiting for next epi……….?

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